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Chapter 1361 Me and Mr. Lu at the hotel (3)

“He was with me and pressed to take your call.”

“Do you have the guts to come over here?”

Looking at the text on the SMS, Su Jianan seemed to have heard Manny Zhang’s voice-

Young, reckless and provocative.

When her mother was still alive, she had taught Su Jianan more than once that one should be calm and vigilant, but not to speculate on others with malice.

For so many years, unless she came across a matter of principle, Su Jianan never provoked others, nor was she ever provoked.

It was the first time that someone had provoked her so carelessly and with a foot on her bottom line.

Su Jianan closed her eyes and after three seconds, re-read the text message.

A voice in the back of her mind told her that it was impossible for anything to happen between Lu Bo Yan and Zhang Manni.

Consider her blind and stubborn.

She was more than willing to believe that this was a plot orchestrated by Manny Zhang.

Lu Bo Yan’s phone is no longer working, has he fallen into this conspiracy?

Manny Cheung sent the message to lure her in, right?

But what was Manny Zhang’s purpose?

Let her witness Lu Bo Yan cheating | so that Zhang Manni can push the waves between her and Lu Bo Yan and provoke their feelings?

Zhang Manni probably thought that only in this way would she have the opportunity to take advantage of the situation and stay by Lu Bo Yan’s side.

If Su Jianan didn’t guess wrong, as long as the plan went well, Zhang Manni would choose to make a big deal out of this, letting the whole world know that she and Lu Bo Yan had broken up their relations.h.i.+p, thus sitting on the office scandal between Lu Bo Yan and Zhang Manni.

Is this a well-planned “crime”, to put it mildly?

When Sujanan worked at the police station, she never let a murderer get away with anything.

This time, as usual, she would not let Manny Zhang have her way.

Su Jianan goes upstairs to change her clothes, goes downstairs to find Tang Yulan and says, “Mom, there’s something going on over at Bo Yan’s side. You stay here first, if we come back too late, you can stay here for one night.”

“It’s fine.” Tang Yulan hesitated for a moment, but still asked, “But what happened on Bo Yan’s side?”

“It’s not a big deal, Bo Yan is socializing, he probably drank too much.” Su Jianan is not in a hurry, there is not half a bit of panic in her demeanor, and naturally she can’t see any signs of lying, “I’ll go pick him up and bring him back.”

“Ouch.” The old lady frowned and urged Su Jianan, “Then go quickly.”

To be on the safe side, Su Jianan brought a few people from Mina, picked up a random car from the garage, and left as fast as she could.

Mina helped Sujanathan drive.

With nimble control of the steering wheel, she asked, “Where are we going?”

“Century Garden Hotel.” Su Jianan tried to remain calm, “Mina, drive as fast as you can under the premise of ensuring safety.”

Without asking what happened, Mina accelerated and sped the car up, asking as she did, “Do you need any help later?”

“It may be necessary.” Sujanan said, “You follow me.”

Mina nodded, “No problem!”

Su Jianan’s heart, which was clenched into a ball, finally got a hint of comfort.

At noon, Lu Bo Yan called home and told her that he would be entertaining at the Century Garden Hotel in the evening, and would return home as soon as he finished.

The address sent by Manny Zhang was still the Century Garden Hotel.

Did she want to put on a big show with Lu Bo Yan directly after dinner?

If that was the case, Manny Zhang shouldn’t have informed her.


The car seemed to sprout two pairs of wings as Mina maneuvered it, speeding down the road and closing in on the hotel.

At this time, Lu Bo Yan, who was in the hotel, sensed something strange.

This cooperation, which could have been finalized quickly, but Mr. He procrastinated and found various excuses to drink with him.

As for Manny Zhang, he had been sitting on the side, although he called Mr. He uncle, but the talk was all about cooperation.

She didn’t make any half-a.s.sed intimate gestures towards Lu Bo Yan, and there were no hints in her words.

Lu Bo Yan momentarily let his guard down, and by the time he realized his abnormality, he had already lost most of his self-control.

Noticing that Lu Bo Yan seemed to be reacting, Zhang Manni sighed in relief and asked knowingly, “Mr. Lu, are you not feeling well?”

Lu Bo Yan’s hands quietly clenched into fists, veins popping out on the back of his hands as he gritted his teeth and asked, “What did you put in the wine?”

Zhang Manni glanced at Mr. He, who stood up with a smile and said, “A little something to help with the fun. Mr. Lu, this way, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself more in a while!”

If this was the middle of nowhere, even if Lu Bo Yan didn’t have much strength left, he would have been able to take care of Mr. He in three moves.

But now, obviously, is not the best time to settle scores.

Lu Boyan took out his cell phone and just wanted to call Shen Yuechuan, Zhang Manni took her cell phone and said, “There is a signal jammer here. Mr. Lu, your call won’t go out.”

Lu Bo Yan narrowed his deep eyes, a horrifying killing aura flowing from his gaze, “Mr. He, He Xuan Group is not as impregnable as you think. In half a month, I can make you in debt and begging for your life!”

Mr. He laughed and walked over to pat Lu Bo Yan’s shoulder, “Mr. Lu, I know you and Mrs. Lu have a good relations.h.i.+p. But we are men ah, it’s too much of a loss to have only one woman in our lives. My niece likes you so much, she doesn’t mind that you’re already married and doesn’t want any t.i.tle, she just wants to be with you. Mr. Lu, this is a pie in the sky!”

However, Lu Bo Yan didn’t want to touch this piece of pie at all.

It was like there were ten thousand ants crawling on Lu Bo Yan’s body, and slowly, those ants crawled into the depths of his bone marrow, gnawing at his soul.

No pain.

But it’s painful.

However, what was more prevalent in Lu Bo Yan’s heart, was anger.

The murderous aura in his gaze went cold, his eyes like sharp ice blades, and he growled low as if in warning, “Get out!”

Mr. He still maintained his good temper, his face full of horizontal meat piled up with smiles, persuading Lu Bo Yan: “Mr. Lu, you believe me, they women understand, successful people like us, it’s normal to have fun outside. Even if your wife knows about it, she will treat it as if she doesn’t know. She will be satisfied when you come home occasionally.”

Lu Bo Yan’s handsome face was covered with coldness, his sneering gaze swept over General Manager He and Zhang Manni: “Who told you that your plan would succeed after drugging me?”

“Could you hold back? Can’t.” Mr. He was still smiling, “Mr. Lu, don’t you want anything right now?”

Lu Bo Yan was indifferent and didn’t even look at Zhang Manni.

This is certainly the best answer.

“…… It doesn’t matter.” Mr. He patted Lu Bo Yan’s shoulder, “Manny will keep you company.”

Zhang Manni’s face had surfaced a strange flush|red, and pushed Mr. He, “Uncle, you go out first.”

“Hey, good.”

Mr. He knowingly left, not forgetting to close the door and instructing the waiter outside not to disturb Lu Bo Yan and Zhang Manni no matter what movement he heard.

Inside the private room, only Lu Bo Yan and Zhang Manni remained.

Zhang Manni unb.u.t.toned her s.h.i.+rt, proud and seductive people on the | show out, voice dainty: “Mr. Lu, you do not say, I do not say, the lady will not know. You have been on a woman for a long time, won’t you get tired of it? I …… can let you experience many new patterns oh.”

The strong medicinal properties had almost consumed Lu Bo Yan’s strength.

However, reason clearly told Lu Bo Yan that he couldn’t do anything to apologize to Su Jianan, and he wouldn’t do it.

Lu Bo Yan faintly raised his eyes and looked at Zhang Manni.

Zhang Manni flirty | charming smile, open double | legs to sit on Lu Bo Yan’s lap, hands circled Lu Bo Yan’s neck: “Lu General Manager, I’m ready, you …… have also long been ready, right?”

A coldness swept across the bottom of Lu Bo Yan’s eyes, and in an instant, he pulled off his tie, and with a few flowing movements, wrenched Zhang Manni’s hands behind her back and tied them to the chair.

“Oh ……” Zhang Manni let out an ambiguous | low | chant, “Mr. Lu, do you like this?”

Lu Bo Yan looked around the room, searching for something he could use, and finally unraveled the ta.s.sel rope used to tie the curtains, completely binding Zhang Manni to the chair.

Manny Zhang sluggishly realized that she couldn’t move.

However, she still had expectations for Lu Bo Yan.

She had given Lu Bo Yan a triple dose of medicine, and there was no way Lu Bo Yan could have endured it!

No matter what kind of way Lu Bo Yan preferred, she was willing to cooperate.

Zhang Manni looked back at Lu Bo Yan with winks|eyes like silk and invited, “Mr. Lu, let’s get started. It’s one-way gla.s.s here, it must be very p.r.i.c.kly|exciting.”

Lu Bo Yan’s eyes turned even colder, pulling over the tablecloth on the dining table-

Zhang Manni just felt a shadow come over her, and in the next second, the tablecloth came down over her head, wrapping her whole body.

“Ah!” Zhang Manni exclaimed, asking in a delicate voice, “Mr. Lu, what are you doing? I …… I’m so hard, you help people, okay?” She had also taken a small amount of medicine, and at this moment, those medicines had already started to work.

Lu Bo Yan narrowed his eyes, picked up a napkin and balled it into a ball, lifted the tablecloth, and stuffed the napkin into Zhang Manni’s mouth when she was beaming, thinking he was finally going to do something with her.

Zhang Manni’s eyes widened as she tried to shout, but realized she couldn’t make a sound at all.

She had to show a pitiful look to Lu Bo Yan for help, but, as if he didn’t see it, he directly put the tablecloth down and re-covered her.

Manny Zhang was really angry and kicked the table.

Hmph, Lu Bo Yan absolutely can’t help it!

Even if he held back, he’d be too groggy to have the strength to get out of here.

When the media came in a while and saw her and Lu Bo Yan like this, it would be enough for her to make a big deal out of it!

As long as she destroys Lu Bo Yan and Su Jianan, there is a possibility that she and Lu Bo Yan will be together.

Lu Bo Yan took his cell phone and tried to leave the private room before realizing that the door had been locked from the outside, the series of actions just now had exhausted his strength and he was unable to break the lock.

Besides, it was inevitable that he wouldn’t be suspected if he went out like this.

A sense of dizziness came, Lu Bo Yan only felt the sky spinning, when he came back to his senses, he had already fallen on the sofa, the phone “thunk” slipped down to the carpet.

He didn’t even have the strength to pick the phone up.

Inside, something was consuming his wakefulness, and his eyes slowly closed, the range of vision in front of him narrowing ……

The moment before he lost consciousness, Lu Bo Yan murmured out two words-

“Janeane ……”

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