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Chapter 1362 Me and Mr. Lu at the hotel (3)

Manny Zhang sniffed and froze.

This kind of “special moment”, she is in Lu Bo Yan’s eyes, Lu Bo Yan think, but Su Jianan?

Where is she inferior to Su Jianan?

Instead of being unwilling, Manny Zhang was more, angry.

Of course, she didn’t know who she was mad at.

Maybe it is Lu Bo Yan s, and maybe …… it is Su Jianan s.

Speaking of which, a thousand things should not have happened, the last thing that should have happened was Su Jianan successfully marrying Lu Bo Yan.

What Sujeanan has, she has.

So, what does Su Jianan have to go on?

At this time, Su Jianan had just arrived at the hotel.

Mr. He had seen Su Jianan at the reception and recognized Su Jianan at a glance, was surprised for a moment and stopped Su Jianan at the hotel entrance.

Su Jianan did not recognize Mr. He, subconsciously backed up, at the same time, Mina had already reacted, came up with a sharp movement to block Mr. He, coldly asked, “Who are you?”

“Little girl,” Mr. He looked at Mina condescendingly, “I’m the boss of the He Xuan Group! You know who you’re talking to, right?”

Mina had seen too many big names, such as Lu Bo Yan.

In her experience, people who were truly capable never needed to hold their status over others.

Mina did not think “Oh” sound, look full of puzzlement, the tone is full of disdain: “and Xuan Group

What is ……?”

“You–!” Mr. He was furious, but this was a hotel, so he had to smile with fake benevolence, “Forget it, I’m not going to talk to a little girl like you.”

“But, this girl is done with you in general.” Mina’s complexion turned cold, and she commanded with an imposing voice, “Old man, get lost!”

“Ouch huh?” Mr. He looked at Mina with anger and amus.e.m.e.nt, “The little girl is not big, but her breath is quite big. I just won’t let you guys in today, so what!”

What’s going on, of course, is Su Jianan’s call.

Mina looked at Su Jianan and told Su Jianan with her eyes with one word from Su Jianan, she could make this douchebag in front of her disappear.

Su Jianan just said lightly, “We don’t have time, don’t talk nonsense with him.”

Mina nodded, “Understood!” After saying that, she made a gesture, and several young and strong bodyguards immediately surrounded her, she pointed at Mr. He, “Get rid of this thing, it’s an eyesore.”

Mr. He was furious and shouted, “d.a.m.n girl! Do you know who I am?”

“Do you know who you’re yelling at?” Mina glared at Mr. He and pointed at Su Jianan, “This is the boss’s wife of this hotel!”

“Mina, don’t bulls.h.i.+t him.”

Su Jianan pulled Mina and walked straight to the front desk.

The hotel manager happened to be at the front desk, saw Su Jianan, froze for a moment, and busily greeted, “Ma’am, are you here to see Mr. Lu?”

“Yes.” Su Jianan tried not to show anxiety and calmly asked, “Where is he?”

“Haven’t seen Mr. Lu leave yet, that should be in the private room, the view room at the end of the fourth floor.” The manager was very considerate, “Ma’am, do you need me to take you there?”

“No thanks.” Su Jianan smiled, “I’ll just go up by myself.”

As soon as she entered the elevator, Su Jianan immediately dialed Shen Yuechuan’s phone and directly opened the door and said, “Yuechuan, contact the media and ask if there was anyone who broke any news about Bo Yan to the media an hour or two ago.”

“Coincidence.” Shen Yuechuan smiled, “Guess what I was planning to do just now I was planning to call you and tell you about this.”

“Someone really broke the news with the media?” Su Jianan squeezed her cell phone a few points tighter, “Tell me specifically.”

Su Jianan just guessed that if Zhang Manni wanted to make a big deal out of it, then she was bound to use the power of the media.

Breaking news, the best way to unconsciously attract the media over.

Unexpectedly, Manny Zhang really did it, and the media contacted Shen Yuechuan in a very timely manner.

Shen Yuechuan said unhurriedly, “Just a moment ago, the editor-in-chief of Tang’s media contacted me, saying that someone had broken the news to them that Bo Yan had cheated on a beautiful young girl in room 1208 of the Century Garden Hotel.” Shen Yuechuan can’t help but laugh as he speaks, “If I remember correctly, tonight, Bo Yan should be talking to someone from the He Xuan Group, and the one who went with him was Zhang Manni. Oh, and also, He Xuan’s Mr. He is Zhang Manni’s uncle. This uncle and niece, are going to make things happen.”

Su Jianan finally understood why that man had stopped her just now.

Turns out, he’s Manny Zhang’s uncle.

Help niece to fix married man, this uncle …… is also a spell.

Shen Yuechuan’s voice then came over, “Jianan, don’t worry, leave it to me.”

At that moment, “Ding!” The elevator stopped at the fourth floor.

Su Jianan went out, toward the end of the corridor, one word, the tone of the extraordinarily firm: “No, I’ll handle it.”

Shen Yuechuan thought he had heard wrong.

However, the firmness in Su Jianan’s tone clearly and unambiguously told him that what he heard was indeed Su Jianan’s voice.

Since Su Jianan had a solution, then let Su Jianan handle it.

It was indeed more appropriate to let Su Jianan handle this kind of thing.

“OK,” Shen Yuechuan said, “My cell phone is on, if you need any help, feel free to find me.”


Su Jianan hung up the phone, and the person was already in front of the door of the private room at the end.

The waiter stood outside the door, and when he saw Su Jianan, his expression became very complicated.

Lu Bo Yan and Zhang Manni were alone in the private room, and Mr. He had specifically ordered not to disturb them, which inevitably made people think about it.

Su Jianan came …… Does it mean there is a good show?

Su Jianan said directly, “Please, open the door.”

“Ma’am, I can’t ……” The waiter looked embarra.s.sed, “When Mr. He left just now, he unlocked the door from the outside, we …… ”

“Small problem, get out of the way, I got it!”

Not waiting for the waiter to finish his sentence, Mina pulled Su Jianan away, raised his foot, “bang” sound, the door lock in pieces, the door of the private room also opened.

All of Su Jianan’s calmness collapsed at this moment.

She rushed in regardless, telling herself that no matter what she saw, she had to stay calm and that she had to trust Lu Bo Yan.

She didn’t expect that she would see Lu Bo Yan collapsed on the sofa.

Lu Bo Yan’s forehead had already broken out in a layer of sweat, clutching the ice cubes that were about to finish melting in his hands, and his face was pale, yet had a not-so-normal red color.

Su Jianan instantly realized what Mr. He and Manny Zhang had done to Lu Bo Yan.

However, Lu Bo Yan hardened his restraint and even clutched the ice to keep keep keep himself awake.

“Mmm! Mmm! Help!”

There was a m.u.f.fled sound coming from over the dining room table, and under the tablecloth, a giant something was moving around.

Mina walked over, lifted the tablecloth with one hand, and saw Manny Zhang tied to a chair with a ball of restaurant stuffed in her mouth, her face flushed suspiciously, her eyes tearful, looking very pitiful.

Mina held back her disgust and removed her napkin.

Manny Zhang didn’t dare who Mina was and cried, “Please, save me, I’m so sick.”

Mina didn’t have any intention of making a move at all, idly looking at Manny Zhang and spitting, “Serves you right for making a fool of yourself!”

On the other side, Su Jianan was completely unmindful of Zhang Manni, she held Lu Boyan’s cold hand and called Lu Boyan several times, but Lu Boyan did not respond at all.

Shouldn’t she take him to the hospital?

But what to tell the doctor?

Su Jianan finally remembered Zhang Manni, walked over, stared at Zhang Manni and asked, “What did you give Bo Yan.”

It was as if there was something gnawing at Zhang Manni’s heart, but it could not be satisfied, so naturally she did not have a good temper.

She replied without any good humor, “Look at me like this, can’t you imagine what Mr. Lu has eaten?!”

Su Jianan thought of it, but that kind of stuff, it should make people hyperactive, not make people fall into a coma, unless …… there is a problem with the dosage!

Sujanan asked offhandedly, “How much did you give him?”


Regardless of how much Lu Bo Yan had eaten, Zhang Manni’s plan had failed and she was reluctant to make a sound.

“Bo Yan is unconscious right now, if this continues, something might happen!” Su Jianan threatens, “Zhang Manni, you better tell me the truth! Otherwise, if something happens to Bo Yan, not only will I make you lose your reputation, I will also make you spend the rest of your life in prison!”

“He would rather torture himself like this than touch me for a moment.” Manny Zhang gambled, “It’s not bad for us to have an accident together!”

“Zhang Manni, you’re having a hard time right now, aren’t you?” Su Jianan swept around the table, her eyes locked on the wine bottle, “Did you guys put something in the wine? Do you believe it or not, I can make you feel even worse than you do now.”

Zhang Manni looked at Su Jianan incredulously, “You–!”

Su Jianan said in a cold voice, “I’ll do what I say. ”

“……” Zhang Manni was already about to be unable to bear it, and if it was even more unbearable, she would really rather die, so she had to say, “Triple!”

It was three times more than the normal dose, so it was no wonder Lu Bo Yan looked like this.

Has it ever occurred to Manny Cheung that this could kill someone?

“Stupid! ” Su Jianan folded back and slapped Lu Bo Yan’s face, continuing to call Lu Bo Yan’s name, “Bo Yan.”

This time, Lu Bo Yan seemed to have heard Su Jianan’s voice, his eyelashes moved slightly, then he opened his eyes.

Seeing Su Jianan, the corners of Lu Boyan’s lips barely rose a bit, his head was still dizzy.

Su Jianan helped Lu Bo Yan up, “I’ll walk you to your room.”

She turned to her thoughts, remembered something, and called out to Mina, “Look in Manny Zhang’s bag for the room card for 1208 for me.”

“What are you doing?” Manny Zhang struggled and protested, “The room card is mine, you’re not allowed to move it!”

Su Jianan acted as if she hadn’t heard and simply ignored Zhang Manni.

Mina rummaged around on her own and found an exquisitely crafted door card with 1208 written on it and handed it to Su Jianan.

Su Jianan took the door card, a plan to counter Zhang Manni’s trap had already been generated in her mind.

She has to do something or there will be countless more Manny Zhangs in the future ……

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