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Chapter 5

“I told you that bar wasn’t bad right? Unexpectedly, there’s also the chance to encounter beautiful women.”

“Be careful, it might be a news reporter. Do you need me to get someone to investigate her first?”

“No need, I still need to stay in Taiwan for a while, so it might not be bad to have a fake wife for appearances. Besides, I know she isn’t a reporter.”

“Are you sure?”

Zhong Zhen Dong gave a very harmless smile while his eyes gleamed with a craftiness that was difficult to discern.

“For people like us, if we didn’t have the ability to see through people, then there’d be a very cruel death ahead.”

The next day, Zhong Zhen Dong and the little white rabbit arranged to meet at a café. Throughout his whole history of dating women, there had never been a woman who arrived before him. Even if she showed up early, she’d pretend to hide nearby and wait so that she could appear to be late.

Yet, this little white rabbit arrived early, and instead of being on her phone or tablet, was actually reading a book. Furthermore, she was really engrossed. It was only until he made a comment that the small face lifted from the book to look at him. She gave him a polite smile.

Her face was flushed, which caused his deep gaze to s.h.i.+ne with a fiery light.

The little white rabbit quickly told him to take a seat, and afterwards, she asked the waiter to bring a menu.

He took the liberty to inspect how she dressed up today, and it was the same as yesterday; she was in a T-s.h.i.+rt and jeans, with her hair up in a ponytail. The jeans were the same ones as yesterday, but she changed from a white T-s.h.i.+rt to a gray one.

The little white rabbit said that in order to play the part of a married couple in front of others well, it was important to get thoroughly acquainted with each other, so she took the initiative to introduce herself.

If Zhong Zhen Dong wanted to get to know someone, he wouldn’t have started with self-introductions, because words could be deceptive. To understand a person, it’d have to start with the small details.

Her voice was very soft and pleasant to listen to. He could also hear that she wasn’t deliberately trying to change how her voice sounded, unlike other women, who would use a shy voice to pretend to be soft and delicate. She was different. When she spoke, it was very natural and genuine. It was easy to guess her emotions. When she daydreamed, she really was somewhat clumsy. Because she didn’t pay attention to the gla.s.s of water next to her arm, she accidentally b.u.mped into it.

He smiled as he reached out to catch the falling gla.s.s of water, and placed it back on the table gracefully.

“Let me say this first, today’s meal is my treat.”

Zhong Zhen Dong acknowledged the little rabbit’s sincerity and didn’t decline. He displayed a charming smile and said, “Do you have any recommendations?”

“The fish here is very tasty, and the meat is very fresh. It can be pan fried, roasted, or even simmered…”

She said this excitedly, but he’d rather eat her; a beautiful little white rabbit, from the top, bottom, front, and behind. —— He wanted to try a variety of ways to eat her —— He let his imagination run wild while he kept a straight face, not revealing a trace of any lewd intentions.

Born with a beautiful nature, was the phrase that described her. Those long eyelashes moving up and down were like the fluttering wings of a b.u.t.terfly, making her look innocent and adorable. Her lips held a natural pink l.u.s.ter, which he loved to death. The more he looked, the more he liked, and the more his l.u.s.t flared up.

If even he was deeply affected by her charm, then it was obvious that other men would also have a degree of interest in her.

“So tell me, how do those men hara.s.s you?”

“Well… This…”

“Didn’t you want me to be your fake husband so that other men wouldn’t hara.s.s you? I want to understand how they bother you so that I can help you properly, and resolve the real problem.”

Since Zhong Zhen Dong perceived her as his prey, he naturally didn’t want other men to occupy her mind. The first thing he had to do was eradicate all the flies around her. As for getting to know each other and what not, it wasn’t important. It was enough if he could get well acquainted with her body.

Tang Xin Lian felt that what he said made sense. Because it was easy for her relations.h.i.+ps to turn sour, she told him every entanglement she had had with men.

After hearing about her troubles, he placed his hand lightly over hers, and made her a promise.

“Don’t worry, I will help you. Just leave it to me.”

“Thank you, I will definitely pay you.”

“No need, living in your house and eating for free is already a form of payment. Moreover, receiving money while doing good deeds wouldn’t be a good deed.”

She hurriedly shook her head. “No. From the start we made an agreement. I said I would hire you, so I must keep my promises.”

“Men ought to help women. If men received money after their a.s.sistances, then it would be very humiliating. If you give me money, then you don’t consider me a man.”

Regarding rationalization, how could she beat him? As a result of his persistence, Tang Xin Lian finally relented.

“Thank you, you’re a really good person.” She gratefully held his hands, and he took that opportunity to reverse the position so that he could hold her small hands instead.

“Don’t mention it, we met each other because of fate.” He gave her a meaningful smile.

At last, she finally met a good person. Throughout her life, she had met many rotten men. However, when she really needed help this time, the Heavens finally let her meet a knight in s.h.i.+ning armor.

Zhong Zhen Dong was gay, and he had a boyfriend. He was very kind, willing to help her while not accepting her money. This made her lower her defenses and regard him as a friend.

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