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Chapter 631: Astrologer
Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


At the center of the largest city, East Evil City, which was located in the western part of the East Imperial Continent… there was a surge of light into the sky as the giant teleportation array radiated for a long period of time.

There were a thousand guards standing by near the teleportation array. All of them were donned in black battle armor and helmet and equipped with black battle blades. Every one of them had solemn expression and dreadful aura presence. All of them were at least Vajra Realm while the leader who wore a general's battle armor was a Heaven Monarch expert. There were plenty of martial artists walking on the plaza, but none dared to go near this group of soldiers.

"Stand guard!"

As the teleportation array radiated constantly, the general's expression turned anxious. He waved his hand which ordered for half the soldiers to surround the teleportation array and stay on guard.

Chi! Chi!

The teleportation array lit up for at least 30 minutes before fading. Over a dozen figures appeared in the center of the giant array. There were many individuals within that group who weren't weaker than the general. Once they appeared, a few elders appeared swiftly and guarded the young masters and ladies in the group.

"Greetings to the Young Masters and Ladies! Greetings to all prestigious guests!"

That general first got a shock, but he quickly revealed an expression of respect as he knelt on one knee and gave his greetings. The surrounding soldiers knelt in unison and yelled out, "Greetings to the Young Masters and Ladies! Greetings to all prestigious guests."


There was a total of six young masters and ladies. They were Yi Chan, Yin Ruobing, Ling Qijian, Ling s.h.i.+ya, Wu Ni, and Tu Long. They had all rushed to Pegasus Imperial City and gathered their celestial stones to teleport over to East Imperial Continent.

For such long-distance teleportation, it definitely required a huge number of celestial stones. If they were to teleport by themselves, they would feel the pinch even though they were all wealthy individuals.

Of course, if they were to hint for the Pegasus Empire to pay the price of the celestial stones, the Pegasus Clan would be glad to pay for them. However, the group didn't have to have any dispute with the Pegasus Clan; hence, they pooled their celestial stones for the teleportation.

"Activate the teleportation array. We want to teleport back to the Buddha Thearch City."

A silver-haired old woman by Yi Chan's side took out a token and threw over an ancient divine essence ring before entering a teleportation array with Yi Chan.

Yin Ruobing, Ling Clan's siblings, Wu Ni, Tu Long, and the others all went into their respective teleportation array. They similarly flashed their token and threw over ancient divine essence rings.

"Activate the teleportation array!"

That general inspected the number of celestial stones in all the ancient divine essence rings. After he made sure all the numbers were correct, he waved and yelled out but had this flash of doubt in his eyes. Why were these young masters and ladies spending such great number of celestial stones to hurry back to their clans? Didn't they go to the Mystic Divine Palace for the treasure hunt? Why did they come back so quickly? Why didn't their clan's young master return together?

This general wasn't the only one that had doubts. The rest of the soldiers and people on the plaza were all confused. After everyone was teleported away, they all gathered to discuss it.

Everyone was excited to even see the faces of these elite young masters and the ladies from the Nine Thearchs' Clans. Especially when they saw Yi Chan, Yin Ruobing, and Ling s.h.i.+ya. They might have a veil over their faces, but a single glance of their wonderful delicate figure was enough for many youths to ponder over for several months.


One hour later, the teleportation array lit up again, which caused another round of anxiety. Which influential figure was going to be teleported over again? Which regular martial artist could actually use the teleportation array that requires such a huge number of celestial stones?

"Young Master Fei!"

Once the radiance of the teleportation array faded, that general immediately knelt on one knee with a respectful expression. The rest of the soldiers quickly knelt down, and most of the martial artists in the plaza also knelt down as well. This East Evil City was one of the cities that belonged to the She Clan, and many of them were the She Clan's people.


She Fei didn't have a pleasant expression, but he didn't speak anything superfluous and walked to another teleportation array. He waved his hand and said, "Activate the teleportation array."

"Quickly open up the teleportation array."

The general waved quickly while the soldiers frantically activated the teleportation array, which teleported She Fei back to the Evil Thearch City.

When the teleportation light faded, the general then muttered with baffled eyes. "Could Young Master Fei had failed in the treasure hunt, and so he had such an awful expression? That's right… didn't the city lord gather 30 Heaven Monarchs and sent them to the Pegasus Continent previously? Why didn't they return together?"


In the largest city in the west of East Imperial Continent, the plaza had a rush of light towards the sky, which attracted tens of thousands of individuals' attention.

This teleportation array was a tool that was meant for the influential people that possessed the alliance token of the Nine Thearchs' Clans. It was only half the original price for these people to use the teleportation array, and if a regular martial artist wanted to use the array, they would have to pay an extravagant number of celestial stones.

For example… In order to teleport from the Evil Thearch City in the east to the Buddha Thearch City in the west, it would require 10,000 celestial stones. This was only the fees for a single trip. It might even be a problem for a minor clan to actually gather 10,000 celestial stones after selling all their a.s.sets.

Even people like Yi Chan wouldn't recklessly use the teleportation array if there weren't any urgent matters. If one was in their own clan's territory, they wouldn't have to spend any celestial stone, like She Fei in his clan's territory.

The East Imperial Continent was vast and boundless. There were countless races that established themselves in this place. No one knew the population of the continent, but it had innumerable major and minor clans. There were plenty of ancient aristocratic clans and powerful races as well.

The continent's strongest clans were the Nine Thearchs' Clans. The Nine Thearchs' Clan took up the east, south, west, north, northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest, which were eight extremely large territories.

There was a clan called the Zhan Clan which was very strange. They didn't occupy a huge territory and only took control of a mountain and a city. However… that mountain was the very famous Mt. Mystic Divine. The city was also the very famous, Mystic Thearch City. The Mystic Thearch City was once the imperial capital of the East Imperial Continent while Mt. Mystic Divine was where the Mystic Thearch resided in.

There was an incredibly vast land in the center part of the continent which was occupied by the countless ancient clans and powerful races. It was unknown why the Nine Thearchs' Clans didn't try to consume that piece of land which was ten folds larger than their clans' territories.

Over the past 700,000 years, the continent was constantly in turmoil. The central piece of land already had countless changes of the ruler, but the Nine Thearchs' Clans still stood firm in the continent.

The wars in the central lands never once dared to burn into the territories of the Nine Thearchs' Clans. If any of the factions or the clans dared to enter the Nine Thearchs' Clans territories, they would ultimately be extinguished without any exception.

The eastern part was the Evil Thearch's territory; hence, Xie Fie didn't have to pay any celestial stones for the teleportation. He disregarded all the soldiers that were kneeling in the plaza while he soared towards the sky and towards the largest castle complex that was in the north of the city.

This castle complex took up a vast amount of s.p.a.ce, which was at least a few hundred miles in radius, taking up a quarter of the city's region. There were countless castles in the complex, and this one castle looked very aged and unadorned, emitting an imposing and awe-inspiring presence. She Fei flew in through the main door while countless guards knelt down one after the other. As he continued to fly inward, at least a few thousand guards and servants had knelt down.

"Is Lord Father inside?"

She Fei flew for 15 minutes and arrived at the front of a giant castle and asked a Heaven Monarch guard in a soft voice. That individual nodded, and She Fei walked in with fast steps. When he saw a middle-aged individual wearing a luxurious robe with a majestic presence, he quickly yelled out, "Father, Father!"

The middle-aged man was still leisurely drinking tea, and when he saw She Fei rus.h.i.+ng in, he indifferently glared with eyes that radiated with lightning. She Fei got stunned by those eyes as he quickly stopped and bowed with cupped hands, "This child pays his greetings to Lord Father."

The middle-aged man lightly nodded and turned around to speak insipidly, "Fei'er, Father taught you before, right? Do not lose your composure no matter what and pay attention to your bearing. The sky will never collapse."

She Fei nodded and said, "Father, can you transfer an Astrologer and a Divine Pattern Master to this child? This child wants to pursue after an enemy and s.n.a.t.c.h the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s.

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