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Chapter 632: Buddha Thearch City

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The East Imperial Continent had a very special race which had a generally weak combat strength and spa.r.s.e population. However, this race had occupied a famous city, Astrology City. Their race's chief was only at the peak stage of Soul Travel Realm.

There was something stranger than this.

Over 700,000 years, the Astrology City had been standing firm in the center of the continent, and the city lord had always been the Astrologer Race. No matter how powerful a faction was, they wouldn't dare to attack this city as the Astrologer Race possessed a powerful ability, Astrology!

As long as a martial artist was alive and if an Astrologer locked onto that martial artist's soul-spirit aura presence, the Astrologer would be able to use astrology to track their enemy's location and continue the pursuit until they finally track that person down!

It was why the Astrologers were very popular among the great clans, and if a great clan had an Astrologer, it was a type of deterrence to experts. If anyone dared to kill their descendants, they would use the Astrologer to track them down until their death.

As for Divine Pattern Masters, they were an even more mysterious existence!

A Divine Pattern Master could set up some strange divine pattern which contained the spatial dao pattern and could bring a whole group of people to travel across the void. The East Imperial Continent had plenty of cities, and each of the cities would basically have a teleportation array. However, the continent was too huge, and there were many desolate and ancient regions that were deserted without cites.

This Stellarsky Domain was extremely huge, and without any teleportation array, they would need months or even years to travel by flight.

The Divine Pattern Master wasn't a special race, but it was abnormally difficult to nurture one. Every single Divine Pattern Master was a target for recruitment for various major clans. After all, if one was able to travel across the void with a large group of people, it would definitely save a huge number of celestial stones for teleportation.

"Astrologer? Divine Pattern Master?"

When the middle-aged man with awe-inspiring presence heard She Fei's request, his eyes flashed with lightning again. His aura presence suddenly turned severe while the atmosphere of the castle turned particularly stifling. He swept a look at She Fei and pondered for a moment before asking, "The Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s has been s.n.a.t.c.hed? Explain the details to me."

She Fei let out a breath of relief and quickly explained the incident at the Mystic Divine Palace's treasure hunt. He had obtained two treasures and was the first to be teleported out; hence, he didn't let down the reputation of the She Clan.

However, Jiang Yi did manage to kill Xie Jun, which made him very humiliated. If he didn't kill Jiang Yi and take back the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s, Heaven Evasion, and Fire Cloud Armor, he would find it hard to swallow this humiliation.

After the middle-aged man listened to She Fei's explanation, he pondered for a moment before he tossed over a token and said, "Bring one Divine Pattern Master and Astrologer with you. In addition, take one Consecrator and 30 Evil Thearch Soldiers. Remember… don't weaken our She Clan's reputation. If anything is to happen to the Divine Pattern Master and the Astrologer, you shall surrender yourself to the clan rules."


She Fei revealed a delighted expression. The consecrator was the supreme experts of the She Clan, and there were only a hundred of them. Every one of them had sky-shaking strength and would normally be at the peak stage of Heaven Monarch.

Consecrators weren't so easy to mobilize, and their She Clan could only deploy less than five of them. Of course, the She Clan had some old monsters that were even more dreadful, but not even his father could deploy them. Only his grandfather, Evil Thearch, could order them.

"Many thanks, Father!"

She Fei bowed with respect. His father might seem very stern but was sincerely good to him. The Astrologer, Divine Pattern Master, and consecrators were a.s.sets that normal people wouldn't be able to deploy. For his father to so easily transfer them to him, it was already giving him high regard.

After dismissing himself, She Fei walked out while his face regained his composure. His mouth let out an evil smile which had dazzled the countless maidservants as though they were love-struck fools. He looked towards the west with a killing intent that flashed in his eyes. He spoke with resentment, "Little thief, just you wait. You might know the Heaven Evasion, but I will be able to track you down soon enough and rip you into pieces."

"Grandfather is in seclusion? Father went to Mystic Emperor City?"

Concurrently, Wu Ni returned to the North Thearch City, but he got to know that his father was not around. He quickly summoned two elders to give the orders to investigate about Jiang Yi's information.

At the same time, he asked someone to send a message to his father in Mystic Emperor City, who agreed to deploy an Astrologer and a Divine Pattern Master to pursue after Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi had tried to get someone else to kill for him outside the Mystic Divine Palace, which he failed; but it still humiliated Wu Ni. Furthermore, he had a great desire for the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s, Heaven Evasion, and the Fire Cloud Armor—especially when the former two items were exceptional treasures.

When Tu Long returned to the Beast Thearch City, he similarly got someone to immediately investigate Jiang Yi and deployed an Astrologer and a Divine Pattern Master. The She Clan's 30 experts and countless experts from the Pegasus Empire were all looking for Jiang Yi. They even released innumerable spirit bats but still ended up empty-handed. Jiang Yi's Heaven Evasion divine skill was too incredible, which even seriously interested Tu Long. Such a divine skill must be in the hands of the Nine Thearchs' Clans.

Jian Wuying might still be in the Pegasus Imperial City, but he already sent a message to the Sword Thearch City, which finally made its way to the Sword Thearch himself. The Sword Thearch immediately deployed consecrator along with an Astrologer, a Divine Pattern Master, and dozens of Heaven Monarch experts to teleport to Pegasus Imperial City. He was extremely fond of his favorite grandson, and as long as it wasn't too excessive, he basically wouldn't reject his grandson's request.

The news quickly spread out in the East Imperial Continent, which gave rise to an uproar and fame to the name 'Young Master Jiang'. Of course… there were many who thought that Jiang Yi was already a dead man as the might of the Nine Thearchs' Clans need not be questioned! If he had offended She Fei, Wu Ni, and Jian Wuying, that person had to die.

Yin Ruobing and Ling Qijian each returned to their clans and found out that their fathers were not in the city as they went to the Mystic Emperor City. The two of them didn't have the qualification to look for the Xuan Emperor and the Yin Emperor; neither did they have the authority to deploy any manpower. They had no choice but to send people to investigate Jiang Yi and get timely updates of the situation.

Buddha Thearch City…

When Yi Chan appeared in the plaza, the entire city was in an uproar. Yi Clan's third generation's most brilliant descendant and the Buddha Thearch's favorite granddaughter—who ventured out alone for three years—had finally returned.

"Third Sister!"

"Young Lady!"

North of the Buddha Thearch City was a giant mountain peak. When Yi Chan's figure appeared in the city's teleportation array, dozens of people flew over from that mountain peak and were yelling out excitedly from a distance.

Yi Chan was wearing a mask so no one could see her expression, but her limpid eyes were indistinctly watery. She gave a deep bow of respect and soared towards the sky. Her captivating voice echoed, "Second Brother, Elders."

At the front of these people was an impressive-looking handsome youth who flew over at his fastest speed. He pulled on Yi Chan's hand and spoke with a loving and pampering voice, "Third Sister, you must have suffered for these years. Hurry up and go up the mountain. Mother is anxiously waiting for you."


Yi Chan nodded and flew towards the peak of the mountain along with these people. Soon enough, they ascended the tall mountain and arrived at a small unadorned manor. Outside the manor was a beautiful woman that was waiting to welcome with a group of people. When that woman saw Yi Chan, her eyes were filled with tears as she smiled with pride and said, "Our clan's little Princess is finally back!"


Even though Yi Chan had a strong heart, she still couldn't hold back her tears. She walked in front of the beautiful woman and knelt down and bowed respectfully for three times. She then smiled with tears as she stood up and asked, "Mother, your child has been unfilial. How have you been after all these years?"

The beautiful woman let out a beaming smile and said, "Everything is fine. I just miss my little Chan'er…"


Yi Chan held onto the beautiful woman's hands and shook it lightly before she suddenly recalled something. She looked at the beautiful woman and asked in a serious tone, "Mother, do you know about Yi Piaopiao and Yu Wen?"

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