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Chapter 633: When a Girl is of Age, She Must be Married Off
Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Yi Piaopiao? Yu Wen?"

The beautiful woman went in deep thought for a moment and shook her head. "Chan'er, this is the first time I am hearing these names. Why are you asking this the moment you return? Is it very important?"

Yi Chan nodded. When she recalled about Jiang Yi's disappointed and desolate expression after he heard that she didn't know them, she quickly asked, "Then is Grandfather and Father around? This is very important."

"Your Grandfather is in seclusion since last year. He never attends to anyone."

The beautiful woman explained softly and looked towards the south and continued saying, "Your Father departed for Mystic Thearch City two days ago, and many of the clansmen were sent there, too. It is rumored that the Mystic Divine Palace appeared on Mt. Mystic Divine? That's right… Chan'er, didn't you attempt the treasure hunt at the Mystic Divine Palace? Why did the Mystic Divine Palace appear at Mt. Mystic Divine?"

"That's right, Third Sister!"

That impressive-looking youth asked curiously, "Didn't you all attempt the treasure hunt? Why did the Mystic Divine Palace suddenly appeared at Mt. Mystic Divine?"


Yi Chan's beautiful eyes flashed while she involuntarily muttered, "Could it be because of Jiang Yi? Would there be another abnormal change to the Mystic Divine Palace? If the Mystic Divine Palace has returned to Mt. Mystic Divine, would it not allow anyone else to venture in to obtain the treasures?"

Yi Chan's eyes flickered a few times and suddenly spoke out, "Mother, I have something important to say, and I wish to go look for Father at Mystic Thearch City. In addition… could you help me check if the clan has someone called Yi Piaopiao and Yu Wen?"

The beautiful woman looked at Yi Chan and spoke in a rebuking tone, "You have just returned, and you want to leave again? Don't you wish to accompany Mother?"


Yi Chan shook the beautiful woman's hand coquettishly and said, "It is really important. There is a youth that might be related to our Yi Clan. That youth is a generational prodigy and is probably being pursued by the various great clans. If our clan could rescue him, we might be able to nurture a heaven-defying expert."

"Youth?" The beautiful woman's eyes lit up as she glanced a few times at Yi Chan and asked, "How old is the youth? What is his cultivation strength? How is his background? How is his character? Is he handsome…?"


The impressive-looking youth laughed heartily and said, "Mother, you should know of Little Sister's pride and arrogance, right? Could the man that she fancied be inferior?"

Yi Chan's eyes had a flash of shyness as she stomped her feet and said, "Mother, Big Brother, it is not like what you think. Aiya… I won't talk to you guys anymore. I will go look for Father."

Finis.h.i.+ng her statement, Yi Chan bowed to the beautiful woman and flew down the mountain and quickly vanished into the teleportation array.

"Sigh, when a girl is of age, she must be married off!"

The beautiful woman sighed while her face had this smile that was drowning with love. She looked into the distance and immediately turned stern as she muttered, "I would certainly like to see how heaven-defying this youth is for our Chan'er fancy him? It will not be such a simple matter to marry into our Yi Clan."

There was indeed a huge commotion at the Mystic Thearch City, and the Mystic Divine Palace had appeared on Mt. Mystic Divine.

The second-generation clan heads of the Nine Thearchs' Clans were all here, but none of the Nine Thearchs were here. These clan heads were here as an advance party to check out the situation. If they were unable to open up the Mystic Divine Palace, then those old fellows would make their move.

The Mystic Thearch once left his last words back in the years that if the Mystic Divine Palace was to appear on Mt. Mystic Divine, it meant that the Mystic Divine Palace had started to look for its new owner. Those who were fated would be automatically acknowledged by the Mystic Divine Palace, and those not fated should not force their will on it.

This statement was very clear. This cardinal treasure would only seek out a fated owner, and it must not be forced. It meant that this Mystic Divine Palace was fated to the destined owner. Even if one had sky-shaking combat strength, one would not be able to obtain it if one were not fated.

Despite the case…!

During these two days, the Nine Thearchs' Clan had sent out their people to the mountain respectfully, but all the experts would only be able to reach the mid-waist of the mountain. Even those old monsters from the clans would only be able to reach the mid-waist of the mountain and couldn't even see the appearance of the Mystic Divine Palace.

Even so, the Nine Thearchs' Clans didn't give up and had sealed off the information about the Mystic Divine Palace appearing on Mt. Mystic Divine. The various clan heads of the Nine Thearchs' Clans were thinking of all ways to climb up to the peak of the mountain. They would also secretly gather their exceptional descendants to climb up the mountain to try their luck and see if they were the destined one.

The Mystic Divine Palace was the world's no.1 cardinal treasure.

Putting aside everything else—if the Mystic Thearch's Mystic Divine Armor and the Mystic Divine Saber was left in the Mystic Divine Palace, the person that inherited it would definitely have an insane increase in combat strength. Those were legendary divine artifacts!

How many more treasure could still be in the Mystic Divine Palace? No one knew for sure. Even if there weren't any treasures left, the Mystic Divine Palace itself was already a cardinal treasure. Any clan who obtained it would be able to constantly nurture experts and allow their descendants to go in and temper their strength.

When Yi Chan arrived at Mystic Thearch City, she got to know that her father was at the mid-waist of Mt. Mystic Divine. When she wanted to climb the mountain, she realized that… she couldn't even reach the mid-waist of Mt. Mystic Divine. Not only her, but it also seemed like none of the young ladies from the various clans could climb up Mt. Mystic Divine.

This Mystic Divine Palace seemed to instinctively exclude females. Perhaps the Mystic Thearch had decided that the fated individual should not be a woman. Yi Chan felt helpless as Mt. Mystic Divine had a mysterious restriction that couldn't allow her to send a message to her father. She had no choice but to reside in Mystic Thearch City and wait for her father's return.

"Jiang Yi… She Fei and the others are already in pursuit after you. They even brought along Divine Pattern Masters and Astrologers. It will be up to your fate if you are able to survive…"

After looking at Mt. Mystic Divine which was so tall that the peak was hidden in the clouds, Yi Chan let out a helpless sigh when she turned to look towards the south. She had already received news that She Fei and the others were headed straight for the Blood Night Fearsome Sea and had probably divined Jiang Yi's whereabouts.

There was a remote canyon in the south of the East Imperial Continent. An elderly man covered in white robes was seated on the ground, and his body was radiating with a rainbow-colored glow. There were mysterious runic wordings that flowed around in the glow, making him look extremely abnormal and mystical.

In the nearby vicinity of the white-robed elder, there were 30 martial artists with powerful aura presence that were on guard. The three of them scanned the area with their divine senses while their fierce eyes shot out radiance. If anyone dared to come near, they would definitely be killed on the spot.

Beside the white-robed elder were three individuals. There was a handsome youth wearing a red Chinese robe while his neck had this ancient, unadorned, and unknown beast bone necklace. His black hair was tied up with small braids, making him look very strange.

Standing beside the youth was a skinny old man, who was so skinny that it looked as though only skin was covering his bones. His hands were like withered tree branches, and he was holding on to a green crutch while he silently stood there.

There was another man wearing white robes and around the age of 40, who would occasionally look at the youth with a flattering expression.


The elderly man seated on the ground suddenly opened his eyes while his rainbow-colored radiance vanished. Those runic wordings concealed themselves into his body while he looked towards the southwest and said, "Young Master Fei. He is to the southwest and is still very far away. I am still unable to pinpoint his location."

"En, Wu Lao, you did well!"

The handsome youth bowed with cupped hands and immediately spoke to the middle-aged man by the side, "I will have to trouble Divine Pattern Master!"

"Young Master Fei is too polite. This is what I am supposed to do."

The middle-aged man let out a flattering smile while his face quickly went silent. His hands lit up with white light, and similarly to the white-robed elderly man, mysterious runic wordings appeared.

His hands were forming seals while he struck out streams of light into the void ahead. The streams of light were very mysterious and didn't shoot out towards the void immediately, but slowly flowed instead.

One stream, ten streams… a hundred streams!

The Divine Pattern Master constantly struck out more streams of light while the sky was filled with white lights. One hundred white lights crisscrossed and weaved together to form a vast and mysterious pattern.

Every white line was flowing with runic wordings and radiating brightly. Awe-inspiring aura presences flowed out from that pattern which made all the nearby experts felt the pressure.

The experts fixed their eyes on the strange pattern which was gradually taking form. From this pattern, they could sense a trace of dao pattern presence. It didn't seem like a pattern, but more like a mysterious path that was formed by the condensation of heaven and earth energy.

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