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Lantern street is a famous antique street in the capital. Although it is not as bustling as Longchang street, a bit deserted, but this place full of money, gold and silver. There is a saying in the antique shop owner, ” three years opening, three years without opening “. That's exactly the reason.

The door faces of Lantern Street are decorated in a calm and s.p.a.cious way, unlike the shops in Longchang street, which are crowded together one by one. In the middle of Lantern street, the best place is a big shop with two ordinary door faces. You can see that the doors and windows of this shop have been specially changed. Different from the left and right, the dark red mullions are carved with fine and gorgeous patterns. The painted walls of the doors and windows of the new Tung still smell of sweet and spicy tung oil. From the second floor, a series of long oval red yarn lanterns are hung. The lanterns are pasted with the black “treasure” characters of the official script. Ninety percent of the new bamboo curtains are hung nearly In front of the six foot wide gate, there is a couplet on the door:

Three generations of Dingzhao Zhaoyue

A picture of Can Yunxia

A rectangular plaque above the door with three gilded characters: Baohe shop.

This Baohe shop is bigger than other shops, and it is decorated luxuriously. It is located in the quiet and low-key lantern street. It has a sense of disobedience from the crowd. It's quite right with the rich upstart atmosphere of eunuchs.

Tian Qi sits in Baohe shop, playing with the abacus crackly. Her white fingers fly among the black abacus beads. At last, she writes down a number in the account book, then shakes the abacus twice, and all the abacus beads return to their original positions

A little eunuch who kept his eyes closed heard two crackles in a row and knew that Tianqi was finished. He opened his eyes and smiled to Tian Qi. “Manager Tian, you have made a lot of money these days, haven't you? “

Tian Qi bowed his head and smiled, but throw a piece of silver to him. “Er Bao, take the bar.”

Er Bao receives the silver and compliments Tian Qi.

Tian Qi is the ancestor of flattery. When she hears someone flatter her, she doesn't drift away. She just laughs and says, “if you have the time to talk about this with me, it's better to collect one or two good things to save energy. “

“Oh, my brother, I'm not a hero like you. I've only become a shopkeeper in the few days. I recovered a fake and smashed it into fifty-two. It's good that My s.h.i.+fu didn't scold me to death. “

The “shopkeeper” in Baohe store is this kind of level. If you have enough business and earn enough money, you are qualified to be a shopkeeper. Tian Qi became little treasurer because she had just made a “big thing” two days ago.

Although the emperor drove her away, he was nice to her. He let her choose yamen at will. Tian Qi is not unable to go to those oil and water tips, such as the inner government supply library, but in those places, it is necessary to take risks. One day, the master and his son come to make a crazy inventory. What they eat is money, but what they spit out is blood.

Therefore, if she wants to come and go, she might as well become shop treasurer, make money by her ability.

Now Er Bao sees Tian Qi coming down for her leisure time, so he nags and makes contact with her. Just then, a middle-aged man in shabby clothes enters the door and looks at the room timidly. Er Bao thought that the one who enter is beggar and would coax him out without waiting for him to open his mouth.

Tian Qi stopped and said, “no one can do business like this Er Bao, do you have anything to sell? “

The middle-aged man saw that Tianqi was very friendly and relaxed. He took out a clean blue cloth bag from his arms, opened the bag, and took out a thing and handed it to Tian Qi.

Tian Qi saw that it was a small clay figurine. A woman in a skirt was sitting on a stool and playing. The clay figurines are simple, colorful, and rough. Er Bao also looked the clay figurine, but he could not see anything special, so he said, “brother, this beggar fooled us with clay figurines! ”   

Tian Qi sc.r.a.ped her fingernails at the bottom of the clay figurine and looked at it with a magnifying gla.s.s. She said, “you are not good enough in workmans.h.i.+p, but this is an antique. There is not only one Musical Figurine in general. If you can put together in set, you may sell it.”. “

The man nodded “There are eleven at home.”

“Well,” Tian said to the man, “it's hard to find twelve set. How much do you plan to sell?”

“Five, fifty two?”

Tianqi's next thought was that if she met someone who liked it, she would sell it for 350 Liang with her three inch tongue. She nodded, “well, I think you are need of money, so let's pay for it. When are you going to deliver the rest? “

“I'm in a hurry. Can you come home with me to get it? “

Tian Qi thought that no one would dare to cheat Baohe shop, so She went to his home with a silver note. The leaky house is empty. It can be said that there is no family. There is an old woman lying on the straw and a shabby mattress. The middle-aged man called the old woman mother.

Tian Qi found out that the little clay figurine was a family heirloom. The reason why he wanted to sell it was to cure his mother's illness. Tianqi's nose was a little sour. He held the clay figurine box and said to him, “you are a filial son, and I am embarra.s.sed to make such a fortune. I'll make a deposit for you until the goods are sold, and then I'll give you the rest money. I'll only draw a medium fee of ten Liang silver, otherwise it's not easy to explain in the shop What do you think? “

The middle-aged man sent away Tian Qi with great grat.i.tude.

Tian Qi, holding a clay figurine in his arms, walked across Longchang street and saw Sun Fan coming out of a teahouse with a group of his family members. Tian Qi then bowed his head and walked away tightly, but she was still seen by Sun Fan.

This stinky boy is not attendant of the emperor now. So Sun Fan thought to himself that he must take a good breath today.

Tian Qi saw Sun Fan coming to her, so he did not hesitate to run. Sun fan then chased after him, “Stinky boy, stop for me! “

Tian Qi's feet are not strong enough to run a group of men. She is holding the box and doesn't know what to do. She happens to see an acquaintance at the corner of the street, Zheng Shaofeng.

So Tian Qi ran over and pulled Zheng Shaofeng's wrist. “Lets Go!”

Pull up the son of the first a.s.sistant. The people behind at least don't dare to throw things at her

Zheng Shaofeng holds Tian Qi and pulls her heavily. Tian Qi is forced to stop suddenly, so the box in her arms flies out. The cover of the box is opened, and the little clay figures fly out like wings.

Zheng Shaofeng releases Tian Qi and grabs the box. After shaking the box in the air, the little clay figurine obediently b.u.mps into the box again. And another one is held by him directly.

It's very dangerous. Tian Qi clapped his chest. Several hundred Liang silver

But she is happy too early.

Zheng Shaofeng hold the little clay figurine and threw it away to Sun Fan and his family . It slammed Sun Fan face

Sun Fan fell in response, and the little clay man fell to the ground into two halves..

“Don't!” Tian Qi exclaimed.

Zheng Shaofeng thought that Tianqi was worried about him, so he smiled at Tianqi, “it's OK! “Then he quickly took out the other clay figures in the box and threw them out.

Tian Qi: “…”

Zheng Shaofeng moved too fast, his body movement was fast, and he deliberately avoided Tian Qi. Tian Qi want to stop him but she couldn't do that. And when she was halfway up, she was stopped by the back. The man's arm was in front of Tian Qi's waist, and he gently pulled Tian Qi into his arms. Then he let Tian Qi go and comforted her. He said, “please don't be impatient, brother Zheng is good at martial arts. These people are nothing to him. “

Tian Qi noticed that the other person beside her, the sword brow and the dark eyes, was the son of Tang Ruoling, Tang Tianyuan, who she had seen before. She arched her hand to Tang Tianyuan, “brother Tang, are you Ok. “

Waiting for Tang Tianyuan to answer, Tian Qi had to stop Zheng Shaofeng, and then she found that Zheng Shaofeng had already lost the little clay figurine. Now she is staring the uncovered wooden box on his hand and turning it smartly, while looking at the only remaining man not far away. “Are you still playing? “

Sun Fan angrily points to Zheng Shaofeng, “Zheng Shaofeng, don't meddle! “

The wooden box in the hands of Zheng Shaofeng suddenly stopped. Sun Fan saw him put away the wooden box, thinking that his threat was effective, but Zheng Shaofeng suddenly bent down and picked up a large clay pot on the side of a stall, and held his head high above him.

Sun Fan ran away.

Zheng Shaofeng put down the large clay pot and walked over to Tian Qi. “How is it? ” He looking for a praise

 Tian Qi is expressionless.

Zheng Shaofeng then handed the empty box in his hand to Tian Qi. “Oh, your thing.”

Tian Qi: “…”

Tian Qi was so anxious that she want to pull her hair. But she can't blame Zheng Shaofeng. He is kind enough to save her. Finally, she took over the box. “Thank you very much. “

“You're welcome. “Zheng Shaofeng patted her on the shoulder generously.

Tianqi finds the box cover, picks it up and covers it. She holds the box in her arms and says goodbye to them. Zheng Shaofeng didn't let her go. “Let's go to the Ning w.a.n.gfu as a guest, can't you go?”

Tianqi was in a melancholy mood. She wanted to find a place to relax. She thought it would be better to go to the w.a.n.gfu and have fun. So she went with them. At the beginning, she was still puzzled. How could Zheng Shaofeng and Tang Tianyuan get together? These two people are not the same kind of people in any way, just like two kinds of people, like a the Chinese kale and the donkey, the Hami melon and the cabbage Gang, can't get together.

However, as soon as Zheng Shaofeng met Tian Qi, he became a talker, and soon told Tian Qi why. It turned out that his father was moved by his hard work, so he pulled down his old face and went to the center of Tang Ruoling and asked his son to remind him of his stupid son. Don't ask Tang Tianyuan to bring Zheng Shaofeng much “red”. As long as he don't let the him blacken his family any further, it's lucky.

Tianqi knows that Tang Tianyuan may not be willing to make friends with Zheng Shaofeng, but to give Zheng Shoufu face. Thinking of this, Tianqi takes a sympathetic look at Tang Tianyuan and finds that he is calm and self-confident, listening to Zheng Shaofeng's nagging, and did not show the slightest annoyance.

Yes, he have another facial paralysis.

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