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Chapter 402 - The Zhang Family’s Plan

Zhang Huiguo swiveled his walking stick with his fingers. The smile on his face was amiable: “My Zhang Family is open to whatever business transaction Mister Gongyi wants to make.”

Zhang Bohan similarly supported the standpoint of his family’s grandfather, and sincerely said: “The Zhang Family trusts this sir.”

Gongyi Tianheng smiled: “Rest a.s.sured. It certainly isn’t a bad deal.” After he finished saying this, he gestured to Gu Zuo, “Ah Zuo, take out that vat of medicine in the storage room.”

Gu Zuo’s faculty of memory had never been hidden. He quickly recalled that vat of Rejuvenation Pill medicinal liquid that he previously diluted. After he was brought back by big brother and the bodyguards, it was directly stuffed inside one of the rooms on the first floor. He promptly stood up, and scampered over to that room.

Gu Qi was about to go over and lend a hand, but Tianheng spoke up to stop him: “Uncle Gu doesn’t need to go through the trouble. Ah Zuo can do it by himself.”

Gu Qi recalled that his family’s son now possessed internal qi. Gu Zuo had both martial strength and psychic power.

On the contrary, the Zhang Family grandfather and grandson pair showed great interest in this scene.

In their opinions, Gu Zuo’s body was thin and flimsy. His strength shouldn’t have been that big. However, Zhang Bohan also remembered that giant vat could hold at least several hundred kilograms of liquid. Even if he was a fully grown man, it would be hard to lift the vat without any help.

But now, Tianheng actually only wanted Gu Zuo to go and move it?

The next moment, Gu Zuo walked out of the storage room.

His arms were spread out, carrying a large vat from the base. His line of sight was completely obstructed by the vat, but there wasn’t the least bit of hesitation in his footsteps. He quickly arrived in front of the few people here.

Soon after, the vat was placed on the ground. It was put down gently, and didn’t make a single sound — He really made lifting that heavy weight look easy.

Zhang Bohan’s eyes flickered with a feverish look.

Nothing else had to be said. Just by watching Gu Zuo’s relaxed and effortless expression, one could already notice lots of things! This kind of strength far outcla.s.sed many weightlifting champions!

Zhang Huiguo’s fingers became even more restless, but he quickly calmed down. He turned to look at that vat. Contained within was a liquid that filled it up completely. It was a light-yellow color and glistened like gems, but it didn’t have any oily viscosity. Could it be that this was medicine that the honorable pharmacist refined?

Zhang Bohan looked at Tianheng, and fervently said: “Would this sir please clear up our confusion?”

Tianheng faintly smiled: “Inside this vat is what we call Rejuvenation Medicinal Liquid. It can treat injuries and diseases.”

Zhang Huiguo was cool-headed: “To what degree of efficacy do these treatments reach?”

Zhang Bohan also asked: “Which diseases are within the range of treatment?”

Tianheng looked to Gu Zuo.

Gu Zuo knew that these questions required him to explain — After all, his big brother wasn’t a person from this world. This world’s diseases were different from the ones in the other world. Thus, it was up to someone like him, who had been to both worlds and back.

As a result, he sorted out his thoughts, and said: “This medicinal liquid was obtained by diluting the medicinal pills I refined. The efficacy depends on the concentration. If it’s a martial artist with true qi within their body, it won’t be very useful to take this medicinal liquid. However, regardless of external or internal injuries, no matter what kind of pathological changes affecting the internal organs, all of it can be treated. But for an ordinary person, if they take this medicinal liquid long-term, or take a relatively high-concentration dose that doesn’t exceed their limits, they will never fall ill.”

In the wake of Gu Zuo’s words, the gazes of the two Zhang Family leaders s.h.i.+ned brighter and brighter. They quickly noticed the enormous benefits within this explanation. They were gradually unable to hold themselves back.

Gu Zuo continued: “In short, as far as ordinary people are concerned, regardless of whether it’s a disease of the physical body like the organs, muscles, bones, or blood, and no matter if it’s an external or internal injury, everything can be cured. However, if it’s a martial artist who has been poisoned or wounded with a special power, it will depend on the situation. Generally speaking, this won’t have any effect on medicinal poisons, and will require specialized detoxifying pills that target that poison.”

Zhang Huiguo’s chest rose up and down, and his mind was filled by a huge amount of excitement. However, when all was said and done, he was rather old. After being emotionally moved, his face reddened and his breathing hastened. Upon seeing this, Zhang Bohan hurriedly went over to pat his back and soothe him, lest something bad happened.

Once a period of time pa.s.sed, Zhang Huiguo finally recovered.

After that, Zhang Huiguo spoke with difficulty: “I’ve allowed Mister Gongyi and Mister Gu to see something laughable.”

Zhang Bohan also hurried to admonish himself.

Tianheng didn’t ridicule these two people, and only stated: “With regards to the medicinal liquid’s concentration, we still need to find people to test it. This matter will be handed over to you two. I presume that there won’t be any problems?”

Gu Zuo supplemented: “I will be carefully controlling the concentrations so that it doesn’t harm the body.”

The Zhang Family grandfather and grandson pair naturally didn’t have any objections: “These two sirs can rest a.s.sured. We have more than enough of this bit of manpower.”

Tianheng was satisfied: “When handling matters, I always like to discuss any unpleasant topics up front. Ah Zuo and I are making a business transaction with the Zhang Family, but it isn’t for the sake of money. Rather, it’s for authoritative power.”

The Zhang Family leaders didn’t interrupt. Although their complexions did change slightly, they still listened seriously and earnestly.

Tianheng said: “However, you guys can feel at ease. I want power, but I won’t be walking onto the stage. I just need to use this power at a certain time to discreetly inquire about information and to rescue one of my honorable uncles. It’s only a pity that this uncle’s information has long been wiped away. The organization behind this probably isn’t small. If the Zhang Family can obtain the position and status you two desire, your family will have to come into contact with that organization on my behalf, and save that uncle.”

When Zhang Huiguo heard this, he pondered.

When he and Zhang Bohan were helping Tianheng investigate any news about Gu Zuo, they already realized that all information related to Gu Zuo prior to eight years ago had been completely erased. Even if it was their Zhang Family, they weren’t able to recover anything. This showed that this organization couldn’t be compared to the current Zhang Family.

At the same time, they also discovered the tremendous value contained within this Rejuvenation Medicinal Liquid. In addition, this young pharmacist’s self-confidence made them understand that he could take out many more good things!

Moreover, having lived for so long, Zhang Huiguo’s foresight was incomparable to that of ordinary people. Indeed, Tianheng agreed to give pointers to their Zhang Family’s younger generations, but the level of diligence concerning this guidance was hard to say. Also, granted that he didn’t have real connections with any ancient martial artists, he vaguely understood that one’s body would usually acc.u.mulate injuries in the process of practicing martial arts. With this pharmacist around, things ought to go a lot more smoothly.

Riches and honor were sought amid danger. If they only relied on these few martial skills and received little guidance as they fumbled on their own, who knew how long it would take the Zhang Family to acc.u.mulate sufficient strength. However, with the help of these two people who suddenly appeared, it would be a huge boost. The benefits would be dozens of times greater!

What’s more, there was only a possibility that they would face off against that organization. Perhaps, once their Zhang Family reached that level, they could exchange some benefits to obtain that “uncle” Gongyi Tianheng wanted?

No matter how one considered it, agreeing was still the best response.

Zhang Huiguo quickly gave his grandson a meaningful glance.

Zhang Bohan understood tacitly, and said to Tianheng: “Mister Gongyi is my life-saving benefactor. How can I refuse this small matter? These two sirs can rest a.s.sured. The Zhang Family is willing to advance and retreat together with thee. If we don’t succeed, we’ll have died for a righteous cause!”

Indeed. The Zhang Family had currently been striving to transform itself from within. And it was right at this moment that Tianheng appeared. If they didn’t properly seize opportunities, if they were afraid of the head and frightened of the tail, then the Zhang Family wouldn’t have survived up until now!

Tianheng praised: “In that case, there will be a great deal of business. The Zhang Family will provide the manpower, and Ah Zuo and I shall provide the medicine. The profits would originally be divided fifty-fifty. However, since the Zhang Family will risk coming into contact with that organization, we will yield ten percent of the profits, making it sixty-forty. However, apart from this, all of the medicinal pills that the Zhang Family’s children need when practicing martial arts will be supplied by Ah Zuo, and must be purchased separately… Do these two gentlemen have any objections?”

Zhang Huiguo inwardly calculated, and couldn’t help saying: “We have no objections. Mister Gongyi is truly broad-minded and magnanimous. Many thanks.”

Without the medicine, the Zhang Family wouldn’t be able to gather enough power. The other party also yielded ten percent of the profits. It could be said that they had claimed a large advantage — This wasn’t only a question of money, but also the other benefits brought about by the magical medicine.

But at the same time, Zhang Huiguo sensed something different from Tianheng and Gu Zuo.

Letting go of a large quant.i.ty of benefits meant that there was an even bigger scheme, or the other party was so powerful that they basically didn’t care about this bit of gains. And just by looking at Tianheng’s bearing, Zhang Huiguo could determine that it was the latter.

Thus, Zhang Huiguo harbored suspicions about the ident.i.ties of the pair. However, he held restraining fears due to the foundations the other party might possess… He cleverly pretended that he didn’t know anything.

As the saying went, when ignorance was bliss, it was folly to be wise. He didn’t need to seek out the roots of the matter.

Tianheng was pleased that their collaborative partner was an intelligent person. He had a smile on his face, and said: “Since the business talks have concluded, Young Master Zhang can study the mnemonic chant. If there’s anything you don’t understand or if something isn’t right, there’s no harm in asking.”

Zhang Bohan beamed. After he got Zhang Huiguo’s permission, he immediately got into a cross-legged position right where he was sitting previously. Soon after, he started to continuously recite the mnemonic chant.

At this moment, Gu Zuo scooped out a bottle of Qi Generating Pills from his pocket. He took one pill, diluted it with water, poured the solution into a cup, and handed it over: “This is used to supplement one’s qi. After you drink this, there will be some pain, but it’ll help your sense of qi appear at the fastest speed. Later on, you can drink a little more so that your qi sense takes shape.”

Zhang Bohan’s emotions were stirred up. He didn’t hesitate, and promptly drank a mouthful. Shortly thereafter, he felt waves of pain throughout his body. It was like every bone was being broken. It almost caused him to faint — He constantly recited that mnemonic chant, and tried to circulate the internal qi within his body. At last, after an unknown amount of time, the agony gradually faded away. As for the places that were originally in pain, they started to warm up. It seemed that extremely-slight flowing movements were occurring.

Zhang Huiguo had been nervously watching his grandson the entire time. He found that his grandson’s expression was greatly pained, but he was doing his best to persevere. After a long while pa.s.sed, his grandson’s expression slowly returned to normal. Meanwhile, small traces of a black substance seeped out of the surfaces of his grandson’s body.

Such obvious effects calmed down his heart.

After half an hour, Zhang Bohan abruptly opened his eyes. Compared to before, his eyes appeared even brighter. At the same time, he opened his mouth, and spat out a mouthful of black gas.

Gu Zuo said: “This is turbid qi. Once the first three stages have pa.s.sed, almost no more turbid qi will arise, nor will there be grime on the surface of your skin. However, if you’re finally able to advance to Xiantian, your body will be completely reborn. The purged grime on your skin will be even thicker, but your body will be even lighter.”

Following this introduction, Zhang Bohan clenched and unclenched his fingers.

While it didn’t seem clear right now, he felt that his strength had increased slightly. Moreover, a small thread of qi was circulating inside his body through the meridians.

Subsequently, Gu Zuo told Zhang Bohan about the matter of condensing bone pearls inside the acupoints. Hearing this, Zhang Bohan conscientiously nodded his head again and again. He didn’t dare to miss even a single piece of information.

To the side, Zhang Huiguo listened, and gave a lengthy sigh: “It’s a pity that I encountered these two sirs when I’m already at this age. Otherwise, I would’ve wanted to test my resolve like Bohan.”

Seeing his grandson successfully cultivating true qi, he was happy, but sincerely regretful.

Gu Zuo thought about it, and said: “If the Zhang Family Head wants to practice martial arts, I’m afraid that it’ll be very challenging. At this age, your meridians are already weak and difficult to support. If you soak yourself in medicaments to strengthen your body, and persevere all year round, it’ll cause immense pain. And in the end, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to practice martial arts. The expenses will be prohibitive, and it won’t be cost-effective… But if you want to maintain your health, you can simply take the Rejuvenation Medicinal Liquid.”

Zhang Huiguo heard these words, and his heart stirred: “But I still have the chance to practice martial arts?”

Gu Zuo replied: “The possibility doesn’t even reach ten percent.” He closely added, “Moreover, the pain will be severe. Compared to when Young Master Zhang absorbed the Qi Generating Pill just now, it’ll be much worse.”

Without the slightest hesitation, Zhang Huiguo said: “Pain is nothing, and the money it’ll cost is also nothing. I’m willing to endure it. Would Mister Gu please show me the way?”

Gu Zuo nodded his head: “The Zhang Family Head should finish dealing with the things that ought to be dealt with first. After everything is on the right track, I can help you make an attempt.”

Zhang Huiguo naturally didn’t have any objections. His heart also became even more hopeful.

Zhang Bohan was likewise happy for his grandfather. Although he was the prospective heir, and he wanted to take the position of family head as soon as possible, he knew that if he was promoted to that position with such huge interests right now, it would be difficult to keep things stable. As such, the healthier his grandfather was at this time, the better the situation would be. Even if he had to remain an heir for a few more years, so long as he was in a position of power, he could continue to develop the Zhang Family. What he could obtain at that time might be much larger than the current holdings. What’s more, his relations.h.i.+p with his grandfather was very close. He sincerely cared about his grandfather.

Zhang Huiguo saw Zhang Bohan’s expression, and couldn’t help revealing a smiling expression.

Gu Zuo and Tianheng repeatedly offered amazing benefits, and “inadvertently” showed off their own prestige. The emotions of the Zhang Family leaders were surging as they thoroughly tied the entire Zhang Family to the war chariot of these two personages. From head to toe, they glowed with a type of ambitious and exuberant vitality.

Following this, they quickly gathered some of the Zhang Family younger generations, and made many arrangements. As for themselves, they came to this villa and reported the progress of important matters every day.

Gu Zuo was also very busy. First, he had to dilute the Rejuvenation Medicinal Liquid to suitable concentrations. The person to test the medicine wasn’t Gu Qi anymore. Instead, it was left to the other nine Zhang Family children who followed Tianheng to practice martial arts. The nine of them still couldn’t smoothly produce true qi within their bodies — This wasn’t unusual. Back then, even Gu Zuo had to spend ten days continuously practicing hand seals before he slowly succeeded. This world’s ambient qi was so thin, those nine people’s apt.i.tudes were far inferior to that of Gu Zuo, and their body cultivation methods were also worse than his own. It would’ve been strange if they had succeeded so quickly.

At this time, the grandfather and grandson realized that if it wasn’t for drinking that Qi Generating Pill liquid, Zhang Bohan would’ve still been persistently struggling like these nine people. They became even more grateful to Gu Zuo. At the same time, Zhang Huiguo developed a hint of yearning for the Qi Generating Pill liquid in Gu Zuo’s possession.

Gu Zuo generously took out some Qi Generating Pills to be diluted into a liquid, and sent them to the nine people. However, their apt.i.tude and comprehension were slightly worse than that of Zhang Bohan. As a result, they needed to drink more to develop qi senses one by one.

At this time, the group of Zhang Family children had full and complete faith in Gu Zuo and Tianheng. They treated Tianheng’s high martial strength with great respect, but they admired Gu Zuo’s magical medicine-refining skills even more.

After a number of secret meetings, several of those unmotivated members of the Zhang Family were pushed to the periphery. Meanwhile, those with a clear understanding of the current trends were a.s.sembled together by Zhang Huiguo. They started to work together at all levels, and centralized the family’s financial powers and resources to disseminate and promote the Rejuvenation Medicinal Liquid — Of course, it wasn’t done with great fanfare in the beginning. Rather, it was secretly initialized at certain private hospitals under the name of the Zhang Family.

The Rejuvenation Medicinal Liquid’s efficacy was clear and easy to see.

It started with some patients suffering from terminal illnesses at those private hospitals. When they were about to give up all hope, they consented to taking a new type of oral fluid developed by the Zhang Family, and signed liability waivers. Originally, these terminal patients had desperate mentalities, and were ready to stake everything on one last roll of the dice. They never expected that, after the first dose, their bodies would feel much more comfortable. And after ten days in a row, their conditions showed obvious signs of improved control, and the areas affected by the diseases started to shrink. At the same time, they were constantly sweating and expelling large quant.i.ties of toxins and waste products.

Such clear reactions caused the terminal patients and their family members to cry tears of joy. At the same time, without the slightest hesitation, they persevered and continued taking the medicinal liquid. Gradually, the progression of the diseases actually changed from late-stage to mid-stage to early-stage. Then, from the early-stage, they recovered to full health. It was just that they were still somewhat weakened.

However, when they signed those liability waivers, they also signed non-disclosure agreements. As a result, although the terminal patients had mostly improved to complete recoveries, they still had to keep it a secret. They weren’t allowed to talk about the real medicinal effects of this type of oral fluid.

Of course, a piece of paper could never contain a fire — This was also within the predictions of the Zhang Family.

The patients and family members didn’t deliberately go out and talk about it, but there were interested parties who noticed things. In private, there was a certain amount of rumor and gossip occurring. Later on, others began to make discreet inquiries on the source of this oral fluid. One thing led to another. Eventually, rich and connected people in certain families went through all kinds of channels, and found the Zhang Family.

There was a huge difference in achievable outcomes between people seeking out one’s product and actively selling it.

The Zhang Family’s position in Q City was very high. So long as they controlled the media, they could curb the flow of information. At the same time, the Zhang Family also began to acc.u.mulate strength from other aspects. They were waiting for the possibility that methods coming from a family of a higher station might befall them at any time.

Soon, this oral fluid already started circulating from secret channels. It allowed the Zhang Family to grasp the foundations of Q City, which they hadn’t completely secured until now. This formed an impenetrable block of iron inside. Afterwards, they swiftly took action, and began to distribute goods across the nation. Some fights to sway public opinion on the internet were always at the ready.

In addition, video materials had long been prepared. The treatments and speeches of some terminal patients were stored by the Zhang Family, and used as evidence, anytime and anywhere.

The speed of the flow of information in modern society was incredibly fast. And even Gongyi Tianheng was somewhat shocked.

He and Gu Zuo were sitting in the villa. After turning on the television, he discovered that there were already many channels and interviews that were discussing this matter. Moreover, everyone knew that this Rejuvenation Oral Fluid, the “good news for all terminal illnesses”, came from a family’s years-long research and development… In other words, the Zhang Family.

Tianheng spoke with fascination: “Ah Zuo, if it came to spreading information on the Central Continent, I don’t think it could be this fast.”

Gu Zuo silently nodded: “One of the reasons is because this world isn’t as large as that world. Another reason is because science and technology play powerful roles in many aspects. There are also the systems of society…”

To be honest, the Zhang Family couldn’t stay hidden and tucked away right now. The greater the fanfare of the oral fluid’s exposure, the less likely it would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by a secret conspiracy — After all, when handling matters in this world, one always had to be draped in a bright and beautiful outer skin. But it would be different in the other world. Martial strength represented status and position. It was also more rough and cruel.

Tianheng naturally knew that a similar situation like this wouldn’t work on the Central Continent. But along the same lines, things that could cause public unrest, but couldn’t be covered up by Ten Ultimates Sect, would be extremely rare — Basically, it wouldn’t be that easy to obtain.

Currently, the oral fluid released on the market by the Zhang Family was a type of medicinal liquid where the Rejuvenation Pill had been diluted to the point that any medicinal power was very thin. It was almost to the ratio of one pill to one large vat. However, the oral fluid obtained this way had mild and gentle medicinal properties. Every dose was no more than ten milliliters. If one wanted to completely cure their terminal illness, the amount of oral fluid they needed was comparatively large — One had to drink it three times a day for quite a few days. In addition, the price of this oral fluid wasn’t low. The cost of a single dose was at least a thousand yuan.

Apart from this, there were oral fluids that had better medicinal effects, shorter treatment courses, and higher prices. These weren’t sold to the public. They were distributed in private, and used to attract those who had power, authority, and influence.

Tianheng smiled: “The Zhang Family has handled things well. Later on, Ah Zuo should consider what we can use to move those so-called ancient martial artists.”

Gu Zuo was a little vexed: “If everyone uses the same system of cultivation, the Qi Generating Pills will be enough. But on the off-chance that they don’t use the same system, I don’t know if Qi Generating Pills will have any use.”

Of course, everyone absorbed ambient qi and utilized heavenly materials and earthly treasures to increase their strength. The Qi Generating Pill was originally something to supplement one’s qi. According to reason, it should be useful. But without any tests, who knew if it was truly effective?

As a result, he couldn’t make a decision so rashly.

Tianheng seemed to ponder something: “In that case, it would be for the best if we have an ancient martial artist come over to test it.”

Gu Zuo nodded: “That’s right.”

Tianheng smiled as he pinched Gu Zuo’s cheek: “This doesn’t require our concern. The usefulness of the Rejuvenation Pill doesn’t lie solely in treating illnesses. It’s also beneficial for internal injuries. There’s no need to worry about those ancient martial artists not coming to our doorstep.”

Gu Zuo also felt that this made sense.

There were usually hidden injuries inside the bodies of those who practiced martial arts. So long as any one of those people tried the oral fluid, it was impossible for them not to discover this…

Sure enough, the facts weren’t outside Tianheng’s expectations.

Three days later, Zhang Bohan brought a piece of news.

Someone wanted to come and pay a visit.

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