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Chapter 403 - Ancient Martial Artist

Gongyi Tianheng smiled at Gu Zuo: “Someone came.”

Gu Zuo nodded his head. There was some antic.i.p.ation in his eyes: “I hope it’s someone suitable…”

Tianheng couldn’t help laughing, and ruffled Gu Zuo’s hair: “If they’re not suitable, we can always switch to someone else.”

Gu Zuo’s eyes s.h.i.+ned: “Okay!”

For the past few days, Gu Qi had been living in close proximity to these two youngsters. Seeing the tacit understanding shown through many of their actions and behaviors, he could sense the tenderness and warmth when they interacted. Slowly, he started feeling more rea.s.sured — That silly son of his was someone who would scoop out his heart and lungs for the one he loved. But in the end, even though Gongyi Tianheng had set his own heart on his silly son, just how far did Tianheng’s commitment go? Was this type of commitment pure enough?

Fortunately, based on Tianheng’s most recent displays, while he indeed acted mischievously with his silly son sometimes, when all was said and done, there were many details that allowed him to see that his son’s heartfelt sincerity wasn’t one-sided.

As a result, he watched these two people with a smile. The comfort in his heart outweighed the sadness that his only son had been “s.n.a.t.c.hed away”. Like his silly son, he couldn’t help placing his trust in this Gongyi Tianheng. He reminisced about Zhao Ji, who also doted on their son back then. After Zhao Ji returned, how overprotective would he be once he saw that their silly son had already been won over by someone.

As he thought about it, his mood changed for the better. Even this bit of sadness disappeared, too.

Tianheng quickly answered Zhang Bohan, and allowed them to lead the person in.

Without any ambiguity or carelessness, Zhang Bohan swiftly relayed the information from the other side’s response. At 1:00 PM on the very same day, the doorbell was rung once more.

Gu Zuo considered something, and turned his head to look at Gu Qi: “Dad, from now on, don’t reveal yourself.”

Gu Qi wasn’t foolish. He knew that his own changes over the past few years couldn’t compare to what Gu Zuo went through. He nodded his head, and agreed: “Okay. You two need to be careful as well.”

Gu Zuo revealed a great, big smile.

Gu Qi waved his hand, and went into a room on the side.

Soon after, the s.p.a.ce between Gu Zuo’s brows heated up. A streak of psychic power erupted, and rapidly hurtled to the front of the door, and opened it.

Psychic power could be seamlessly invisible. From the perspective of an outsider, it would seem like the door had opened on its own.

The doorbell had been pressed by Zhang Bohan. He didn’t see anyone at the doorway, and was startled. However, he quickly restrained his puzzlement, turned around, and used a very natural bearing to speak to someone beside him: “Mister Tian, please come in. This place is the living quarters of Mister Gu, the one who researched and developed the oral fluid.”

Gu Zuo promptly righted his complexion. He realized that this time’s matter was going to require him to play the main role.

Tianheng rea.s.suringly placed his hand on Gu Zuo’s shoulder.

Gu Zuo’s mood also calmed down.

Immediately following this, they saw a thirty-something year old man walk inside with Zhang Bohan. This man’s stature was very well-built. Although he was wearing a western suit, one could still notice the man’s bulging muscles. In addition, his temples were high and prominent, his complexion was flushed red, his qi and blood were vigorous, and he possessed a type of indomitable strength.

As Gu Zuo gave a sweeping glance, his psychic power had already blown across this fellow.

These qi emissions…were a little odd.

He had a thorough understanding of a martial artist’s qi emissions. With this single glance, he found that, although this Mister Tian practiced martial arts, the martial disciplines being practiced weren’t a system as he previously discussed with his dear big brother. However, he would only know the specifics by examining the interior of this fellow’s body.

It was just that, according to the unintentionally emitted suppressive might, Mister Tian’s strength was approximately at Blood Refining stage three.

Gu Zuo considered things. This level wasn’t bad.

On the Peripheral Continent where the Cangyun Empire was located, the ambient qi was somewhat denser than that of the modern world. At that time, when the Gongyi Clan was recruiting guards, those at the Blood Refining Realm needed to be under thirty years old… This happened to be only somewhat stronger.

Gu Zuo’s commentary actually contained the unconscious bias of condescension. But this also wasn’t surprising. After all, his internal qi realm had already reached the Immortal Realm. As he took another look at the Blood Refining Realm… Even though the fellow was older, this martial artist wasn’t a friend nor an elder. He certainly didn’t have any way to hypocritically think about how much he respected the other party. Most of all, when this person entered, there was a trace of unconscious arrogance in his features, too.

However, when this Mister Tian came inside, that bit of arrogance vanished upon getting a clear view of Tianheng and Gu Zuo.

It was because he shockingly discovered that he couldn’t tell the bottom line of these two’s strength! Of course, he didn’t consider them ordinary people. What was cla.s.sified as his martial artist’s intuition was constantly blaring out: Dangerous! Dangerous!

Hence, it was only natural that Mister Tian instantly changed his att.i.tude.

He no longer believed that it was a slight for the other party to make him to take the initiative to go and visit them. On the contrary, he really showed some respect.

Gu Zuo’s impression of this person was also somewhat good: “Mister Tian, please take a seat.”

Mister Tian promptly said: “I don’t dare accept the honor. The younger generation Tian Hang sends his regards to these two sirs.”

Gu Zuo’s facial expression was upright and proper: “What business brings Mister Tian Hang here?”

Finally, Tian Hang obediently sat down at the far-end of the sofa, and said: “This time, I came seeking Mister Gu’s mercy to save someone’s life.”

Gu Zuo said: “You can tell me in detail.”

Tian Hang restrained his state of mind, and diligently spoke: “I won’t hide it from Mister Gu. I have a wife who was originally a martial arts genius. It’s a pity that she trained too hard in the past, and injured her body. Later on, she got sick from constantly overworking herself, and triggered a genetic disease inherited through her family. When she found out, it had already become an end-stage terminal illness. Because this disease is practically incurable, my wife only used some medicinal herbs to hold on and spend a little more time with me. If nothing unexpected happens, she can extend her life for seven or eight years. But recently, she discovered that she has become pregnant.”

Speaking up to here, Tian Hang’s expression bore signs of grief: “If this child is born, it’ll induce ma.s.sive hemorrhaging during the birthing process, and she’ll die. But if she doesn’t give birth, she can still live. However, my wife is determined to give birth to this child… My wife and I have been married for ten years. While a husband and wife treat each other with mutual respect, we are also companions walking along the path of martial arts. Rather than letting her die for this child, I hope that she can live for a few more years. Unfortunately, she’s too stubborn. We’ve already been stuck in a deadlock for several months.”

As Gu Zuo listened, he gradually guessed some things.

Tian Hang continued: “By this time, if surgery isn’t performed, then the child must be carried to term. Originally, I wanted to meet with my father-in-law and mother-in-law to persuade them. But right at that time, I suddenly heard that there was a type of oral fluid with miraculous effects that could treat incurable diseases. After I asked around, I realized that this matter was true. It’s just a shame that, although the medicine works, the period of time that a terminal patient needs is somewhat long. Moreover, I don’t know if this medicine can be taken by pregnant women. Later on, I spent some time to find the eldest Young Master Zhang, and found out about Mister Gu’s matters. Thus, I presumptuously came to pay a visit, and to ask for a consultation.”

Gu Zuo acted as if he was taking it very seriously, and nodded his head: “So, it’s like this.” Then, he looked at Tian Hang, “Your wife’s disease can be treated, but what price are you willing to pay?”

Tian Hang didn’t expect that Gu Zuo would be so straightforward, but he also didn’t think that it was strange. He seriously pondered for a moment, and replied: “Money and certain channels are no problems for me. If there are other requirements, I ask that Mister Gu put them forward for discussion.”

Gu Zuo smiled: “There’s no need to keep this from you. The oral fluid sold on the market is a type of medicament specialized for martial artists that has been diluted to concentrations suitable for ordinary people. If it’s a martial artist, their body will be strong enough to take the original medicinal pill. Generally speaking, the disease will be cured the moment it’s taken.”

Once he said this, his voice slightly drew the next word out: “But —”

At first, there was joy on Tian Hang’s face. After that, his expression froze: “But what?”

Gu Zuo said: “The original pill’s price might be so expensive that it exceeds the range that some people can bear.”

Tian Hang’s heartstrings loosened: “The price won’t be a problem.”

Gu Zuo imitated his dear big brother’s gentle smile: “Since it’s like this, I must first take your pulse.”

Tian Hang was puzzled: “Take my pulse?”

Gu Zuo said: “When you came in, I already detected that your qi emissions are somewhat stagnant. There may be some hidden injuries within your body. If you don’t regard my methods with disdain, I can treat you, too. Besides, my words alone won’t be as good as trying it out for yourself. Since you’re not short of money, if the state of your injuries are suitable for taking the original pill, you can personally experience it.”

Tian Hang had never taken the Rejuvenation Oral Fluid. Originally, he thought that this type of oral fluid cured diseases, but now it seemed that it wasn’t limited to only this? He couldn’t help asking: “A martial artist’s hidden injuries can also be treated?”

Gu Zuo said: “It’s usually like this.”

Tian Hang’s heart was somewhat excited. He held hopes for his wife’s disease, but with the arrival of this good news, he couldn’t sit still. However, he was in someone else’s territory. Since it wasn’t good to say too much, he cooperatively extended a hand.

The reason why Gu Zuo went back and forth with this person for so long was for the sake of inspecting the bodies of this world’s ancient martial artists in a natural way. Therefore, he promptly gripped Tian Hang’s wrist, and sent a thread of psychic power inside.

This was an ancient martial artist with the strength that was comparable to Blood Refining stage three. The examination was extremely fast. Just as Tian Hang sensed a peculiar feeling coming from his wrist, this feeling rapidly faded away.

Gu Zuo was already retracting his hand. He had a clear understanding of the situation.

For this world’s martial artists, the energy within their bodies was also true qi. Merely, this kind of true qi was somewhat different from what Gu Zuo and the others cultivated. The quality was a little inferior to that of Houtian Realm martial artists, and the quant.i.ty was also very small.

Gu Zuo discovered that the true qi utilized by Tian Hang was circulated through his meridians and within his flesh. In addition, it wasn’t stored inside any bone pearls. Thus, generally speaking, the strength was similar to that of Blood Refining stage three, but the amount was inferior. If there was a protracted battle, Tian Hang definitely wouldn’t be able to compare to a martial artist who was at Blood Refining stage three.

Moreover, with Gu Zuo’s present eyesight, he could tell that, with the increase of this true qi, its quality might change to a certain extent. It was likely that the farther one progressed to the end, the closer the quality one’s true qi approached that of a Houtian Realm martial artist. However, if a person wanted to break through to the Xiantian Realm, the degree of difficulty would rise tremendously.

This idea couldn’t help but make him suspicious. In this world, were there really any ancient martial artists who had broken through to Xiantian?

In addition, because the true qi was stored in the wrong places, the harm done to their bodies was also rather great. Tian Hang’s body clearly showed traces of using medicines to take care of his body and to strengthen his internal organs for years on end. The medical expertises of those who healed him were decent, but it was also fortunate that Tian Hang’s realm wasn’t high. The higher his realm became, the harder it would be to treat him — If this continued, his lifespan would probably be shortened.

At the present time, there were no signs of shortening. This completely relied on the remaining medicinal powers that he had been acc.u.mulating and supplementing within his muscles and internal organs over the years.

Gu Zuo deliberately muttered to himself: “You’re current at the Blood Refining Realm…”

Tian Hang blanked: “Blood Refining?”

Gu Zuo also appeared to give a distracted look: “The teacher I followed would speak about the practice of martial arts. There are three realms: Refining the blood, forging the bones, and condensing the meridians. You are clearly at the realm of blood refining… Don’t tell me you’re not?”

Tian Hang understood something, and said: “It’s probably because the terms are different. We call these three stages Surface Energy, Hidden Energy, and Transformed Energy.”

After pondering Gu Zuo’s way of speaking, Tian Hang felt that these terms contained some mysteries, but he didn’t think about it too much. He just put it down to the terminology being different. Although the methods of every school’s martial disciplines weren’t the same, they all had unified their terminologies long ago. Unexpectedly, these two people weren’t the same. Perhaps, the inheritance they obtained was very ancient.

Thinking about the skills that Gu Zuo possessed, he felt deep veneration for them.

Things that were age-old and useful naturally deserved prudent treatment.

Meanwhile, Gu Zuo nodded his head, and said: “Since it’s like this, we’ll go according to your way of speaking. Your body has acc.u.mulated many hidden injuries as you practiced martial arts. Although you’ve been recuperating the whole time, those medicinal powers are somewhat in a mess. Though they have the effect of harmonizing with each other, there are plenty of impurities, which makes it difficult to completely cure you. Fortunately, there aren’t any anomalous energies left behind in your body, so taking an original pill won’t cause any problems. At the very least, prior to wrecking your body again, there’s no need to worry about reducing your lifespan.”

Tian Hang was more than a little eager: “Mister Gu’s meaning is that it can be completely cured?”

Gu Zuo smiled: “That’s only natural.” Then, he took a purposeful pause, “The original pill is called a Rejuvenation Pill. The medicinal ingredients needed to refine this pill are extremely precious. Thus, the price of every pill is twenty million yuan.”

Tian Hang was startled.

Twenty million yuan for one pill? This price…

He antic.i.p.ated that it would be expensive, but he never expected that it would be this costly.

Gu Zuo stated: “With one Rejuvenation Pill, I can dilute it into twenty thousand doses of Rejuvenation Medicinal Liquid. Each dose is worth at least a thousand yuan. Moreover, once Mister Tian takes it, he’ll know its value.”

Tian Hang pondered for a short while.

If he purchased the Rejuvenation Oral Fluid for his wife, the time it would take to treat the end-stage terminal illness would be a month or longer. Though, the number of bottles taken daily wouldn’t be limited to only three bottles. Rather, she would need to drink a bottle whenever she was in pain. However, in the final calculations, it would take several hundreds of thousands of yuan to cure her.

It was also because this oral liquid was highly effective and affordable that it had been popularized so quickly and was greatly respected. This caused shockwaves in many places.

When comparing several hundred thousand yuan to twenty million yuan… That disparity was too large.

But Tian Hang wasn’t stupid either. A product that had been diluted was naturally far inferior to the original version. For the sake of practicing martial arts, the money he spent was more than tens of millions of yuan. What’s more, he had a type of premonition. If he thought it was too expensive and walked away, he would definitely regret it later!

Hence, he clenched his teeth: “Would Mister Gu please give me a pill? I will immediately transfer the money to Mister Gu.”

Gu Zuo felt that this person was very honorable, and announced a string of card numbers.

Tian Hang didn’t hesitate, and made a call to have someone transfer the money.

After a brief couple of minutes, Gu Zuo’s cell phone notified him that the twenty million had already been moved to his account. Gu Zuo naturally scooped out a bottle from his pocket, and poured out a pale-yellow medicinal pill. It was as pure and limpid as a pearl of yellow jade. It was handed over to Tian Hang.

Tian Hang took it, and swallowed the pill.

In the blink of an eye, an extremely comfortable clear stream entered his stomach. At the same time, his entire body felt peaceful and relaxed! An ancient martial artist had an incredible understanding of their own body. He seemed to hear the riotous and joyful cries coming from every cell in his body. He sensed that there was always some discomfort in the past, or some old injuries that occasionally hurt due to practicing martial arts. Yet, under the soothing effects of that gentle power, everything swiftly turned for the better —

After about a minute pa.s.sed, Tian Hang used his sleeve to wipe away the sweat. He felt that last bit of lingering comfort gradually vanish, and let out a lengthy sigh. He spoke with unfeigned happiness: “Sure enough, Mister Gu’s words weren’t false. The effects of this Rejuvenation Pill are truly too powerful!”

He could sense that his own body was in peak condition. Not only was his qi and blood surging like ocean waves, there wasn’t a single old injury that remained! He felt like he could eat two whole cows!

Gu Zuo smiled and said: “How is it? Twenty million isn’t expensive, right?”

Tian Hang respectfully said: “Truly, many thanks to Mister Gu.” After that, he said with some embarra.s.sment, “Would Mister Gu be able to sell me a few more Rejuvenation Pills…”

Gu Zuo straightforwardly nodded his head: “I still have a few in stock here. They have been acc.u.mulated over many years. Since you’re the first one to come and find this place, I can sell you three pills.”

Tian Hang was ecstatic, and asked tentatively: “Not including the one for my wife?”

He was still a little nervous.

Gu Zuo paused, and pretended to act exasperated: “…Fine.”

Tian Hang was wild with joy. He no longer tried to push his luck. Instead, he impatiently made another call, and demanded the bank to transfer the money to the same account immediately.

Gu Zuo saw that the transfer was successful, and quickly pa.s.sed the medicinal pills to Tian Hang: “In addition, there’s one more matter I want to ask you to help with.”

Tian Hang obtained many good things, and answered without the slightest hesitation: “Mister Gu, please speak your mind.”

Gu Zuo reached out a hand, and rummaged around his pocket again. He took out another small bottle. The medicinal pill that was poured out was a clean, white color: “The Rejuvenation Pill’s medicinal effects are strong. Therefore, most of the acc.u.mulated pills were taken out to be diluted into oral liquid to treat the terminal illnesses of ordinary people. However, this type of medicinal pill can only be used by ancient martial artists. I intend to share it with numerous fellow pract.i.tioners. Would Mister Tian be interested?”

Tian Hang had no doubts about Gu Zuo’s skills. After seeing the miracles of the Rejuvenation Pill, he held Gu Zuo in even higher esteem. Right away, he fervently said: “What’s the use of this type of pill? How can I get it?”

Gu Zuo smiled, and said: “If Mister Tian trusts me, you can pay two million yuan for one pill.”

This time around, Tian Hang didn’t let someone else transfer the money. Without the least bit of ambiguity, he directly transferred the money himself. After that, he took the pill, and immediately swallowed it. As a warm current entered his throat, it caused him to clearly feel that, within his own meridians, his inner power was rapidly strengthening!

T-this was a medicinal pill that directly advanced one’s inner power!

Tian Hang promptly started operating his own method of martial discipline, trying his best to dissolve and absorb the energy of that pill. About fifteen minutes pa.s.sed. This medicinal pill’s energy still seemed to have a lot left over, but there was somewhat of a dull ache in his meridians. He knew that he had reached his limits, and reluctantly stopped.

As for the rest of the medicinal power, it slowly dissipated into his flesh.

Tian Hang was a little regretful. However, the improvement to his inner power in this short while was already better than ten years of hard work! This strange medicine was so miraculous!

On the contrary, Gu Zuo knew that during this brief amount of time, it would be impossible for Tian Hang’s meridians, which had yet to adapt, to completely digest the Qi Generating Pill. More than half of the medicinal power had been wasted. But he was convinced that this was shocking enough.

Sure enough, Tian Hang’s complexion had become flushed and ruddy. His feelings of excitement were hard to put into words: “T-this is… Mister Gu, this medicinal pill of yours, how many can be sold to me?”

Gu Zuo showed a thoughtful appearance, and replied: “I still have a lot of Qi Generating Pills in stock. The medicinal ingredients used for refining it are also somewhat simpler than the ones for the Rejuvenation Pill. However, the price won’t be as cheap as the pill I gave you just now.”

Tian Hang hurriedly nodded his head: “This was Mister Gu’s kindness. I understand.” He persevered, and said, “The price won’t be a problem.”

Gu Zuo said: “One Qi Generating Pill for four million yuan. However, as I mentioned previously, the higher the strength of the ancient martial artist, the smaller the effects of the Qi Generating Pill. But the price won’t change.”

Upon hearing this, Tian Hang calmed down. He understood that this was a normal situation. As for the price… The price had doubled, but it was completely within an acceptable range.

At that moment, he pulled out his phone again, and transferred a large share of his remaining personal funds to Gu Zuo. However, because the amount he spent just now wasn’t small, he was only able to purchase five Qi Generating Pills.

Gu Zuo had a beaming smile. Having received the money so straightforwardly, he fished out the medicinal pills in the same way: “As for the matter of the Qi Generating Pills, Mister Tian can tell the people close to him.”

Tian Hang understood tacitly. He spent a little more time trying to get closer to Gu Zuo before leaving in a hurry.

When this business deal was done, Zhang Bohan, who had been standing to the side, was stunned.

Several medicinal pills were sold in exchange for over a hundred million yuan — Although the money that their Zhang Family obtained through the previous distribution of the Rejuvenation Oral Fluid was even greater, when all was said and done, that period had been a lot of hard work. It wasn’t as intuitive and fast as the present scene.

With regards to Gu Zuo’s money-making ability, Zhang Bohan could only stamp “Admiration” in huge letters in his mind.

At the same time, Zhang Bohan also realized the true value of the Qi Generating Pills Gu Zuo recently gave them. At the bottom of his heart, he couldn’t help but silently run some calculations on their possible future expenses. In addition, he was worried that, after Tian Hang brought back news, there would be many ancient martial artists scrambling to come and purchase medicine. If there wasn’t enough in stock, what was their Zhang Family supposed to do? Of course, he wanted to go back and discuss things with his grandfather right away. As the saying went, the pavilion closest to the water would enjoy the moonlight first. They had to pay a big price to reserve enough Qi Generating Pills!

Hence, Zhang Bohan bade farewell and departed as if his shoes were set on fire.

Once everyone was gone, Gu Zuo’s shoulders sagged. He fell backwards…and conveniently leaned against Tianheng’s body: “Big brother…”

Tianheng supported him. In a warm voice, he said: “What’s wrong?”

Gu Zuo sighed: “Putting on an act and making business deals with them is really exhausting.”

Tianheng smiled: “Ah Zuo did a great job. You were quite imposing.”

Gu Zuo’s “mask” also collapsed: “I learned everything from big brother.”

Tianheng chuckled, and said: “What moistens the ears shall dye the eyes. It’s common for there to be some resemblance between us. Could it be that Ah Zuo doesn’t want to be like me?”

A phrase instantly appeared in Gu Zuo’s mind: Faces of a husband and wife.

After that, he silently blushed: “Actually, that isn’t…”

Tianheng raised an eyebrow. He was amused by Gu Zuo’s situation.

Shortly thereafter, Gu Zuo said: “Right, big brother. It’s been so long since you came here, but we’ve been busy the entire time. Why don’t we find some time to go out and travel around? I can bring big brother to see my world.”

They could have a real date or something.

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