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Chapter 3481 Scram!

Over ten Immortal Kings had their heads cut off at the same time. As their heads flew, the fires of their souls were extinguished. All of them were dead.

Everyone was stunned, staring at Long Chen in horror. Long Chen actually dared to kill the people of the Soaring Dragon Company while on their s.h.i.+p. Furthermore, he actually possessed the power to kill over ten Immortal Kings at once? They were completely shocked.

In fact, people didn’t even see what weapon he had used. That was because the saber on his back had not moved at all. In that instant, people finally realized that this black-robed man was an extraordinarily terrifying existence.

However, why was such a terrifying existence lowering themselves to squeeze in with the rest of them here?

The bald man that Long Chen had previously slapped was now covered in cold sweat. Fortunately, he had had a bad feeling and been smart back then, enduring that slap without retaliation. Otherwise, he would have been a corpse as well.

Long Chen kicked those corpses into the sea and then extended his hand. That unconscious man seemed to fly toward Long Chen as if he had a rope attached to him. Long Chen caught his throat.

His arm was forcibly torn off by Long Chen just like that, and the sharp pain instantly woke him up. He screamed like a pig being slaughtered.

“Little fellow, you dared to con Boss Long San out of his money? You must be tired of living.” Long Chen gazed sinisterly at the man whose face was already contorted with pain.

“You’re setting yourself against our Soaring Dragon Company! You will die a miserable death!” roared that man.

Following this, his other arm was ripped off as well. The powerful physical body of an Immortal King was as weak as paper in front of Long Chen.

“AHH!” That man screamed again, and his scream stabbed people’s ears.


Suddenly, a shout rang out and a new group of people came, led by an imposing elder. The next moment, a terrifying pressure crashed down and instantly made everyone kneel.

“A World King?!”

The disturbance here finally disturbed the real experts on the s.h.i.+p. However, when Long Chen looked at them, he merely spat out a single word.


This one word caused countless eyes to almost pop out of their sockets. Just who was this youngster?

“Who are you?!”

Seeing how tyrannical Long Chen was, that elder’s heart thudded. Although Long Chen hadn’t released his aura, his gaze was as sharp as a blade, giving even this elder a sense of danger.

“A little half-step World King? You aren’t qualified to speak to me. Scram!” said Long Chen.

Long Chen had killed an unknown number of half-step World Kings, so such a figure could not even enter his eyes. Now that his fury was released, he couldn’t be bothered to even pay attention to this elder.

“Seventh uncle, save me-!” shouted Long Chen’s captive. Suddenly, his throat tightened and he could no longer make any sound.

“Courting death!”

That half-step World King was enraged. With a flash, he appeared in front of Long Chen and unleashed a palm. Runes flowed into s.p.a.ce, freezing it. Everyone instantly became immobile. This was the pressure of a World King.


After that, astral winds blew back the surrounding people, and startled cries rang out. Fortunately, those astral winds weren’t very powerful, or the people would have been blasted to death.

When they looked back at Long Chen, they saw blood mist. They were horrified, thinking that Long Chen had been killed.

However, they quickly saw Long Chen’s figure through the blood mist. He was uninjured and was still in his slapping posture.

As for that half-step World King, half his body was gone. Blood soaked his robes as he stared at Long Chen in shock and horror.

“If I wasn’t worried about these people’s safety, you would already be a dead person. Shouldn’t you scram now?” said Long Chen coldly.

An ordinary half-step World King dared to attack him? If he wasn’t worried about the innocent people around him, Long Chen would be able to kill a ma.s.s of such figures with one slap.

“Friend, has my Soaring Dragon Company let you down in some way?” Suddenly, a new group of people appeared. These were all elders, and the three leaders were actually so old that their faces looked like tree bark. When they appeared, everyone’s heart shook.

“Real World Kings!”

Previously, they had misjudged that half-step World King to be a World King. But now that these three had appeared, they understood what was the pressure of a true World King.

Three genuine World Kings appeared at once, with six half-step World Kings behind them. Adding on the one fighting Long Chen right now, there were seven of them.

There were actually so many experts on this s.h.i.+p. It could be seen just how terrifying the power of the Soaring Dragon Company was.

“What do you think?”

Long Chen tossed the original offender toward them. The latter had lost both his arms and simply lay there like a frog that had been stepped on. He hacked up blood, coughing and barely breathing.

This man wouldn’t survive. Long Chen had crushed his Dantian, and no one could save him.

Those elders’ expressions sank. Long Chen wasn’t giving them the slightest face. This was a slap in the face of the Soaring Dragon Company.

Long Chen didn’t show the slightest fear even against these three World Kings. They were nothing more than ordinary World Kings, and they were so old that their qi had started to regress. They weren’t much of a threat to him.

“Qi He, what happened here?” The leader looked at the elder whose body had been half-destroyed.

“It… it might be due to some misunderstandings between him and Qi Song,” said that half-step World King, his expression changing.

“Misunderstandings? I bought a ticket for the middle level, but it was turned into the low level while you tried to extort me. How despicable. Is this how your Soaring Dragon Company conducts itself?” sneered Long Chen.

“Is this true?!” demanded that elder.

“I… I don’t know. It was all done by Qi Song!” cried Qi He.

Suddenly, Qi Song actually spoke. Perhaps this was the final light of the setting sun, but he said, “Seventh uncle, in all honesty, the money I made all went to-”


Qi He furiously crushed Qi Song’s stomach, instantly ending his life. “This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too greedy! He actually wants to push the blame onto others?”

Long Chen sneered. He didn’t say anything and just looked at their leader.

That elder apologetically cupped his fists toward Long Chen. “We’ve made sir laugh at us. My Soaring Dragon Company has produced an ingrate. This old man will tidy our gate.”

Hearing this, Qi He was shocked. Before he could react, that elder slapped his head. As a result, Qi He’s body quivered and then collapsed on the ground, the fire of his soul extinguished.

Everyone was deathly silent and only stared in shock. A half-step World King was put to death just like that?


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