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Chapter 3799 s.h.i.+ Yang


Guo Ran and Xia Chen cried out in delight. That killing intent that caused the world to quiver and change color could only belong to Long Chen.


Long Chen’s hand smashed into one of the faces of the two-headed monster, and the latter was sent flying like a shooting star, smas.h.i.+ng into the ground and leaving a giant hole. A giant wave of earth then surged in every direction.

As for Long Chen, his gaze was icy with killing intent. His hair swayed with the wind, like a G.o.d of slaughter that had descended upon the world, one intending on slaughtering all the nine heavens.

“Long Chen!”

Upon seeing him, Yue Xiaoqian’s eyes instantly became wet. This was the figure she had been thinking about day and night. She was finally seeing him again.

Long Chen slowly turned over. Looking at the tears streaming down her face, his heart softened.

“Xiaoqian, I’m sorry. You’ve had to suffer.” Long Chen comforted her, his own voice being choked with sobs at the end.

Since the battle of the Martial Heaven Continent, they had been parted for what felt like forever. Now, they were finally seeing each other again. This reunion that they had dreamed about countless times was finally occurring in reality, but it felt like it might turn into another dream as soon as they woke up. This kind of feeling was something others couldn’t imagine.

Although Long Chen was a peerless hero, a warrior unafraid of death, in front of his lover, he was no different from an ordinary person.

Yue Xiaoqian shook her head hard, wanting to say something. But she found that she was unable to say a word, nor could she stop her tears. She could only use this method to express her emotions.

“Long Chen, I’ve waited a long time for you. Let’s see where you can run to today!”

Just then, Yin Changsheng, who had just blocked Guo Ran and Xia Chen, charged over with his spear.

Yin Changsheng’s hatred for Long Chen had reached the point of it sinking into his bones. The current him was already an Immortal King, and his faith energy was denser. Overall, his aura was many times stronger than before.

As soon as Yin Changsheng’s aura erupted, the temperature of the world rose and s.p.a.ce twisted. It was vaguely possible to see countless flame runes flowing around his body as if prostrating themselves toward him.

Guo Ran and Xia Chen were both shocked. Although they knew that this Yin Changsheng was an exceedingly terrifying existence, they didn’t expect him to be this terrifying. Even without his manifestation active, he forced back all

Just then, the earth exploded and the two-headed monster came flying out. What shocked Xia Chen and Guo Ran was that even after being slapped in the face, there was no injury on it. There wasn’t even a mark.

Seeing Long Chen being pincered by the two of them, Yue Xiaoqian instantly became worried. However, only Long Chen rubbed her cheek tenderly. That moving feeling made Long Chen’s heart melt.

“Don’t worry, just leave everything to me. Trust me!” Long Chen smiled. The same sunlight from back in the day was still so warm.

Yue Xiaoqian nodded. She was still crying, but there was now a smile in her eyes. Long Chen’s smile was infectious. She seemed to once more see the unrivaled Long Chen of back then.

“s.h.i.+ Yang, get out of my way! This person’s mine!” shouted Yin Changsheng. He wanted a solo fight against Long Chen to wipe away his previous disgrace.

“Who do you think you are? Just because I give your Sacred Pill Hall some face, you think you can start giving orders? If you dare to interfere in my battle, I’ll kill you as well!” sneered the two-headed monster.

“Courting death!” Yin Changsheng was enraged. He was a peak expert, as well as the heir to the Sacred Pill Hall’s faith, so he was naturally more arrogant than others. He was enraged by anyone who dared to contradict him.

Suddenly, his body shot forward. He wanted to eliminate Long Chen before s.h.i.+ Yang.

“Trash, where do you think you’re going?”

Just then, a lazy voice rang out. Following that, Yin Changsheng saw an unremarkable shovel smas.h.i.+ng toward him.

“Who are you?! Scram!”

Yin Changsheng was incensed. As his spear’s runes lit up, faith energy poured into his spear and he stabbed it at the shovel.


What shocked everyone was that this unremarkable shovel actually shook the very world when it clashed against the spear. Sparks flew. It blocked Yin Changsheng’s attack without the slightest damage.

A ripple then spread through the void, and Mo Nian’s figure appeared. He simply rested his shovel on his shoulder, pointing his left hand at the heavens. With him glancing disdainfully at his opponent and his hair and robes fluttering around him, he gave off an image of an unrivaled expert.

“The limitless palace in front of the limitless mountain, the limitless trees before the limitless gate, the dreams of heavenly geniuses vanish without a trace as soon as they encounter Mo Nian!”

Guo Ran and Xia Chen almost couldn’t believe their eyes. But when Mo Nian chanted this, Guo Ran almost prostrated himself wors.h.i.+pfully.

They looked at each other. Both his cultivation base and his poser arts had grown since their last meeting. Even this new verse was completely different, and it was definitely flashy. Anyone who heard this would have the urge to kill him. That was a true poser!

“Doesn’t that sound familiar? There were some braindead people saying it in front of the city gates. Were they talking about him?”

“So he’s Mo Nian. He’s being chased down by countless sects but still manages to live a carefree life.”

“He’s the one digging up tombs, the one causing endless trouble. He is that fellow utterly devoid of conscience? He still hasn’t been beaten to death?”

“He has offended so many powers, but he’s still alive. That has to be a miracle.”

There were quite a few human experts here. Whether it was the Bloodkill Hall, the Nine Underworld Hall, the Sacred Pill Hall, or the other humans, quite a few of them had heard of Mo Nian’s name.

Mo Nian was definitely hardworking. Many sects and powers had their ancestral tombs visited by him. Hence, he was detested by all, with all of them wanting to kill him. Although Mo Nian had not fought any huge battles, his fame was not small.

His life force was so powerful that it was unbelievable. People simply couldn’t kill him. For him to appear now and block Yin Changsheng, did he finally plan on having a proper battle?

It had to be known that while Mo Nian was quite famous, it stemmed from infamy. The rumors were that his strongest point was his ability to flee. They had never heard of him possessing any amazing fighting skills. Hence, everyone was shocked to see him take a stand.

“So you are Mo Nian. A gutless graverobber. I heard that your ability at fleeing for your life isn’t bad. However, in front of me, you’ll have no chance at running away with your life.”

Yin Changsheng instantly blazed with killing intent when he heard Mo Nian’s name. He slowly pointed his spear at him, and flame energy began to saturate the air. A vast aura locked onto Mo Nian.

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