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Chapter 3800 Immemorial Devil Corpse

“Me, run away with my life? No, I’ll be running away with your life. But then I’ll have to bury you and prepare a funeral rite for you. That’s so troublesome. Oh, I’ve heard your name before. You seem to be very famous, right? That’s good. It seems that I’ve never had a proper fight with anyone yet. Today, I’ll use you as my first battle in the immortal world.” Mo Nian’s body suddenly vanished.

“You wish to challenge me? That will be your final battle in the immortal world,” sneered Yin Changsheng. He didn’t move. Without looking back, he stabbed his spear behind him.

At that exact moment, Mo Nian’s figure appeared behind him. Yin Changsheng was like a prophet, accurately predicting where Mo Nian would appear.

Guo Ran and Xia Chen cried out in shock when Mo Nian was pierced by the spear. But directly after, Yin Changsheng’s smile vanished and his body swayed.

Regretfully, he was unable to avoid the shovel that appeared from an unpredictable angle. It smacked him in the face.

Only then did Mo Nian’s figure reappear in front of countless shocked gazes. He chortled. “What? I’m allowed to brag. But if you brag, it’ll be dangerous.”

Mo Nian turned back and shouted to Long Chen, “Leave this fellow to me. That two-headed idiot will be left to you.”

Mo Nian once more vanished. When he reappeared, he had caught up to Yin Changsheng and raised his shovel again. With another smack, both of their figures flew into the distance.

Just then, s.h.i.+ Yang charged at Long Chen who was gently rubbing Yue Xiaoqian’s cheek while smiling. Long Chen then gently pushed her toward Guo Ran and Xia Chen.

When he turned back to face s.h.i.+ Yang, his smile instantly vanished, replaced with endless killing intent. In that instant, black ripples appeared within his eyes. This was a sign of his killing intent going out of his control.

In this life, the thing he couldn’t endure the most was having his woman be injured. Seeing s.h.i.+ Yang coming over, Long Chen’s divine ring and starry sea appeared. Violet qi soared into the heavens.

“Inferior human race, you don’t have that woman’s Devil Suppressing Seal! You aren’t fit to even carry my shoes!”

When s.h.i.+ Yang’s green fur began to flutter, a dark world appeared behind him. There seemed to be countless ominous eyes within this world, watching over everything.

Previously, s.h.i.+ Yang was sent flying by a slap from Long Chen because he was focused on Yue Xiaoqian and suppressed by her divine seal. But now that Yue Xiaoqian had left the picture, his aura fully erupted. The pressure he released was no weaker than Yin Changsheng’s. Furthermore, the aura of decay coming from his body made it seem as if even the laws of heaven and earth would be corroded.

Now that s.h.i.+ Yang could unleash his full power, he looked like a corpse that had crawled out of an underground tomb. An air of resentment poured out of him, as well as endless death energy.

“Long Chen, be careful. This person isn’t alive; he’s an immemorial corpse. He’s a cultivator of the Corpse Devil Dao and lives off of this dead body!” shouted Mo Nian from the distance.

Having lived amongst tombs for so long, Mo Nian instantly saw through this fellow’s basic information. But everyone was all shocked. It was no wonder that s.h.i.+ Yang’s aura was so strange, so he was actually a corpse.


All of a sudden, an explosion erupted in the distance. Yin Changsheng and Mo Nian’s fight was finally reaching its climax. Yin Changsheng had summoned his Heavenly Dao manifestation and ignited his faith energy. As for Mo Nian, he had summoned the Limitless Palace manifestation and switched his shovel for a bow. Their full-power attacks pierced through the void, and their figures soared into the sky. Their battlefield was actually above the clouds.

“You should worry about yourself! Let’s see how you flee today!” Yin Changsheng’s voice rang out from high above.

“Who do you think you are? Keep talking and I’ll bury you,” snorted Mo Nian.

As they fought above the heavens, people couldn’t even see their figures. They could only see terrifying ripples spreading through the air and the shaking stars. It was truly an intense b.l.o.o.d.y battle.

Just then, s.h.i.+ Yang reached Long Chen. His death qi crashed down, and green light flowed on top of his hands as he smashed a fist at Long Chen.

“The corpse devil race was once a major race in the immemorial era, an existence that could rank in the top hundred amongst the ten thousand races. But you ended up provoking the Heavenly Eye race, and after being cursed by the Heavenly Eye race, you become ants. Even now, you can only barely survive at the bottom rungs of society. Are you trying to stir up trouble again? It seems that the curse has lost its effect. However, do you think that your corpse devil race will have a chance to rise again? You are mistaken. As long as I am present, your devil race will never be able to rise.”

Golden scales with violet veins covered Long Chen’s body. That was due to the violet qi in his body being too abundant, causing his Dragon Blood Battle Armor to once more be strengthened.


Long Chen and s.h.i.+ Yang’s fists crashed together, causing a huge explosion. After that, a wild qi wave blasted both of them apart.

Their fists were almost like metal, and when they clashed, there was a metallic ringing. Their powerful physical bodies shocked countless people.

Previously, they were already shocked enough to see s.h.i.+ Yang receive a World Domain divine item with his bare hands. They thought that such a physical body was already unrivaled. But Long Chen had actually drawn with him, meaning that his physical body had reached that level as well. How could they not be shocked?

Anyway, with Mo Nian’s warning, they now knew that s.h.i.+ Yang was controlling an immemorial expert’s corpse. If the corpse could be preserved to the point of not rotting even after so long, it must have once been an unimaginably terrifying expert.

But Long Chen actually managed to match this expert’s physical body? This clash that transcended eras was absolutely shocking. Furthermore, people saw a giant saber on Long Chen’s back. Despite clearly possessing a weapon, he chose to fight barehanded. Clearly, Long Chen had his own pride.

“An ant’s power. Even if your power was ten times greater, you wouldn’t be able to damage this body! I’ll show you just how terrifying a body from the immemorial era is!”

After clas.h.i.+ng with Long Chen, s.h.i.+ Yang sneered and shot back after him. This time, people were shocked to see a black halo appear around his body. His aura grew explosively.

“Could it be that such a terrifying attack was only a probing blow?!” Startled cries rang out.

“FengFu Star!”

Within Long Chen’s starry sea, one star in particular lit up. It blazed like a sun, and Long Chen’s power soared. He faced s.h.i.+ Yang hand-on with another punch.

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