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Chapter 5024 Jiang Wuw.a.n.g vs. Long Tianrui

Jiang Wuw.a.n.g retreated a step and bent his body slightly. He extended a hand, palm facing the sky. It was a standard posture for asking for pointers, one that had lasted through the ages.

In truth, whether in the ancient era or now, those with proper upbringing paid close attention to this kind of etiquette when exchanging pointers.

Exchanging pointers was a way to confirm one’s power and quickly improve. Treating an opponent like a master allowed them to see even further. By observing their opponent’s strong points, they could identify their own shortcomings.

Mutually improving through actual combat was the true goal of exchanging pointers. However, by this era, there had been a definite deviation from this definition. Now, their only goal was to crush the other side on the martial stage. Only by trampling over their opponent could they prove just how strong they were.

Throughout this entire compet.i.tion, it seemed that those who truly respected their opponents could be counted on one’s fingers. No one knew when exchanging pointers became a game to trample over another person’s dignity and honor.

Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s display made countless people think. The four divine clans were supposed to be holding a friendly compet.i.tion. If most people didn’t have the goal of exchanging pointers and mutually improving themselves, what was the point of holding this compet.i.tion?

If this were a true slaughter, that would be one thing. The fighters could also acc.u.mulate experience and comprehension when facing death. However, this martial stage did not permit killing. In the end, disciples who got angry on the martial stage and beat up their opponents like bullies simply couldn’t be compared to Jiang Wuw.a.n.g.

Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s simple gesture ended up winning him the reverence of countless experts. They formed a new definition of what an expert was.

Long Tianrui took the same posture. She raised her hand, her arm bent slightly. Her movements were so graceful that if they weren’t on the martial stage, it would seem like the start of a dance.

“I’ll embarra.s.s myself then!” Jiang Wuw.a.n.g shouted. He suddenly split into hundreds of thousands of clones that attacked Long Tianrui.

Those figures were filled with Water Qi. They were like illusions, seeming unreal, but every single one of them gave off powerful Doyen fluctuations.

“Are they physical clones or projection clones?” Startled cries rang out. Whether it was physical clones or projection clones, a large majority of the experts here had at least one. Hence, they were very familiar with this kind of technique. However, they couldn’t determine what Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s clones were.

In front of this onslaught, Long Tianrui didn’t budge. Her hand suddenly pushed forward, ignoring all the others and aiming only for one of the clones.


As Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s palm slammed into Long Tianrui’s hand, all the clones in the air vanished. Just as people confirmed that those were all projection clones, they saw the clones line up behind Jiang Wuw.a.n.g.

The moment Long Tianrui pushed forward with her hand, the first Jiang Wuw.a.n.g swayed slightly, and the second Jiang Wuw.a.n.g shot back, pa.s.sing the energy into the third one.


When this power was transferred to the last clone, it flew back and slammed into the barrier, exploding into a rain of blood.


Those were not projection clones but physical clones with bodies of actual flesh and blood.

Normally, a person could only condense one physical clone. While a powerful technique might allow one to condense a few clones, at most, they could only have ten or so. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have the ability to raise all the clones.

After all, the cost to nurture a physical clone was immense. For most people, a physical clone served primarily as a means to escape danger.

The main issue was that cultivating a powerful clone required a lot of resources and a constant influx of energy. Without these, the clones would lag behind the true body.

If a cultivator’s cultivation base had reached the Heaven Saint realm, but their clone was still in the Divine Venerate realm, then there would be no point to it. Thus, most people only bothered condensing one or two physical clones.

However, Jiang Wuw.a.n.g had over a thousand of them, and most terrifying of all, each of them had Doyen fluctuations, which showed that their power was not much weaker than that of the main body. That was a bit frightening.

Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s clones were frightening, but Long Tianrui was equally formidable. With one attack, she blew apart one of his clones.

The explosion of the clone caused intense fluctuations in the barrier, shaking the entire stage. It demonstrated the immense power the clone had contained.

The stronger the martial stage, the greater the energy it could endure. If they had been on the old martial stage, this attack might have directly pierced through the barrier.

At this moment, neither Long Tianrui nor Jiang Wuw.a.n.g had revealed their true power. They hadn’t even taken out their Heavenly Fate Disks.

Just as the last clone of Jiang Wuw.a.n.g was blasted back, it shoved the clone in front of it, sending it forward. It was like a reversal of what had just occurred.

“d.a.m.n.” Seeing this, Long Chen was also startled. Jiang Wuw.a.n.g looked rather delicate, but he was actually quite ruthless.

Intentionally sacrificing one clone to rebound Long Tianrui’s power, Jiang Wuw.a.n.g redirected all the energy the clone faced, multiplying its impact.

In truth, these clones were not meant for direct combat but for forming formations. A formation supported by multiple clones was undoubtedly frightening.

Long Tianrui also noticed this, but she remained composed. A rune appeared on the back of her hand just as the rebounded energy struck.


The martial stage shuddered as Long Tianrui was knocked back several steps. Rainbow light flickered in her eyes, indicating Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s attack had exceeded her expectations.

Jiang Wuw.a.n.g was also knocked back, his clones scattered. However, the backlash was evenly shared by all the clones, so Jiang Wuw.a.n.g wasn’t the slightest bit injured.

Jiang Wuw.a.n.g formed hand seals, and his clones mirrored his movements. With a swift clap and spread of his hands, a unique spatial formation appeared between his fingers, aimed directly at Long Tianrui.

“Watch out! Heavenly Fate Cloud Piercer!” Jiang Wuw.a.n.g shouted, and all his clones suddenly gathered into a triangular formation. All of them pressed a palm on the clone in front of them.

An enormous Heavenly Fate Disk appeared behind them, containing the power of all the clones. This spectacle stunned the onlookers.

It was well known that a Heavenly Chosen needed time to acc.u.mulate power to summon their Heavenly Fate Disk. Jiang Wuw.a.n.g, however, summoned his through a formation, bypa.s.sing this usual process.

Divine light shot out Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s hands, forming a sword imbued with immense Doyen power that thrust straight at Long Tianrui.

The sword moved with incredible speed. No one had expected Jiang Wuw.a.n.g to unleash such a powerful technique during what seemed like a probing stage. His sudden outburst of power had a hint of trickery behind it, catching Long Tianrui off guard without time to summon her manifestation.

Just as the sword was about to pierce Long Tianrui, she raised her hand before her. In front of countless shocked onlookers, Long Tianrui firmly caught the Doyen sword in her grasp.


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