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Chapter 5025 Underworld Soul Water-Thorn

Long Chen was startled to see Long Tianrui’s hand s.h.i.+ne with seven colors. At this moment, supreme Qi surged forth.

This was unmistakably the power of seven-color Supreme Blood. It was the first time Long Chen had seen someone else besides his father and him possess it.

When the seven-color Supreme Blood condensed on Long Tianrui’s hand, her aura changed, instantly turning incomparably domineering. All of a sudden, she seemed to have been possessed by a G.o.d of war, her gaze becoming as sharp as a blade.


Her hand shattered the energy sword, leaving everyone stunned, especially the Heavenly Chosens. They were profoundly aware of the strength of this attack.

The rainbow color on Long Tianrui’s hand slowly faded until her hand returned to its normal jade-like appearance.

Looking at Jiang Wuw.a.n.g, Long Tianrui said, “You held back. Are you looking down on me, or have you given up? I already said that if someone in the same realm could defeat me, I would marry them. This promise has not changed. No matter what means you use, no matter what technique you try, whether it’s a sinister trick or an open scheme, none of it matters.”

It was only now that people realized Jiang Wuw.a.n.g had held back. However, when they thought about it, his attack had contained the feeling of a scheme behind it. Fearful of accidentally killing Long Tianrui, he had restrained his power at the last moment.

However, he had not expected her to effortlessly crush his attack with her hand. This indicated that even if he had unleashed his full power, he would not have been able to harm her.

“My apologies. That attack wasn’t honorable enough. The allure of gaining Fairy Tianrui’s favor with the smallest cost was too tempting, but I didn’t antic.i.p.ate your formidable strength. Since that’s the case, I will hold nothing back. Anything less would be the height of disrespect,” replied Jiang Wuw.a.n.g.

In his hand, a peculiar weapon appeared. It resembled a dagger, but with two smaller daggers flanking its sides. The main blade measured three feet in length, while the smaller ones were merely seven inches each. If the hilt were extended into a staff, it would resemble a uniquely shaped trident.

Looking at the weapon in his hand, Jiang Wuw.a.n.g explained, “The Underworld Soul Water-Thorn is my innate divine weapon. My soul has fused with it since birth. It is when I wield this that I am at my strongest. I humbly request Fairy Tianrui’s guidance.”

“The Underworld Soul Water-Thorn? Why isn’t it the Jiang clan’s Heavenly Underworld Water-Thorn?” asked Long Tianrui.

Jiang Wuw.a.n.g said, “My father once told me that I cannot rely too heavily on external factors, because the moment those crutches are gone, so is my strength. What others give, they can also take away. Only what I earn through my own efforts truly belongs to me.”

Long Tianrui nodded. “Your father has profound wisdom.”

“Many thanks. May I know what weapon Fairy Tianrui uses?”


Long Tianrui waved her hand, and a seven-color sword appeared in her grasp.

“The Seven Peak Sword!”

Long Chen’s heart shook. This confirmed that Long Tianrui, like him, possessed the seven-color Supreme Blood and could condense the Seven Peak Sword.

However, unlike Long Chen’s, her Seven Peak Sword had strange runes interweaving on top of it, forming special patterns. It was even more condensed and terrifying than Long Chen’s.

Long Chen knew that this had nothing to do with bloodline purity but involved some secret art. After all, his Seven Peak Sword was something Long Zhantian had transmitted to him. Moreover, Long Zhantian’s Seven Peak Sword was something he had come up with himself.

As an expert from the ancient era, Long Tianrui had inherited an unknown number of divine abilities. Compared to Long Zhantian's self-discovered techniques, her knowledge and skills were far superior. To put it frankly, she was someone who had been taught in an imperial temple, while Long Zhantian was groping around in the dark. The difference between them was immense.

Despite this, Long Chen deeply admired his father’s ability to innovate and create his own magical arts and divine abilities. Based on his estimate, Long Zhantian could stand shoulder to shoulder with the five Sovereigns.

Suddenly, the sound of collisions brought Long Chen back to the present. Jiang Wuw.a.n.g's Heavenly Fate Disk was spinning rapidly. Although his clones had disappeared, over a thousand whirlpools had appeared.

Divine light emanated from the whirlpools, coalescing into a giant formation capable of bolstering him. At this moment, his water-thorn slashed down, unleas.h.i.+ng a torrent of Water Qi that flooded the martial stage. The air was dense as if it was filled with mercury, which made movements difficult. Under the pressure, the barrier started to slowly bulge.

Jiang Wuw.a.n.g was lightning-quick within this s.p.a.ce. His Heavenly Fate Disk seemed on the verge of igniting as his water-thorn attacked relentlessly. Yet, every strike was met by Long Tianrui’s deft swordplay, which effectively blocked his attacks.

Seven-colored divine radiance s.h.i.+mmered in the air. Seeing this, Long Chen realized Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s Water Qi couldn’t penetrate the seven-color divine radiance. Based on their core power, Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s bloodline power was unable to suppress Long Tianrui’s.

With his fluid combat style, Jiang Wuw.a.n.g constantly adjusted his tactics. His movements became increasingly unorthodox, a testament to his deep understanding of martial arts and adaptability in battle. Yet, regardless of his tactics, Long Tianrui moved with grace and fluidity, resembling a dainty fairy at times and a powerful dragon at others. She continued to defend but wasn’t at the slightest disadvantage.

Suddenly, an explosive sound rang out, and the torrent of attacks came to a stop. Jiang Wuw.a.n.g fell back. Standing in the air, he looked at Long Tianrui. “Fairy Tianrui’s power is truly supreme. I know I’m not a match for you, but I still want to try. Fairy Tianrui, please, if you can withstand my final attack, I will be fully convinced of my loss.”

Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s expression grew serious. After these consecutive attacks, he was well aware of the difference between them.

He had unleashed his full power, yet Long Tianrui still effortlessly blocked him. In truth, Jiang Wuw.a.n.g knew he had already lost. But simply admitting defeat wouldn’t satisfy him. He raised his water-thorn toward the sky. The thousand whirlpools behind him abruptly ceased spinning and started to merge into his sword.


Witnessing this, every expert present was shocked. Those whirlpools represented his physical clones. Injecting all their power into this attack meant sacrificing them in one move. The consequences were dire—years of cultivation could be annihilated in an instant. Was it truly worth it?

Jiang Wuw.a.n.g stared at Long Tianrui. With a resounding shout, he brought down his water-thorn.

“Thousand Forsaken Slas.h.!.+”

An ear-splitting explosion followed, shattering the martial stage’s barrier. Even the expressions of the four clan leaders changed at this unprecedented display of power.

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