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Chapter 5026 Hundred Barrier

The barrier on the martial stage was pierced through by the edge of the water-thorn, leaving a long white tear. This was the Long clan’s highest-level martial stage. If it had been the old martial stage, this attack would have split it in two, possibly slicing apart the spectator stands as well.

At this moment, Long Tianrui raised her Seven Peak Sword toward the sky, and a rainbow flew out from her back, looking like a giant ribbon dancing in the air.

Long Chen noticed her Blood Qi fluctuations ignite, and the runes on her sword started to glow with intense light.

“Annihilation Seven Peak Slas.h.!.+” Long Tianrui shouted. When she swung her sword down, there was neither overwhelming divine radiance nor spatial tear. It didn’t even form a breeze.

However, this attack was even more terrifying in Long Chen’s eyes. Long Tianrui’s power was perfectly concentrated on her sword, to the point that not the slightest bit leaked out. Even with Long Chen’s gentlest violet blood energy, he couldn’t achieve this level of control. It could be said that her control had reached a peak.


Long Tianrui’s Seven Peak Sword and Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s water-thorn clashed. One was a divine weapon made of immortal metal, while the other was a divine ability sword condensed from essence blood. When they collided, a metallic ringing echoed.

Long Tianrui and Jiang Wuw.a.n.g fell back at the same time. The martial stage’s barrier shuddered and deformed, looking like it would break down at any moment. Fortunately, this martial stage was strong enough to withstand the impact and quickly returned to normal. The previous damage healed rapidly.

Suddenly, a light sound rang out on the martial stage. It wasn’t loud, but it was particularly ear-piercing in the ensuing silence.

In front of everyone’s shocked gazes, Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s water-thorn split open, and part of it fell on the floor.

A divine weapon made of immortal metal was actually unable to surpa.s.s Long Tianrui’s bloodline divine ability. Despite both being peak heavenly geniuses of the ancient era, was there really a vast difference between them?

Most terrifying of all, Long Tianrui remained expressionless and had not revealed her Heavenly Fate Disk. In other words, even Jiang Wuw.a.n.g’s final attack couldn’t force Long Tianrui to bring out her full power.

In the clash between ancient and present experts, everyone had seen just how vast the gap between them was. These ancient heavenly geniuses seemed to exist in a completely different dimension.

However, even among ancient experts, the difference between Jiang Wuw.a.n.g and Long Tianrui was just as immense. This realization shocked everyone.

“I lost. I am fully convinced,” said Jiang Wuw.a.n.g, staring at his water-thorn. After a long while, he sighed and picked up its broken fragment from the ground.

Shaking her head, Long Tianrui replied, “No, if you had used the Heavenly Underworld Water-Thorn instead, the results would have been different. This water-thorn can only endure a portion of your power, not the full power of your Heavenly Fate Disk. If you had used the Heavenly Underworld Water-Thorn and merged them, this attack’s power would have been ten times greater, and I wouldn’t have been able to block it with the Seven Peak Sword.”

Jiang Wuw.a.n.g said, “It’d be the same. I might have held back, but so had you. A lack of skill is a lack of skill. Saying ‘I could have done something different’ is nothing more than making excuses.”

After bowing to Long Tianrui and cupping his fists to Long Chen, Jiang Wuw.a.n.g crushed his tablet to transport himself out of the martial stage.

Long Chen waved his golden scepter to leave as well, but he found it had lost effect. At this moment, Long Tianrui turned to him.

“This Annihilation Seven Peak Slash is just one of the seven-color Supreme Blood’s divine abilities. If you wish—”

“Thank you, but I don’t wish...” interjected Long Chen, hastily waving his hand. He had the G.o.d Slaying Cross, so this technique could not attract him.

At this moment, the martial stage quivered, and Long Chen and Long Tianrui were transported out. Then, the Long clan leader loudly announced Long Tianrui’s victory.

The next bout was between Ye Lingxiao and Zhao Qingtian. However, in accordance with the regulations, they needed to give the head umpire two hours to rest.

At this moment, a large group of experts started working on the martial stage. Long Chen saw countless formation discs being added to it.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes and asked the Earth Cauldron, “Senior, what are they up to?”

The Earth Cauldron directly answered, “Building a slaughterhouse.”

Suddenly, the Heaven Overseer transmitted a message to Long Chen. “Long Chen, something is wrong! I will release my bloodline power and send you off now!”

Long Chen was grateful. The Heaven Overseer was truly deserving of the respect he commanded throughout the Long clan. Although he was only an Earth Saint, Heaven Saints didn’t dare to offend him. Even the clan leader seemed somewhat wary of him.

That was because the Heaven Overseer’s cultivation technique was different from everyone else’s. He had been suppressing his cultivation base for countless years. The longer he suppressed it, the faster it would grow once he released it.

Due to the Heaven Overseer’s unique talent, throughout the Long clan, he was the only one capable of cultivating this technique. Furthermore, even after training in it for hundreds of years, he had never encountered a bottleneck.

Based on the Long clan’s estimates, the next time the Heaven Overseer couldn’t suppress his cultivation base any longer, he would rise to become a Heaven Saint to relieve the pressure.

Then, after another hundred years, his cultivation base might instantly climb to the level of a four-vein Heaven Saint.

All the Long clan’s senior experts were aware of this, which was why they treated him with such reverence. As for the juniors, they knew he was always fair and impartial. His upright att.i.tude earned him their admiration as well.

This information came to Long Chen from the Earth Cauldron. If the Heaven Overseer were to unleash his power now, he would be destroying his own future. Thus, Long Chen was especially moved. Someone so upright and selfless was always worthy of respect.

“Many thanks, Heaven Overseer. But I don’t need you to help me. As long as you are on the side of justice, you don’t need to set foot on this battlefield. I, Long Chen, am not afraid of anyone,” transmitted Long Chen back.

Within the crowd, the Heaven Overseer grew even more uneasy upon hearing Long Chen’s response. In truth, while he didn’t want anything to happen to Long Chen, he didn’t want something bad to befall the Long clan either.

Unfortunately, the four clan leaders were hiding things from the Heaven Overseer, so he only knew that something was amiss. The addition of numerous formation discs on the martial stage indicated they were clearly up to no good.

If the Heaven Overseer were to unleash all the power he had been acc.u.mulating for years, he was sixty percent confident he could break through their blockade and send Long Chen out of here. However, that confidence was only valid while the old fogeys were unprepared. Once they were ready, his chances would plummet to less than thirty percent.

Throughout the entire Long clan, the Heaven Overseer believed Long Chen and his father had the greatest potential. Yet, he could only watch as the Long clan pushed them away step by step.


Two hours later, the martial stage lit up and drew Long Chen inside. What followed was a shocking sight: the martial stage’s barrier multiplied, instantly becoming a hundred layers thick.

Seeing this scene, Long Chen slowly smiled. Just then, a sinister voice rang out. “You can still smile with death at hand? You really are an idiot!”

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