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Chapter 1024 The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (22)

Translator: Cheese

She just looked at him.

The grievance and pain overflowed.

“Save me, why won’t you save me.”

Bai Weiwei seemed confused, not knowing that she’d been rescued.

Qi Chimu froze. He was just about to explain that he had already rescued her–

but she closed her eyes again and fainted.

Qi Chimu forced down most of the words festering in his heart and even lost more than half of his health.

In the end, he still couldn’t kill her.

He fiercely punched the ice. Truly a star of disaster.

Because Qi Chimu had dived into the water in time to save her,

the Bai family didn’t look for trouble. Even Bai s.h.i.+ had a made send over some supplements.

Allowing Qi Chimu to nurture his body.

Even if she hated him in her heart of hearts, in the end, he was the one who had saved her daughter.

She still had some manners.

Qi Chimu saw the maids, and several times he wanted to open his mouth to ask about how Bai Weiwei was.

When the words reached his lips, he swallowed them all back down.

In the ten days that he recuperated,

Bai Zhiming’s matter had completely broken out.

The Li family moved their hands and feet and caused Bai Zhiming to fall off his horse.

With the fall, his legs became completely disabled.

Bai Zhiming could only spend his entire life in bed.

Qi Chimu remained calm and collected and began to formulate the next step of his revenge.

After rescuing Bai Weiwei, the Bai family’s surveillance on him relaxed by quite a lot.

The bullying incidents had also died down.

So it was easy for him to do anything he wanted to do.

A certain maid who had bullied him in his last life fell into a well and died.

A certain kitchen servant was scorched by fire, disfiguring his face.

He smoothly retaliated.

After going through one lifetime, in this life, he was rational and ruthless, able to deal with all the people he wanted to take revenge on without a change in composure.

As for the Bai family, he planned to wait until he became the top scorer [1].

Then he would take his time to clean up the family.

After doing so many things, he finally realized that he had overlooked Bai Weiwei.

That woman also knew about the inheritance.

She could not be allowed to remain.

Qi Chimu took out the paper Bai Weiwei had written on, but the brush never touched the surface.

After a long pause, he shoved her sheet of paper to the very bottom with a dark face.

Then he took out the paper of another shu son of the Bai family and fiercely began to write a plan for revenge.

In any case, there was a lot of time to deal with her.

There was no rush.

On Bai Weiwei’s end, her days of muddling along and waiting to die were glorious.

She ate then slept, slept then ate, and after eating she read 《Husband, give it to me》.

Then she continued to sleep, eat, and read novels.

Cooped up in her room like an immortal [2].

The system couldn’t help but urge, “It’s been so many days, and the favorability went up by 5. Don’t you feel embarra.s.sed about muddling along.”

Bai Weiwei had just finished reading 《The Overbearing Prince’s Runaway Little Wife》 and flipped through the imperial harem love-hate novel 《Your Majesty, chenqie [3] Doesn’t Want It》, reading it with keen interest.

She didn’t need to mention that it didn’t lose out to those online novels.

Bai Weiwei was extremely calm. “No problem, it’s a year and a half. Take it easy.”

The system reminded her, “One year, four months, and five days.”

Bai Weiwei rolled over and continued to read the novel.

“No problem, wait for Qi Chimu to come looking for me himself.”

At that time, she would soften her att.i.tude and pretend not to remember he had pushed her into the pond.

It was a lot like a brother-sister route [4].

The favorability would definitely rise.

【Ding, within three hours, asking host to expose the matter of Qi Chimu pus.h.i.+ng you in the water and shut him inside the woodshed for five days.】

Bai Weiwei: “…”

The system was resigned. “The side task this time is a bit irrational.”

Although the previous plane was deranged,

it was only once.

And how many times had this side task been deranged.

[1] 状元: the top scorer in the palace examination, the highest rank of the imperial examination system

[2] 神仙: usually refers to immortals, but here it refers to someone who’s relaxed or lighthearted

[3] 臣妾: subject concubine or I, your servant (usually a female). The way one addresses oneself in front of a ruler

[4] Not literal (I hope) brother-sister

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