Medical Master Chapter 1407 - Chapter 1407 1,000,000 or 100,000?

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Chapter 1407 - Chapter 1407 1,000,000 or 100,000?

Chapter 1407 1,000,000 or 100,000?

In Murica…

Talk shows had always been the most popular television programs. They were the focus of Murica people of all ages. Of course, many talk shows would use the hottest topics at present.

As the talk show went viral…

That night…

Morse’s comments soon caused quite a stir in Murica.


Most people did not support but criticized him!

In the basketball world of Murica, home and away matches were quite distinct. Morse was the Wahton Bullet Team’s forward. Not just netizens in other regions but those in Wahton criticized his remarks on the talk show.

“It’s hard to imagine Morse would say something like that.”

“His words sound funny, but how could he joke about such things? Was he serious about that?”

“It’s not funny at all. I never thought Morse would be such a person. He belittled his own country’s medical skills to extol a foreigner.”

“In my opinion, Morse not only broke his bones but also his brain, right?”

“He’s so stupid to believe in a Huaxia doctor. Is he still the home court player of our Wahton? I don’t want to admit his background, although he is a great forward.”

“Huaxia medical skills? 5,000 years of inheritance? Where did he hear of these things? Are Huaxia medical skills truly as powerful as he said? But during the 5,000 years, only Huaxia people know about these skills. If they are extraordinary medical skills, why haven’t they been spread to other countries?”

“No need to take medicine? And without surgery? Could any doctor cure the patients like that? It’s unbelievable that Morse would believe something unscientific that is impossible to happen!”

“Morse is finished. I’m waiting for him to see how he makes a fool of himself. I’m curious how he can prettify the harsh reality once proven wrong. If he couldn’t, he would have to leave his famous team entirely!”

It looked as if people from all over the country were denouncing him.

Negative comments against Morse flooded the Internet.

Countless netizens from Murica were ready to watch a good show. They wanted Morse and that mysterious Huaxia Chinese Medicine doctor full of lies to be deeply humiliated!

The next day…

“Beep, beep, beep…”

Early in the morning, Zhang Yicheng’s phone rang.


Fang Qiu got up early and was doing exercises in the manor. Seeing his, Zhang Yicheng answered the phone as he walked up.

“Hi, Chris.”

A woman’s gentle laughter came from the other end of the phone, “Someone entrusted me with a task. Please do me a favor. You won’t refuse me, will you?”

“That depends on what you want me to do.”

Zhang Yicheng replied with a smile and said, “We have multiple collaborations, but you know I do things within boundaries. So I won’t grant or refuse your request before knowing what it is.”

“I heard the Huaxia doctor named Fang Qiu lives in your place, right?”

The woman said on the phone, “You should have watched the talk show last night, right?”


Zhang Yicheng asked in surprise.


The woman continued, “Morse found me. I have to help him, so I can only call you. I hope you can arrange for Morse to meet that doctor. It shouldn’t be difficult for you, right?”

“You stand a good chance to make it.”

Zhang Yicheng smiled and said, “But you may need to wait for a while. The doctor is right by my side. I have to ask for his permission.”


Zhang Yicheng had just walked up to Fang Qiu. Covering the microphone on his mobile phone with his hand, he asked, “The famous player wants to see you. Will you take this order or not?”

“Take it.”

Fang Qiu nodded with certainty and said, “Of course. How can I miss such a good opportunity?”

When Zhang Yicheng heard that…

He picked up his phone again and said, “As you wish, Fang Qiu agreed to meet with Morse.”


“This is not the favor I ask for.”

There was a trace of ridicule in the woman’s voice. “This is a chance to treat Morse. How could any Huaxia doctor bear to miss such a great chance? But this time, it will not be a private meeting. The doctor has to agree with reports to come with Morse. This is why I need you to do me a favor.”

“No problem.”

Fang Qiu answered before Zhang Yicheng could say anything.

“You heard it. He agreed.”

Zhang Yicheng laughed out loud.

“The meeting will be in your place. What do you think?”

A question came.

“No problem. Feel free to take photos or videos.”

Zhang Yicheng replied.

After the discussion…

He hung up the phone.

“Breakfast is ready. I specially invited a Huaxia chef to make it.”

Zhang Yicheng invited Fang Qiu to have breakfast. As he walked to the dining room, he said, “They will come here in the afternoon. Then you can diagnose and treat him here. Do you want to make some preparations or need any tools? I can help.”

“No need.”

Fang Qiu shook his head and said confidently, “A pair of hands is enough!”

Zhang Yicheng cracked a smile.

He saw Fang Qiu cure the man at the airport without any medicine. His daughter had suffered the eye disease for eight years, but he fixed her eyes with his bare hands.

Fang Qiu hadn’t been called a miracle-working doctor in Huaxia. Otherwise, he would have thought that Fang Qiu was sent by G.o.d.


He trusted Fang Qiu very much.

He knew Fang Qiu could do it!

Before long…

After lunch, they took a short rest of an hour. Then, three cars drove into the manor.

“Here they come.”

Antique tables and chairs were placed before the well-trimmed lawn outside the villa. Zhang Yicheng sat there, chatting and enjoying tea with Fang Qiu. With a smile, he said that and stood up.

Over there…

Three cars stopped in the parking s.p.a.ce, and a large group of people got out of the cars.

Among them, the most eye-catching one was undoubtedly Morse, the ball-game star Fang Qiu saw on TV last night.

Pointed by cameras of one media outlet, Morse got out of the car with a cane.



Zhang Yicheng and Fang Qiu took the initiative to walk up to Morse, who had just gotten out of the car. They went forward to shake hands with him.

“Sorry to disturb you.”

Morse also smiled politely and shook hands with Zhang Yicheng. Then he s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Fang Qiu. While reaching out to shake hands with Fang Qiu, he asked, “Doctor Fang?”


Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

“Shall we start directly?”

Morse asked.

“No problem.”

Fang Qiu nodded and took him to the prepared tables and chairs. He asked, “I watched your talk show. You seem to know something about Chinese Medicine.”

“Honestly, I think Huaxia is very mysterious, though I have never been there. Because of the mysterious feeling, it took my fancy. You know how it feels, right?”

Morse said.

“Do you genuinely believe in Chinese Medicine?”

Fang Qiu asked another question with a smile.

“Of course.”

Morse responded matter-of-factly.

“I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

After that…

They happened to arrive at the tables and chairs on the gra.s.s.

Fang Qiu asked Moss to sit down. Then, he lifted a low stool he had prepared in advance and asked Moss to put his feet flat on it.

“You have applied some medicine to your wound on your feet. Have you had an operation?”

His foot was in a cast. Fang Qiu asked as he removed the plaster.

“No, the surgery’s recovery cycle is too long.”

Morse said.

“Very good.”

Fang Qiu nodded with satisfaction. He quickly removed the cast and gauze, revealing the injured foot. The still red and swollen wound was exposed. Gently, he put his hand under his foot.

Absolute touch!

The reporters hurried forward to take photos — they were going to record every detail of Fang Qiu’s diagnosis and treatment.

When Fang Qiu removed the cast and gauze, everyone’s expression changed. Even Morse became a little worried.

He felt it was a little inappropriate to be treated in this way.

But right then…

“You have at least three fractures in your foot. Your navicular bone, medial malleolus, and talus bone are all broken. The doctor must have set most of your broken bones and wrapped up your feet. But the work was not completely done. There is something wrong with your medial malleolus. If you want me to treat you, I’ll break them all and reset them!”

Fang Qiu said.


Morse was frightened.

The reporters near them were also shocked by Fang Qiu’s words.

“Didn’t the hospital fix the bones?

“He will break all bones there before mending them?

“What kind of treatment is this? How could any doctor break the patient’s bones before providing the treatment?”


Morse said in shock, “I went to the best hospital in Wahton. The doctor who treated me is the top-notch orthopedics expert there. How could my bones not be correctly connected?”

“Somewhere in your medial malleolus has not been set properly. That part is essential. It is challenging to fix it without superb skills. If you don’t believe me, you can go to the hospital for a check-up.”

Fang Qiu said, “The reporters have recorded the whole process. It can prove that no one has touched your foot. Even if someone did it, the bones in your medial malleolus would not move because it is squeezed. Once it moves, you will feel great pain. You can go to the hospital for a check-up now.”

“However, I must remind you.”

“If you go for a check-up, it means you don’t believe me. Therefore, when you come back to me after the examination, I’ll charge you 1,000,000 dollars for the treatment.”

“I guess the compensation may be more than this if you sue this hospital.”

“Of course, if you are willing to believe me, I can treat you right now. The treatment fee will only be 100,000 Murica dollars. So… Feel free to make a choice.”

After Morse heard his words…

He thought for a moment and solemnly said, “I’ll go for a test!”


He stood up and left in a hurry with the reporters.

Though he said he believed in Chinese Medicine, he was not entirely confident about his feelings. After all, he knew how serious his injury was. It was indeed difficult for him to recover quickly.

“Er, there won’t be any problems, right?”

As soon as Morse and the others left, Zhang Yicheng grew anxious. He said, “The people treating him are all the top doctors in Murica.”

“It’s fine.”

Fang Qiu shook his head with a smile and said, “Believe me. There is definitely something wrong with his foot bones.”

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