Medical Master Chapter 1408 - Chapter 1408 Real-time News

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Chapter 1408 - Chapter 1408 Real-time News

Chapter 1408 Real-time News

Seeing that Fang Qiu was so confident, Zhang Yicheng was a little relieved.

Then he poured a cup of tea for Fang Qiu and asked, “As far as I know, when you treat patients in Huaxia, you either offer a sky-high price or don’t charge anything. And you will donate all the money you get from treating patients. So why did you ask Morse for 1,000,000 dollars for his treatment?”

“This price doesn’t seem to be high for you, but it’s an exorbitant price for ordinary people. Did you suddenly raise the price to create a publicity stunt?”

Speaking of this, Zhang Yicheng smiled and said without waiting for Fang Qiu’s answer. “I have to say this trick works on Murica people!”

When Fang Qiu heard this…

He just smiled in silence.


The two just chatted while drinking tea.

Anyway, the Murica Medical a.s.sociation had not notified the time of the medical exchange, so Fang Qiu was not in a hurry.

Fang Qiu talked and laughed carelessly, seemingly not nervous or worried at all. Seeing this, Zhang Yicheng was gradually relieved.

Opposite him…

As Morse and the others left…

There were a few reports following Morse all the way. In no time, the media outlet they worked for lost no time updating the situation on Twitter.

“The real-time update: Morse met Fang Qiu, a Chinese Medicine doctor from Huaxia. After the examination, he found the hospital failed to connect Morse’s medial malleolus correctly. He gave Morse two choices. First, if Morse believed him, he only asked for 100,000 dollars to cure him on the spot. Second, if Morse didn’t believe him, he could go to the hospital for an examination. After he confirmed his condition, Morse could go back to him for treatment. But then, the treatment fee would be raised to 1,000,000 dollars! We are accompanying Morse to the hospital for an inspection.”

This message was sent along with a few photos.

In the beginning, there was no big reaction. After all, no one knew which media outlet would follow and report this matter. Gradually, time went by. In just five minutes, a large number of netizens flooded into the comment area of this news. They began making all kinds of comments.

“For his treatment, he charged Morse 100,000 dollars. Is this robbery?”

“Bro, this is no longer a matter of 100,000 Murica dollars. Morse is already on his way to the hospital. The treatment fee has already risen to 1,000,000 dollars!”

“Morse finally made the right decision. At least he didn’t blindly believe in that arrogant Huaxia doctor!”

“He’s overly arrogant. Are all Huaxia people so arrogant?”

“Healing him on the spot? Many medical experts can’t cure Morse’s serious injury. How dared this Huaxia doctor to say he can cure Morse on the spot? He’s so f.u.c.king arrogant. He’s such a bighead!”

“Is this Huaxia man crazy? That’s a bone injury. The bone injury will take at least three months to heal fully. How can it be cured on the spot?”

“Huaxia people have always been so arrogant. Their arrogance will destroy them. This Huaxia doctor has no idea what kind of situation he is facing!”

“I’m very sure this Huaxia doctor is a liar!”

“He considers himself a G.o.d and never knows that he is actually a joke.”

They were all negative comments!

Numerous Murica netizens were madly mocking Fang Qiu, Huaxia, and Chinese Medicine!

Countless people…

They were all waiting to watch Fang Qiu make a fool of himself.


“Have you recorded it all?”

Sitting in the car, Morse asked these reporters with him.

“We’ve recorded it. We’re sure he didn’t touch your wound. The orthopedics expert was invited and is heading to the Central Hospital of Wahton. He should have arrived by the time we get there.”

One reporter replied.


Morse nodded in understanding.

“Medial malleolus?”

He stared at his ankle and frowned. His face darkened a little.

He knew what it meant.

The ankle was a critical joint for a basketball player like him. Fang Qiu said his medial malleolus had not been set correctly. If Fang Qiu were right, there would inevitably be a big problem in the future. It would have a significant impact on his career.

The more he thought about it, the more worried he became.

Sometimes, he hoped Fang Qiu was right. Sometimes, he hoped Fang Qiu made a mistake about it.

Anyway, he was in a dilemma!

They left Huaxiatown.


Morse’s car was parked at the entrance of the Central Hospital of Wahton. His basketball team had already made an appointment for all the medical examinations he needed to take.

Led by the medical staff, Morse rushed to the examination room as soon as he got out of the car.

At the same time…

A well-known orthopedics expert also rushed to the gate of the Central Hospital of Wahton. Right after saying h.e.l.lo to Morse, he followed him into the hospital’s examination room.

The examination began.

More than ten minutes pa.s.sed, and all the examinations were done.

Everyone gathered outside the examination room, waiting for the final results.

After they waited for about five minutes, the door of the examination room was pushed open.


The doctor in the examination room came out with a few X-ray photos and examination results.

“How is it?”

Morse immediately stood up and asked.

These reporters and the orthopedics expert instantly came over.

“The results show that your navicular and talus bones are perfectly connected. As for the medial malleolus, it is indeed slightly dislocated, but it is a tiny displacement.”

The doctor said.

“Let me take a look.”

The orthopedics expert took the X-ray photos and looked at them carefully.

As he watched, his brows gradually furrowed.

“What’s going on? Will this have any effect on me?”

Morse asked.


The orthopedics expert nodded with great certainty and said, “Although the displacement doesn’t look serious, this little deviation will greatly impact your recovery. Without any accurate modification, the situation will worsen. It’s very likely to cause the relapse of old injuries in your future training and compet.i.tion!”

Morse heard the diagnosis.

“d.a.m.ned doctor in the Central Hospital of Wahton. Did he want to ruin my career?”

Morse was instantly in a frenzy of rage!

While he cursed angrily…

Instantly, he took out his mobile phone to contact his lawyer. He was going to sue the Central Hospital of Wahton.

These reports standing nearby kept recording. When they saw this…

They couldn’t help but get excited.

This was a piece of breaking news for them.


The Huaxia doctor had guessed it right. Morse’s medial malleolus had not been adequately treated. It seemed the Huaxia doctor had some marvelous skills!

He knew it.

A foot injury was a fatal blow to basketball players!

As soon as this examination report was sent out, it could attract the attention of people all over the country. Most terrifyingly, Fang Qiu found the mistake just by touching the sole of Morse’s foot.

This kind of examination method was amazing!

A flash of inspiration came to their minds.

One after another, many reporters quickly sent messages about the situation to their media companies. All the photos they had taken at the scene were also sent back.

In just five minutes…

Many media outlets strove to release the news on Twitter.

“The first real-time news: the examination results have come out. After the overall check in the Central Hospital of Wahton, the final conclusion is made. Morse’s medial malleolus hasn’t been completely corrected. There is only a small displacement, but it will greatly impact Morse’s career. It will cause the frequent recurrence of his injuries!”

“The second real-time news: after getting the accurate results, Morse made his decision. The orthopedics expert advised him to undergo surgery, and treatment recommendations were offered by the Central Hospital of Wahton. However, Morse refused all of them. He is now rus.h.i.+ng to Fang Qiu, the doctor from Huaxia. Next, we will continue to follow up and report this case. We will see the magical medical skills of Huaxia doctors and the first appearance of the 1,000,000 treatment fee, the highest in the Murica medical circles!”

On Twitter…

Countless netizens were waiting for the news.

As a result…

As soon as the few pieces of news came out, they quickly swept across the entire online world like a hurricane. Almost everyone who was surfing the Internet saw the two messages.

This time…

Many Murica netizens were waiting for Fang Qiu to be humiliated. When Fang Qiu failed, they could take this chance and laugh at Fang Qiu. But now, they were all dumbfounded.

“What the f.u.c.k. Is this true?”

“You’re not lying, are you? That Huaxia doctor has guessed right… How is it possible?”

“Even if it’s true, the Huaxia doctor must also guess it. By gently touching the sole of Morse’s foot, he concluded that his bone was not perfectly connected. How could he know that?”

“I don’t think he can do better than a machine.”

“This is just the beginning. Maybe he learned about this problem through some inside information. Whether this Huaxia doctor is capable or not, it depends on what he will do next.”

“I don’t believe he can cure Morse on the spot!”

The Murica netizens were shocked.

Fang Qiu detected such a minor mistake with a casual move. None of them was willing to believe that!


In Zhang Yicheng’s manor…


Zhang Yicheng also saw the news released by major media outlets. In great surprise, he read it to Fang Qiu and asked, “Did you figure it out simply by touching him like that? How could you touch his skin and discover such a subtle bone problem? Is Chinese Medicine so amazingly powerful?”

“Of course…”

Fang Qiu took it as a matter of course and nodded, saying, “Bone touching is one of the Chinese Medicine skills. I’m just more proficient in this aspect than other Chinese Medicine doctors.”

Zhang Yicheng nodded with understanding.


Radiant with smiles, he read more than a dozen comments from Murica netizens one by one.

“Haha, these Murica people are waiting for you to show off your magic power.”

Zhang Yicheng laughed, saying, “The less they trust your capabilities, the more excited I feel. If you cure Morse’s foot on the spot, our Huaxia people can hold our heads up and say we have succeeded!”

“I can heal him on the spot, but it will take some time for him to recover fully.”

Fang Qiu said with a.s.surance.


Zhang Yicheng was stunned and asked, “How long will it take?”

“24 hours.”

Fang Qiu answered with great confidence.

“Enough. That’s enough!”

Hearing this, Zhang Yicheng immediately said with great excitement, “If Morse can completely recover in just one day, the entire basketball field will be shocked. You and Chinese Medicine will startle all Murica people!

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