Medical Master Chapter 1409 - Chapter 1409 It Heals in 24 Hours!

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Chapter 1409 - Chapter 1409 It Heals in 24 Hours!

Chapter 1409 It Heals in 24 Hours!

Before long…

Again, Morse’s car entered the manor and stopped in the same parking place.

Zhang Yicheng was about to get up and greet them, but Fang Qiu stopped him.

Over there…

Morse didn’t feel upset because Fang Qiu and Zhang Yicheng didn’t get up to welcome him. Instead, he got out of the car with an excited look. Quickly, he strode toward Fang Qiu.

“I can give you 1,000,000 dollars, but you have to promise you will cure my foot injury.”

Sitting down at the table, Morse stared at Fang Qiu and said.


Fang Qiu nodded as if it was by no means a sure thing. Then, he said, “I can start the treatment now. Though I can cure you on the spot, it will take some time for you to recover. This way, your old injuries won’t relapse in your following training and compet.i.tion!”

“How long?”

Morse hurriedly asked.

“It won’t be long: 24 hours!”

Fang Qiu said.

When everyone here heard this…

They were shocked!

“24 hours?

“Could the injury be cured in such a short time?

“It is a problem in the bones. The growth cycle of the bone was at least three months. How could it be cured in 24 hours?”

Not to mention the media reporters and staff present…

Even Morse himself was shocked by Fang Qiu’s words!


Morse repeatedly nodded like a chick pecking at rice.

“Raise your foot.”

Fang Qiu signaled Morse to lift his foot to the low stool. Then, he asked, “When I treat your injury, I’ll break your foot bones again. I’ve told you about it. Are you afraid of pain?”

“I feel no pain!”

Morse responded, clenching his teeth, and said, “I’m ready.”

When Fang Qiu heard it…

He didn’t hesitate.

He pressed his hands on Morse’s ankle.


A crisp sound was heard.

Morse trembled all over, gritting his teeth and enduring the pain.

But the next moment…


Another sound was heard.


Fang Qiu crushed Morse’s bones in the foot. At this time, he moved his hands dexterously and connected all the broken bones in the foot at lightning speed.


Fang Qiu loosened his grip.

Morse had been gritting his teeth and bravely enduring the pain. Suddenly, the sharp pain disappeared. Just as he was confused about the change, he heard Fang Qiu’s voice.


“That’s all?”

“What did you say?”

Morse looked at Fang Qiu with a puzzled face.

“I said I’ve connected all your bones in the foot.”

Fang Qiu replied lightly, “Next, I’ll treat your foot for 10 minutes.”


Fang Qiu gently pressed Morse’s ankle with both hands. Quietly, he drove his internal Qi into his foot. Then, he moved his mental power through the bone pieces and held all of them in place. Then, under his control, the internal Qi flowed over these bones and began nouris.h.i.+ng and healing them.

Under the nourishment of internal Qi, the bones began to grow rapidly.

In as short as 10 minutes…

The broken parts had all grown st.u.r.dy and fit together perfectly.


He let go of his hands.

Fang Qiu clapped his hands and said, “You can move your feet now, but you shouldn’t exert too much strength. Now the bones have just recovered. If you overdo it, you might suffer a second-time fracture of your foot.”

When his words came to everyone’s ears…

They were shocked.

Morse was trying to move his foot.

“Hey, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

As soon as he moved, Morse immediately noticed his feet didn’t hurt anymore. It seemed as if it had completely recovered.


Because of Fang Qiu’s reminder, he didn’t dare to put forth too much strength. He only moved it a few times carefully and stopped.

All the reporters around stared in mute amazement.

“He’s cured?

“Is that all?”

“You can leave now.”

Fang Qiu didn’t even intend to get up and just told Morse, “You’ll completely recover in 24 hours!”

“Am I cured?”

Morse was stupefied and looked at Fang Qiu. Still, he found it hard to believe it. “Why can’t I feel any pain at all? You didn’t exert much strength. Is everything alright now?”

“You don’t feel pain because of my super skills. I can leave you pain-free during the treatment.”

Fang Qiu answered casually.

“It seems that I can move my foot now. But can you guarantee my foot injury can be cured after 24 hours?”

Morse looked at Fang Qiu with hesitation and asked, “How about treating you again?”

“No need.”

Fang Qiu curled his lips and said, “That’s all. There’s no need to do anything more. Hurry up and go home. Don’t forget the 1,000,000 dollars, my treatment fee!”

Morse didn’t expect that.

He smiled wryly with a confused expression. Eventually, he could only get up and leave.

The reporters also left with Morse in confusion.

They walked out of the manor.


They hadn’t gone far when Moss told the driver to stop the car. He then checked into a particularly luxurious hotel nearby in Huaxiatown and waited there, not daring to move.

He wanted to see if his foot injury could completely heal after 24 hours!


The pain in his foot was gone, and so was the swelling.

Morse was still skeptical, for the whole thing was marvelous. If his foot injury could be healed in one day, it could prove that Huaxia Chinese Medicine was absolutely amazing!

Although he doubted it…

Morse didn’t hesitate to transfer 1,000,000 dollars to the bank account designated by Fang Qiu.

In the meantime…

All media agencies reported this matter one after another.


Since reports could know precisely how Morse felt, they didn’t dare to say Fang Qiu cured his foot injury on the spot. They only said it was half cured. A natural growth cycle of 24 hours was needed. After 24 hours, he would be fully recovered!


News spread out fast.

These Murica netizens couldn’t help complaining and mocking Fang Qiu.

“Did he want to cure Morse’s wound in 24 hours?”

“His illness was half cured on the spot?”

“I’d like to wait and see if Morse’s foot injury can completely heal after 24 hours!”

“He’s crazily pretentious, isn’t he? He wanted to cure the fracture in one day. How could he be such a fool?”

“I’m looking forward to it. If Morse’s foot injury doesn’t heal 24 hours later, how could Huaxia Chinese Medicine doctor Fang Qiu face the crus.h.i.+ng defeat?”

“How I wish 24 hours could pa.s.s quickly. I really can’t stand this arrogant and conceited Huaxia doctor!”

Just like before…

There were all negative comments.


This time, everyone was more looking forward to the result than before.

Of course, Murica netizens did not believe Fang Qiu could make it. Therefore, they expected the result because they wanted a chance to watch the fun and ridicule Huaxia wantonly!

Not just in Murica…

The news soon spread throughout Huaxia.

“Holy s.h.i.+t. Even the basketball star came to him for help?”

“Isn’t the fee of 1,000,000 dollars too little? I remember Legendary Fang Qiu only charged a few once and received 100 million yuan!”

“I heard Murica netizens burst into an uproar. Everyone is attacking Fang Qiu and Huaxia Chinese Medicine. Even if I can get over to their network community, I won’t bother to explain to them. I just need to wait for 24 hours. When the time is up, the outstanding outcome of Legendary Fang Qiu’s treatment can humiliate them. At that time, they will be amazed by Huaxia Chinese Medicine and our miracle-working doctor!”

“Fang Qiu’s reputation is justified. Wherever he goes, he will be the one who gets the most attention. At first, he cured the man at the airport. Now he has attracted the attention of all the people in Murica.”

“Awesome! This is a great opportunity for Chinese Medicine to rise. Do you know why Legendary Fang Qiu went to Murica? He especially goes there to promote Chinese Medicine. This time, he will greatly shock everyone in Murica. Once 24 hours pa.s.s, those Murica people will regard Chinese Medicine with quite different eyes!”

“Legendary Fang Qiu is capable of working up wonders wherever he goes. Watching his news is like following a new TV series. I cannot refrain from loving him!”

Under everyone’s gaze…

In a flash, 24 hours slipped by.

In the luxury hotel of Huaxiatown…

Under these reporters’ eyes and cameras, Morse got out of bed.


When his foot landed on the ground, he froze for a moment. Then, he tried to move and said, “I don’t feel anything wrong. It seems I’ve recovered!”

He got a sudden idea.

With these reports, Morse immediately rushed to the Central Hospital of Wahton.

He did a check-up again.

The result proved that Morse’s foot was completely healed.

This time, another doctor examined him. As a result, he even suspected that his foot had never been injured at all!

This situation was quite surprising.

Morse was struck dumb.

Without hesitation, he left the hospital, holding the examination results, and went straight to the MIC Central Arena. Upon arrival, he ran and jumped for a long time.

As he appeared and moved wildly, all the staff and his teammates training here gathered around him in confusion.

They knew Moss’s injury very well.

Most of them thought Morse would have to rest for at least a year. Only in the next year could he go to play basketball.

But unexpectedly…

Before long, Morse dashed about on the basketball court as if nothing had happened!

His teammates and the arena’s staff were startled.

As the person concerned, Morse was even more excited!

After running a few laps, nothing wrong happened to him. Excitedly, he faced the cameras held by these reporters and gave a thumbs-up sign. Then, he called out happily in an ecstasy of delight, “Chinese Medicine is great! Fang Qiu is amazing! Going to Fang Qiu is one of the best choices I made in my life!”

At this point…

Morse put his palms together devoutly and added, “Thank you, G.o.d, for sending Fang Qiu to Murica and Wahton!”

Reporters recorded the whole scene.

Soon after…

They directly released the record.

In addition to the news on Twitter, the major media outlets also published the video of Morse galloping and expressing his grat.i.tude on the basketball court.


The video and news of the major media spread wildly.

At this point…

The entire Murica was in an uproar!

“Is he completely healed?”

“Did this Huaxia doctor earn 1,000,000 dollars from Morse?”

“Has Morse’s foot injury really cured?”

“Oh dear, how is this possible?”

Countless people were shocked.


While most people were in shock, a few people refused to believe it.

However, when a small number of people were still doubting it…

Another piece of news came.

“Morse has formally charged the Central Hospital of Wahton. He strongly demands a compensation of 100,000,000 dollars!”

As soon as the news came out…

The netizens all knew that Morse was p.i.s.sed off.

Morse was in a towering rage. So, should it be true that Fang Qiu had cured his foot injury in only one day?

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