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Chapter 1997: Break The Array

Outside the grand array around Heavenly Sorcerer Star.

Bam bam bam!

Explosions sounded through the sky as Su Mo and his companions struck out continuously, failing to break the array.

Although the array shook unstoppably under the combined attacks, there were just shockwaves and the array showed no signs of breaking.

Su Mo stopped his attack, his face as black as water as he glared at the array.

“Su Mo, what should we do? The array is too strong, we can’t break it at all!” Long Teng arrived in front of Su Mo and asked as a dark expression crossed his face.

The few others also stopped their attacks. They were not dumb and they could see that they could not break the array.

“The array is so strong, even if there are a few Empty G.o.ds, it won’t be broken!” Si Kongyan sighed.

Su Mo remained silent. As he stared at the countless number of Evil Spirits in the array, a bright flash of light crossed his eyes.

The Evil Spirits must be there to increase the strength of the array. If he could devour the Evil Spirits, how much weaker would the array be?

With that thought, his body flashed and he flew directly above the array.


Black light flooded the sky as the large Devouring Fighting Soul was released. The pitch-black devouring void seemed to be a black hole that could devour the whole world.

Powerful devouring force was instantly gushed out of the devouring void, covering the area a few dozen kilometers from Su Mo.

The area of the array was instantly enveloped by the devouring force.

Ma.s.sive devouring force instantly sucked in the Evil Spirits into the void wildly.

Roar roar roar!

In an instant, loud roars shook the sky as the numerous Evil Spirits fought in desperation as they felt the devouring power overwhelm them.

Among these Evil Spirits were wolves, tigers, cheetahs, sabres, swords, trees, gra.s.s and all kinds of other objects.

In the instant, as the numerous Evil Spirits were disrupted, the array started to shake violently, much stronger than it shook when the seven martial artists combined their attacks.

As the six other people saw this, their eyes brightened. Su Mo’s Devouring Fighting Soul could control these Evil Spirits.

If that was the case, the array could be broken.

“Everyone attack together at the same spot!” Su Mo commanded as he released a large attack.

Sword Radiance blinded the sky as sharp Chaotic Sword Qi struck against the array.


Long Teng and the group also did not hesitate to attack as they unleashed their strongest attacks.

Roar! Roar!

Two loud and clear dragon roars erupted as Long Teng and Yi Xiaoxiao transformed into their real forms.

Bright golden light flashed out of Long Teng’s body and he instantly became a few hundred meters long grand golden dragon.

Pure golden scales lined Long Teng’s body as bright light brimmed from each of his scales.

As the ma.s.sive dragon body stretched across a few hundred meters, it sent s.h.i.+vers down one’s spine. Powerful Dragon Force flooded the starry sky, covering the area with a magnificent aura.

The large claws of the golden dragon stretched forward and grabbed the array. The cold and sharp claws of Long Teng’s hand seemed to be able to tear apart the sky.

Yi Xiaoxiao was no weaker as she turned into a 1000 foot long Eight-winged Drake. On her back were eight wings that could whip up tornados.

Similarly, the Eight-winged Drake stretched forward her claws and attacked the array.

Si Kongyan and the others did not hesitate to unleash their attacks, allowing various colors of Dark Force to sweep through the sky.

Boom boom boom!

Explosions sounded unstoppably as the array started to shake violently when the attacks simultaneously struck it.

Furthermore, a large indent appeared on the array where it was struck, collapsing in by about 10,000 feet.


“How could this be?”

The group of Sorcerer Tribesmen exclaimed in horror as they witnessed the sight.

The impressively strong Myriad Souls Sealing Heaven Array had suddenly reached the point where it threatened to collapse.

The hearts of all the martial artists jumped in fright.

Pure fear swept through the few million Sorcerer Tribesmen on Heavenly Sorcerer City, each of them shuddering in fright.

“d.a.m.n it!” Elder Jia Shen’s face darkened. He had not imagined that the Myriad Souls Sealing Heaven Array would start to fail.

“Everyone, follow me to strengthen the array!” Wu Chong yelled out as his body flashed and he sped into the sky.

The group of Sorcerer Tribesmen, including Elder Jia Shen did not hesitate to spread through the sky and strengthen the array.

Myriad Souls Sealing Heaven Array had many bases where the array could be strengthened as long as there was a large pool of Spiritual Qi supplied to it.

Outside the array, Su Mo activated the Devouring Fighting Soul to the maximum and pushed the Devouring Ultimacy to its greatest enlightenment.

Powerful devouring force overwhelmed the array and messed up the natural flow of energy inside it.

Numerous Evil Spirits struggled madly and thrashed about in all directions. Many Fighting Souls even began to dislodge from the array and fly towards the Devouring Fighting Soul.

The attacks did not stop as the seven martial artists unleashed their mad rush of attacks.

However, their strengths were not enough. Although the shockwaves on the array were violent, and the cave in on the array was deep, it was certain that they would not be able to break the array in the short run.

Furthermore, the array was being strengthened by a large number of martial artists and it slowly began to heal.


With a cold expression, Su Mo tossed his hand forward for the Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da to shoot out and lower before the array.

The Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da expanded into a 10,000 foot tall paG.o.da as bright seven-colored light shot out of it and burned the protective array.

The seven-colored light was strong and the moment it touched the array, white smoke started to appear.

In an instant, smoke billowed through the sky and the array rapidly started to disintegrate.

However, the array was still incredibly strong and at the same time that it was disintegrating, it also started to heal.

“Quick! Attack there!” Su Mo pointed toward the Seven-colored rays and roared out.

With that, he swung out his sword in a hurry, causing streaks of terrifying Sword Qi to appear where the seven-colored light blazed.

The six others instantly attacked where Su Mo commanded.

Boom boom boom!

Against seven-colored light and the insane rush of attacks on the array, it started to quickly cave in.

In the blink of an eye, the array had deepened by almost 100 meters, closing in on the ground of Heavenly Sorcerer Star.

“Faster! Strengthen the array!”

Elder Jia Shen’s hysterical voice rang through the star, pure fear echoing in his voice.

The condition of the array then threatened to break apart at any moment and Elder Jia Shen and the numerous Sorcerer Tribesmen were overwhelmed by fear.


Outside the array, Su Mo’s electrifying eyes stared straight ahead as his body mirrored a bolt of lightning and he shot towards the caved-in array.

The Devouring power and Devouring Ultimacy were at its maximum and numerous Evil Spirits were being sucked out of the array, weakening it considerably.

Furthermore, the Evil Spirits in the array were in a complete mess and the power of the array drastically dropped when the Evil Spirits were out of formation.


Su Mo’s speed was at its maximum as a blinding light shot out of his body. He gripped the large sword in his hand, Chaotic Sword Radiance bursting out of it as he stretched the sword forward to pierce the array.

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