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Those who were in the knows were envious that Zhou Jinjiang was given a mystical beasts just for making this trip. That was so lucky of him!

Cheng Xiao Xiao rolled her eyes at the laughter. She didn't feel that what she had done was wrong, so she didn't care if others were laughing at her or not.

Mrs. Cheng looked a bit helpless. She had worried about it in the past, now that the words had spread, there was not much she could do to stop others from talking about it. All she could do was to cast an unhappy glance in her daughter's direction.

Putting away the mystical beast in his mystical pouch, Zhou Jinjiang put on a more serious face and said, “Biyuan, the main purpose of my mission was to come and confirm whether there is really a beast tamer at the Cheng's. Now that that has been confirmed, I will relate the emperor's message!”

“Yes, brother Zhou, please do share!” nodded Cheng Biyuan.

“The emperor first thought the beast tamer must be you or Zheng Yuan or Zheng Bin. We never expected Xiao Xaio to be the true beast tamer!”1

As he was saying this, Zhou Jinjiang looked over at Cheng Xiao Xiao quickly before he continued, “The emperor's intention was that once we have confirmed that the Cheng's indeed has a beast tamer, he will grant your family the entire Qing'an Province. From this point forward the entire Qing'an Province will become your personal property. It will be a city of its own, and you will no longer need to make contributions to the emperor. Everything will belong to you and your family.”

“Giving us the entire city?” Cheng Biyuan was dumbfounded. He was too surprised!

Zhou Jinjiang nodded and continued to talk, “He will also grant you the t.i.tle of a Count, with the name Zhongyuan. So you will be Count Zhongyuan, and the city that you will build can be named Zhongyuan City!”

“Ugh… that is a very grand award!” Now Cheng Biyuan was completely shocked.

“Too grand?” Zhou Jinjiang smiled and shook his head, “No, not really. Since there is a beast tamer in your family. From this point forward, your family's mystical beasts will be protecting Dafeng. If Dafeng is attacked by any other country, you must lend your a.s.sistance. That's the emperor's only condition!”

“Dad, that's not a problem. Let's accept the deal!”

Replied Cheng Xiao Xiao directly. It wasn't like they can turn it down, so might as well reap the benefits. Why would they not?

Cheng Biyuan wasn't sure how he should react to his daugther's reaction. He shook his head helplessly. It wasn't like he didn't understand the workings behind it all.

Zhou Jinjiang laughed and, smiling at Cheng Xiao Xiao, said, “Xiao Xiao is all grown up!”

“Hehe, Uncle Zhou, we can use your help figuring out how we can run this Zhongyuan City. We don't have the capacity to worry about that right now. Look, our new home is still being buit!”

“Oh, you little brat…..”

Zhou Jinjiang stayed at the Cheng's for three days. Three days later, he departed Willow bringing with him mystical water as well as a batch of mystical animals and food to return to Emperor City.

At the same time, he made the promises that he would see if he could put in a transfer request with the emperor so he could leave his post in Emperor City and transfer to Qing'an Province to help Cheng Biyuan in the construction of the new city.

After their departure, words of the gift from the emperor spread all over… about how Cheng Biyuan went from a normal peasant to a count, and how the entire Qing'an Province because his personal property.

All of a sudden, the news were boiling in Dafeng!

Especially those who were concerned, reacted all sorts of ways. This gift from the royals were no doubt an announcement to the entire world that there were, indeed, a beast tamer at the Cheng's, without a doubt!

The news had deterred those from the School of Divine Condor. They were also backed by the royals, but now that the emperor had gifted the Cheng's, if they continue to seek troubles with them, they worried the royals wouldn't sit by quietly.


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1.            Of course, why would it be the only girl? GRRR


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