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Everybody understood the status of a beast tamer in a country. Even the dead of the School of Divine Condor must be respectful, let alone the little peons. If they were to take any actions, they didn't even need to wait for the Cheng's to fight back, there were plenty of others who would jump out and defend them.

Knowing this, they had no choice but to retrieve their claws. Those who were still lingering at the Ning's finally all left with the a.s.sociate dean.

There would be no more meaning for them to stay around. They dare not take any actions against the Cheng's; and if they wanted to do business with the Cheng's, they have already made it abundantly clear that they would not be dealing with anyone from the School of Divine Condor. So what was the point of continuing to linger around?

In just one day, all different powers within Dafeng had heard about the news. The Long's and Xue's of Emperor City were preparing their return trips to Qing'an Province. This time they would make sure they secure their business deals in three-month time, come h.e.l.l or high water!

The Cheng's!

Old master Cheng once again went to his favorite son, then, without a word, slapped him across his face multiple times. The just now recovering Cheng Bihua's face swollen up like that of a pig all over again. Angrily, old master Cheng shouted at him, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d! d.a.m.n you!”

The innocent Cheng Bihua, who was turned into a punching bag, screamed and shouted. He cried and cursed Cheng Biyuan and his family loudly as those these were somehow all their fault.

Cheng Bihua, who had adamantly refused to believe in all the rumors, had finally started to wonder about whatever good luck that had happened upon Cheng Biyuan and his family. How could this had happened?

He pulled his hair out but still couldn't figure out how it was possible that Cheng Biyuan and his family, who were almost annihilated by him just a few months ago, were able to turn everything around so dramatically.

In the meeting room of the Cheng's!

The few elders gathered again to discuss the events that had been happening at Willow Village. Master Cheng's face was darkened, “What are all your thoughts? What do we do with that evil creature?”


The entire parlor was silent and n.o.body responded to his question. The first elder sitting in the upper seat still have his eyes closed, as though he was asleep.

“The news have been confirmed, we must take care of this!” Master Cheng glanced over at everyone and said with unreconciled emotions.

“Ahem ahem….” Third elder fake coughed. With everyone else looking on, he started slowly, “Cheng Biyuan belongs in our bloodline after all. No matter what happens, what's his also belong to the Cheng's!”

He stopped after that and said no more.

His meaning was clear, no matter what Cheng Biyuan over at Willow possessed, these all counted toward the Cheng's properties. In other words, they have the right to control any properties belonging to Cheng Biyuan and his family.

The Eleventh Elder, sitting far in the back, had his eyes half opened and full of sarcasm. All these folks seemed to have forgotten that they have already crossed Cheng Biyuan and his entire family off of the family tree, and now…

Whatever belonged to Cheng Biyuan also belonged to them? That was quite ironic, do these people enjoy going back on their own words?

The parlor went quiet again!

That was not the respond that Master Cheng was looking for. His face darkened some more.

Fourth elder glanced over at First Elder, pondered for a second, and said, “If n.o.body else disagree, we will just send someone to Cheng Biyuan at Willow and communicate our thoughts to him!”

“Who's going to go?” Master Cheng responded to his words. Looking at him coldly, he said, “You?”

“Me? I was not that close to Cheng Biyuan. If we are looking for a suitable candidate, I say….”

The Fourth Elder smiled with a shred of embarra.s.sment and turned to look behind him, “I think Eleventh Elder would be a better candidate. He was the closest to Cheng Biyuan. He will be best for this a.s.signment!”


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