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"Tiger King, you can relax. Since we're building defensive facilities here, it's a given that we have countermeasures," the military personnel told the man quickly.

The man in the black jacket nodded and added, "Nevermind, the scenery of the beach is quite nice, too. I'll just treat it like a holiday." After he said that, he laughed.

"Master Gao, that person is the Northeast Tiger King, a famous World Hunter," said Zheng Tiezhuang quietly. "The Northeast Tiger King is warm-hearted, and he likes to help others too, but his temper isn't very good. He's a warm-hearted person with a bad temper."

Gao Peng nodded and looked at the huge red tiger standing behind the man. The tiger's main color was white, but its body's surface was covered with red stripes as if flames were going to leap out from under the skin.

[Monster Name]: Savage Sabertooth Tiger

[Monster Level]: Level 43 (Lord-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Attribute]: Fire

[Monster Skills]: Sharp Sawtooth Level 3; Raging Strength Level 2; Flame Mastery Level 2

[Monster description]: A tiger that mutated after it awakened its Sabertooth Tiger blood and consumed Fire-type treasures. Controls fire, is naturally aggressive, and loves combat.

Gao Peng nodded, then walked straight towards the Tiger King.

"Hey, Master Gao, isn't the Tiger King's temper…" the words stopped because he saw Gao Peng greeting the Northeast Tiger King warmly.

"It's been a long time since we last met, Tiger King."

"What do you mean? It was just a night ago," the Tiger King responded.

Zheng Tiezhuang noticed Master Gao start talking with a number of monster trainers. It looked as if they were on good terms.

The monster trainers and Master Gao were talking quite far away from him, so Zheng Tiezhuang couldn't clearly hear what they were talking about.

After a while, Gao Peng gladly led Zheng Tiezhuang and some of the monster trainers from the military department to a place that was further away to observe the terrain.

After Gao Peng had been gone for some time, the monster trainers gathered to talk.

Maybe it was because they had just talked with Gao Peng, but they were more familiar with each other.

"Haha, I'm not afraid to be laughed at. Although I'm already over forty, I still can't let go of fame and wealth." The Northeast Tiger King laughed out loud heartily.

"Hey, who could ever let this chance go? A person's life goal is either to be famous or wealthy." Southern Xinjiang Insect King sighed.

Abigail, who had just successfully challenged Gao Peng recently, stood in place, smiled shyly, and didn't say anything.

"Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Pearl Tower to challenge Gao Peng. What a promising and amazing youth. I succeeded only after I had put in a lot of effort. You see, he even awarded me a certificate of honor." The Northeast Tiger King laughed heartily, pretending to carelessly pull a small red book out of his clothes.

Abigail's expression changed slightly as he subconsciously gripped his pocket and felt the touch of the hard sh.e.l.l of the certificate on his fingertips. Abigail was very confused.

"Oh, what a coincidence. I also have a certificate of honor." The Southern Xinjiang Insect King was surprised and took an identical certificate of honor out of his pocket.

"What? I have one too," shouted another monster trainer beside them.

Abigail's eyes twitched. This last fellow seems to have only one Commander-tier familiar. How did he beat Gao Peng?

"Eh, you guys don't believe me? I'll show you. It's this, right?" As he said this, the monster trainer that didn't look very old took a red certificate out from his bag. Abigail felt that this red color was an eyesore.

Both the Northeast Tiger King and the Southern Xinjiang Insect King were shocked. The three of them compared their booklets and found they were almost identical, except for some slight details, like the name and the familiar.

The Northeast Tiger King had beaten Goldie, the Southern Xinjiang Insect King had beaten Flamy, and this young monster trainer had beaten the Winged Thunder Monkey Skeleton...

"Although my familiar is now only at the peak of the Commander tier, it's very talented. It can fight enemies that are a tier higher. Even normal Lord-tiers aren't its rival," boasted the young man proudly as he pointed at a familiar that stood not far behind him.

About 65 feet away from him, a secluded blue Tibetan Mastiff was staring at them. It looked very handsome, and no one could actually identify its breed.

"What a coincidence." The Northeast Tiger King patted his forehead and said happily, "Let's compete and see who the first one who can gather all seven of them is."

The Southern Xinjiang Insect King's thoughts were more complicated than the Northeast Tiger King, who was straightforward, so he rolled his eyes and kept quiet. He was speechless deep in his heart, for this was the first time he saw someone develop being challenged into an industry.

When he initiated his challenge, he had spent thousands of credits... At that time, he bought a discount package that guaranteed victory, otherwise, his Thousand Feet Red Newt, which had just advanced to the Lord tier, wouldn't really have been an opponent to that one-legged crane.

The challenge fee was a few thousand credits, plus the challenge fees from the boy. Moreover, he suspected that the teenager may have bought the same package he had bought. If he had bought it too... Then within these few days, Gao Peng would have earned tens of thousands of credits.

This way of making money seemed too easy. To be honest, the Southern Xinjiang Insect King was a little jealous.

After they had left, Abigail took out the certificate of honor from his pocket silently; for a moment, he was at a loss for words. Just why did the certificate lose its value?

"Hey, you have that too?" Beside him came an irritating voice.

Abigail kept his certificate, turned around, and saw the young man who had been chatting just now smirking and looking at him.

Abigail's lips twitched, but he didn't say anything.

"Hey, brother, let's be honest. Did you buy this certificate like I did?" The young man winked.

Abigail didn't want to pay attention to him, but the young man kept pus.h.i.+ng. "Hey, come on. I know, since you look as old as me, your familiar should only be at the Commander tier, really. The certificate that I bought was definitely worth the value. Just by adding an extra 3,000 credits, he would let you win, and the acting was great." The young man gave a thumbs up.

"In two days, I'll use the pocket money from my parents to buy the other six certificates, then I'll be able to brag. And all of Mo Du will know that I, Sun Maocai, am a genius monster trainer!" The young man fell into daydreaming.

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Is there any difference between you and the false certificate? This is cheating. I thought that Gao Peng was a top genius, but it turns out that he's just a liar!" Abigail finally couldn't stand it anymore.

Sun Maocai looked at him strangely and shook his head, laughing. "Then how did you get yours? Never mind, I won't ask you how you got it. I gave him the money and he cooperated with me, so there's nothing to do with deceiving people. Moreover, I think he's an extremely smart person. Just wait until news about the challenge starts spreading, then the number of people who want to challenge him will be far fewer."

As they were chatting, a few missiles flew through the sky, leaving long trails of flame across the horizon before dropping into the sea.


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