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"What's wrong?" the caller asked.

"The target is missing."

"What?" With a scream, he quickly picked up the telescope and looked at the restaurant. It's true. The target had disappeared.

"Don't worry. As long as he doesn't leave the building, the other surveillance teams will find him." Just as he finished speaking, there seemed to be some movements outside the door. They were all extremely keen, but it was too late. With a "Bang" sound, the door was kicked out. A young walked in with a warm smile on his face. He was their target, Qin Hao.

If they hadn't personally witnessed the guy in front of them killing so many people in the main hall, they would have thought that the young man with such a warm smile was a harmless next-door boy.

"Are you looking for me?" Qin Hao continued smiling as he walked towards the two of them.

The two men reached for their guns instinctively, but what Qin Hao said stopped them, "You'd better not move. Otherwise, I can cripple your hands before you pull out your guns." He was smiling as he spoke, but his words gave them a cold feeling. The two men did not doubt his ability. Even the expert, Can Lang, was quickly killed by him. What could they do?

"You, what do you want?" One of them asked.

"It's simple. Tell me, why are you watching me? Whom do you work for?"

"No, we're not watching you. We're just here for sightseeing." The other man made up an excuse.

Qin Hao laughed out loud. It was already dark. Sightseeing …?

The man knew it was an awful excuse, but he was too nervous to think.

"If you don't want to be frank, don't blame me for being rude." Qin Hao's expression suddenly darkened. The smile on his face disappeared, and he turned into a blur as he dashed towards the two men. They tried to pull out their guns at the critical moment, but they lost consciousness before their guns could get out of their cases.

Looking at the two men who had fainted, Qin Hao took out a few silver needles and inserted them into a few acupoints on each of their heads.

Then, he slapped his hands twice to wake them up.

They woke up with their faces glazed and their eyes vacant. Something seemed to have damaged their nervous system

"Now, let's talk. Tell me why you are watching me?"

"We are the special police of Nan Lin city. We received a warrant for your arrest a few days ago. Someone reported you staying at the Longya Hotel today, so we were ordered to watch you and wait for the Dragon Group."

Hearing the two words "Dragon Group," Qin Hao froze. He interrupted him, "what's the Dragon Group?"

"The Dragon Group is the most mysterious and powerful secret organization in the country. It's said the group consists of the experts from the ancient martial arts sects. They wouldn't be involved in normal matters unless someone powerful like you show up."

"So, the Dragon Group is coming for me?"

"Yes, they'll be here soon. I heard that there were ten experts."

Qin Hao's heart turned cold, "ten experts. What stage are they in?"

The question was too hard for him to answer. He was just an ordinary person. How would he know about the martial cultivation stages? Even if he knew about the stages, the people who were coming would not tell him what stages they were in.

Seeing that he could not answer, he knew that he did not know more details. Qin Hao decided not to let them go. After all, they were following orders, and they didn't hurt him. So, he knocked them out again, pulled out the silver needles from their heads, and quickly disappeared into the darkness of the Nan Lin city.

Judging from the situation, he could not stay here for long. He had to leave this place overnight and head for Wuliu.

Wuliu Town lied at the junction of our country and two Southeast Asia countries. All three states wanted to run the town, but none of them seemed to be able to control it. The people there were complicated, and the management was chaotic. Many ruffians had gathered and committed crimes there, but they could escape from one country to another quickly, making it difficult for the police to arrest them.

Qin Hao had made his mind. If he reached Wuliu, he could go to another country. The Dragon Group couldn't just go over the border and arrest anyone as it would cause a diplomatic dispute. If they wanted to go over the border, they had to go through diplomatic negotiations. He would fleet away before they had settled the agreement.

What made Qin Hao depressed was that when he stopped a few taxis and told them he wanted to go to Wuliu, they stepped on the accelerator and ran even faster than a rabbit. After he increased the price to ten times, the drivers told him no matter how much money he gave to them, and they were afraid of losing their lives in that place.

Qin Hao was speechless. Was that place as scary as h.e.l.l?

Just when he was about to kidnap a taxi and force it to go to the town, a blue taxi stopped beside him. A bald man with a white paste on his head stuck his head out of the car window and shouted towards Qin Hao, "Brother, you're going to Wuliu? He-he, they don't dare to go there. I was the only one who had the nerve."

Qin Hao looked at him. Indeed, he looked like a bold man. "You dare to go?"

"Of course. However, it's not cheap." The bald man shouted.

"How much?"

" Ten thousand yuan. I won't go without a penny." He was asking for an exorbitant price.

"All right, let's go." Qin Hao didn't care how much he spent. An Ru gave him 200000 Yuan, and He still had most of it. He could afford the price.

"Good. Brother, you're the most straightforward person I've ever met. Give me the money, " the bald man did not hesitate as he immediately extended his hand.

Qin Hao searched his pockets. He only had bank cards, no cash. "Can I pay by card?"

"No problem. You can pay by card." He took out a POS machine.

d.a.m.n! Since when did they equip the taxis with POS machines? Maybe only this guy would do that. Qin Hao believed that he must go there very often and always asked for a very high price. He knew that few people would carry large amounts of cash with them, so he installed a POS machine in his car. Under normal circ.u.mstances, there was no need to fix this machine because a taxi ride only cost about ten to a few dozen yuan.

After swiping the card, the bald man happily started the car and rushed out of the city into the darkness.

"Hey, what's your name, brother?" He asked in a loud voice as he drove.

"Qin Hao."

"Oh, Brother Qin, it's not safe to go to Wuliu by yourself at night. Do you need a bodyguard? I can recommend some to you." He acted as if he were a warm-hearted man

"No, thanks." Qin Hao rejected him gently, "Is that place chaotic?"

"It's a real mess." The bald man raised his voice, " Let me put it this way. People die every day in that place. They are as worthless as ants. Especially in the border areas, drug traffickers often fight with each other. They play black-eat-black games or have gun battles with the police. d.a.m.n, you can't imagine how scary the scene is. Once I saw with my own eyes that those drug dealers even used mortars. I've only seen that kind of thing in anti-j.a.panese TV series. I didn't expect drug traffickers would use it." The bald man chattered away, showing off his unusual experience.

Judging from his experience, he must have always been hanging out in that area.

"Stop! Stop the car!"

As he talked, the car had already left the downtown area and arrived at a checkpoint. He didn't know since when there had been an inspection. Several police officers were standing by the roadside, with several cars parked beside them.

"Why did they set up a checkpoint here? f.u.c.k!" The bald man uttered a stupid curse and reluctantly stopped the car. He turned to Qin Hao, "Don't worry, brother, I'll take care of it. It' not that I've been dealing biz in this area for one or two days, who dares not give a face to me? " He opened the door, jumped off, and shouted at the policeman, "What are you doing? I've paid my taxes. Get out of the way!"

The policeman was not angry but saluted him, "I'm sorry, sir. We are patrol policemen on duty. Please show me your ID. Thank you for your cooperation."

"d.a.m.n! Do you think I am driving an unlicensed car? I drive a regular taxi. Do you want certificates? Here is the driver's license, my ID card, and… Everything is here. Look carefully. They're not fake." The bald man threw those certificates at the police and roared arrogantly.

The policeman made a general inspection, then gave the certificates back to him, "who's in the car?"

"Of course it's my customer. Are you going to check on him?" He took back his certificates and spoke in an irritated tone.

The policeman ignored him and walked to the window. He saluted politely, "Sir, I'm sorry. According to the regulations, we need to check ID cards of all the pa.s.sengers."

"Hey, don't go too far!" The bald man jumped at him angrily.

"What are you doing? Step aside!" The rest of the police immediately rushed forward to stop him.

Qin Hao's face darkened. If he were driving, he would have stepped on the accelerator and rushed straight through. However, the driver was not him, nor could he drive.

The only doc.u.ment he had now was his ID card. If he took it out, his ident.i.ty would be exposed. Maybe these policemen had set up the checkpoint to stop him. As long as they confirmed he's the wanted man, they would report it, and the masters of the Dragon Group would immediately catch up.

"Are you sure you want to check it?" His cold tone made the policeman tremble. What a terrifying killing intent! However, he still stuck to his principles.

"Yes, sir. Please cooperate with our work."

"OK. Here you are." Qin Hao handed over his ID card with coldness in his eyes.

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