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Chapter 648: The Twisted Mr. Shang (8)
Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Shang Mo's lips curled with a cold smirk.

Rong Mo faced those cold and lifeless eyes that seemed as though they belonged to a superior being. After a moment, Shang Mo retracted his icy demeanor and transformed into a warm gentleman. "Grandma is waiting for you. You've got 10 minutes to pack!"

Rong Mo hurriedly added, "Alright!"

He took off his wig and removed the makeup from his face with a handkerchief before heading into a changing room. Shang Mo looked at him with pursed lips. Even though his face was expressionless, his heart was scoffing coldly.

This lad was really steady, and did not have any bit of slip ups even when handling people. To think that he could not even tell that anything was up with Rong Mo at all!

But this was for the best—this only made the game even more interesting.

Shang Mo's gaze out of the window was dark and imperceptible, akin to the seas beneath dark clouds—deep and reaching, signaling an ensuing turbulent storm.

After closing the doors of the changing room, Rong Mo leaned with his back against the wall and heaved out heavily. Clearly, he could only finally relax now, realizing he had broken out into cold sweat.

Wiping his forehead, he felt that thin layer of sweat before he started changing.
The changing room was fitted with a gigantic mirror. When Rong Mo took off his clothes, it reflected his jade white skin. That exquisite face was akin to that of a little girl's. However, that head of short, ruffled black hair made it seem as though he was merely a boy with articulate features.

This was a person whose gender was indeterminable. However, the bandages on his chest had loosened, revealing small protruding mumps.

This was the only proof that showed… this him was a her.

This was a young, beautiful maiden!

Two months ago, she had stirred awake in darkness, finding herself at a foreign place.

Her surroundings seemed as though she had just gone through a car accident.

She did not know who she was or how she had gotten there, and neither did she know how the accident took place. Everything aside, she did not even remember that it wasn't because of the car accident that she had lost her memories.

The only sensation she felt was a stinging pain all over her body and a giddying dizziness.

Her surroundings were silent, seeming as though there was no one else around as she could only depend on herself to get out of the place.

However, she was way too weak at that moment.

She had barely managed to crawl out of the car and took a couple of steps when she stumbled once more. Slipping all the way down from the road, that was the last thing she could remember.

When she next awoke, she was within a house.

A man stood beside her bed. When he saw that she was waking up, he was elated as he smiled out emotionally. "You're awake? You're finally awake!"

However, a smudge of dejection spread through his face after that initial elation.

This was the first person she had caught sight of since she woke up. Right at her weakest moment, under the circ.u.mstances of not knowing who she was herself—and even if she did not know who this man was too—her trust toward him was absolute.

She firmly believed that he must be taking care of her sincerely because he was her family or close friend.

And indeed, he WAS really nice to her, taking care of her meticulously as though she was the most precious treasure in this world, even seemingly afraid that she might hurt herself through some accident.

She wanted to ask him if he was her boyfriend or brother. However, the newly awakened her could not speak at all.


That was how he called her.

However, she did not know which Mo 1 it was.

That was fine though—she believed that she would know eventually after she got better. But it didn't take long before she realized something was awry.

She had merely lost her memory, not gone stupid. At the same time, her English seemed to be rather decent, and because of that, she realized that there were two words listed in the medicine that he had been feeding her…

Sedative and hypnotic.

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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 648 - The Twisted Mr. Shang (8) summary

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