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…Eh? …Huh?

In front of my eyes stood not a dog, cat, horse, rabbit or bird.

In front of me was…a human.

"Eh? …F-father?"

Are my eyes weird? Eh? Is it because my eyes are weird that I can't see anything but humans? Eh? Should we call a doctor?

"Father…are my eyes strange? …Instead of an animal, I see a person…"

"Hahahaha! Rose's eyes aren't strange. This is a beast man."

"…Beast man?"

Now that he pointed it out, looking closely I could see the beast man's ears moving. There was probably also a tail behind him.

"You see, this child grew up in an orphanage in our territory…He was going to be sold at an illegal black market auction, but we managed to save him."

“…Black market. What happened to the auction?”

 "We crushed it, you don't have to worry…but it seems that this child has experienced his fair share of violence there. He won't speak."


"Rose, because you seem moved, please get along with each other. He's a year younger than you so he'll be your younger brother. He's a werewolf that can transform into a wolf. Can I ask you to get along with him?"

"Eh? Is that so? We'll get along! I want him to get better and hear his voice."

"That's right, Rose, why don't you give this child a name?"

"…Name…is it alright for me to give him one?"

"It appears that he wasn't given a proper name at the orphanage. Since we rescued him from the auction, I've taken custody."

"Is that so. I understand! …I wonder what would be good~"

"Don't stress about the name too much."

"…!!! I've decided! Elpis…El for short!"


My parents said simultaneously. As expected of this super close married couple.

"Elpis means hope. I'd like for you to speak, because there are wonderful people in the world as well! And, I want you to find hope.”

I want you to have that kind of hope. I think it was Greek or something?[1] I was somewhat unsure because the memories of my past life were gradually becoming fuzzier. Well! It sounds good at any rate.

"I see…hope. Where is that word from? It's my first time hearing it."

"That's true. It's a nice name, but really, where is it from?"

"W-well, a b-book. I read it in a book. I'm sure that's where I saw it~"

"Is that so. Rose is really well informed, isn't she."

“Rose is a genius!”


I managed to cover it up somehow, but next time I'll have to stop the conversation before it gets to this point.

"M-more importantly, I want to take El outside with me. Is that alright? I'd like to show him the mansion and garden."

“I see. By all means, take him with you.”

"Let's get back to dinner preparations. The head chef is in high spirits today because of Rose's birthday."

“Alright! Allen, El, let's go.”

I held both of their hands as we left the room.

"First, let's introduce ourselves. I'm Roselia, but everyone calls me Rose. I'll call you El from now on, so remember it okay?"

I watched to see if he heard me. He nodded his head so I think that he understood.

“This is my personal butler Allen. El, let's get along from now on.”

I grabbed El's hand and smiled at him.

[1] Elpis is the personification of hope in Greek mythology. For example, the remaining ‘hope' at the bottom of the box after Pandora releases evil and illness into the world.

Notes: Honestly, kind of saw this coming but I don't know if I loved that they teased him as a pet. I'm glad they said younger brother in the end!! This chapter changed moods so fast…from like funny to dark to fluffy. I love how Rose just rolls with everything~! ヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+ Also…the dad…(ಡ艸ಡ) who is he really that's just like casually crus.h.i.+ng black market auctions??? LOL

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