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Chapter 774 Killing All the Members of the Hero Martial Arts Alliance Without Mercy

“Is that... Is that the Buddha of the Western Paradise?”

“A living Buddha? Oh my G.o.d...”

“No, no, no. We are not bad people. Why does the Buddha want to kill us?”

The disciples of the Hero Martial Arts Alliance were a little fl.u.s.tered when they encountered such a living Buddha.

In the eyes of the people of the Hero Country, the Buddha was a symbol of wisdom, kindness, and benevolence. The giant Buddha in front of them was originally kind-hearted and full of Buddha’s nature. However, when he saw them, he glared at them, regarded them as demons, and wanted to kill them as if they had really committed unforgivable sins.

Li Mu frowned.

“Get back.”

He shouted in a low voice.

The giant Buddha suddenly stopped, stood there in a dazed state and was rooted to the spot. His killing intent soon disappeared, and he bowed to Li Mu with his hands folded in front of his chest. Then, he turned around, returned to his original place, and turned into a Buddha statue.

The disciples of the disciple looked at Li Mu in astonishment.

“He can even order a Buddha!

“Who on earth is this G.o.d of Martial Arts?”

“Everything is an illusion. The world in the frescoes is just a spiritual illusion. What you saw was not a real Buddha,” Li Mu said, “Hold on to your heart and do not be confused by superficial things and illusions. Everything here is of great help to your cultivation, provided that you don’t fall into it.”

He led the others forward.

They pa.s.sed through an area with splendid Buddhist palaces and pavilions and walked between towering paG.o.das.

There were traces of fighting along the way.

They saw many dead bodies.

Among them, there were many half-human, half-demon monsters.

“The members of the Demon Coalition also came here.”

The eyes of Tang Tian and other disciples of the Hero Martial Arts Alliance flashed with hatred when they saw the dead bodies of those half-demons.

The Demon Coalition was now a sworn enemy of the Hero Martial Arts Alliance.

They walked forward for a while.

They heard the sounds of a fierce fight ahead.

They raised their heads and saw some pract.i.tioners fighting among the Buddhist paG.o.das and palaces several thousand meters ahead. The battlefield was in a state of chaos with smoke and dust billowing into the sky.

Two figures crisscrossed at a low alt.i.tude and changed their positions at an extremely fast speed. As they fought, they flew in the direction of Li Mu and the others.

Each of the two figures held a light sword, one green and one red, which were very eye-catching. Moreover, the power of their light swords was shocking. Every time they casually wielded the light swords, a rain of light fell, and many pavilions and paG.o.das collapsed like sand sculptures in the wind.

“Secret treasures. They’ve got secret treasures.”

Tang Tian cried out in surprise.

The two pract.i.tioners were very powerful, but they had not reached the point where they could destroy heaven and earth and cause buildings to collapse with their casual moves.

Obviously, the light swords in their hands had great power.

They were the Buddha’s secret treasures in this small world.

“Ha-ha-ha, Zhao Feilong, I will spare your life if you can give us the Buddha’s secret treasures. The people of the Demon Coalition have surrounded this place. You will never get out of here and will be ground to powder.” One of the two persons with two monkey arms that had grown out from his armpits laughed wildly. His attacks were swift and fierce. He swung his red light sword and attacked his opponent fiercely, and the blast waves destroyed the surrounding buildings. Many Buddhist paG.o.das and palaces collapsed.

The other person wore a blue robe and held a green light sword in his hand. He tried his best to block the attacks and fled toward the gate of the secret realm.

“You’re really stubborn. I told you that you couldn’t get out of here...” The monkey-armed half-demon pract.i.tioner attacked crazily, “The entire Mogao Caves, no, the entire Dunhuang City is under the control of the Demon Coalition.”

After a fierce battle, the Buddhist kingdom turned into ruins.

Tang Tian and the other disciples were shocked. “They are coming our way.”

They suddenly became vigilant.

“Kill!” The monkey-armed pract.i.tioner became more and more adept at controlling his light sword. He thrust the light sword, producing a red sword shadow that was hundreds of meters long and destroyed everything in the air.

The blast waves produced by the light sword surged like tides toward Li Mu and the others.

They were standing on the road leading out of the secret realm.

The person named Zhao Feilong, who was fleeing, was a young man in his twenties. He wore a blue robe, which had an ancient charm. He fought as he ran and he saw Li Mu and the others out of the corner of his eye.

“The people of Hero Country? Oh no... Watch out!”

Initially, he wanted to escape. However, when he saw that Li Mu and the others, who were dressed like the people of Hero Country, standing there dazedly and didn’t attempt to dodge the blast waves, he gritted his teeth, moved swiftly, and stood in front of Li Mu and the others. Then, he wielded the green light sword in his hand and blocked the red sword shadow coming at them.


The sound of a violent explosion rang out, and smoke and dust billowed into the sky.

Zhao Feilong felt a surge of sweet fluid in his throat, and his legs gave way as he stepped back involuntarily. His feet plowed two gullies in the ground, and he spat out a mouthful of blood and managed to steady his footing.


He shouted loudly to Li Mu and the others without looking back.

The monkey-armed demon had already rushed over. Seeing this scene, he laughed wildly in the air.

“Ha-ha! Why did you stop fleeing? Do you want to protect your own people? He-he! You self-righteous people have so many shackles on you, ha-ha-ha, but I like it. Give me the divine treasures of the Buddha. Otherwise, I’ll kill all the people of Hero Country in this small secret realm.”

“Shame on you. You are also a citizen of Hero Country...” Zhao Feilong said angrily.

He deliberately talked back to buy time for Li Mu and the others to escape.

“Ha-ha, I used to be one, but I’m not now... I’m already a member of the Demon Kingdom. Ha-ha-ha, I’m above human beings. I have strong power and will eventually become a G.o.d.”

The monkey-armed demon pressed forward slowly.

Figures crisscrossed in the distance.

All of them were half-demon pract.i.tioners of the Demon Coalition.

“You... Why aren’t you leaving?” Zhao Feilong looked back and found that Li Mu and the others were still standing there. He suddenly became anxious.

“Are those young men scared out of their wits?”

“Ha-ha-ha, none of you can leave today.” The monkey-armed demon laughed. Noticing the uniforms of the Hero Martial Arts Alliance that Tang Tian and other disciples were wearing, he said with a vicious smile on his face, “The Chief of the Demon Coalition has issued an order to kill all the members of the Hero Martial Arts Alliance and not to show any mercy.”

Hundreds of half-demons closed in on them like surging tides.

Strong demonic auras swirled around them.

“Go right now. Don’t be afraid. Run as fast as you can. I’ll cover you.” Zhao Feilong turned around and shouted to Li Mu and the others.

However, they had no intention of escaping.

Li Mu reached out his hand, patted the injured young man, and smiled. Then, he walked past the young man, stared at the monkey-armed demon, and said, “You just said that you would kill all the members of the Hero Martial Arts Alliance without showing any mercy, right?”



In Dunhuang City.

A strange atmosphere pervaded the entire city.

It had been almost half an hour since the G.o.dlike voice rang out in the sky.

Intimidated by the voice, over half of the pract.i.tioners from various continents had already left Dunhuang City. After all, that voice sounded so terrifying and contained formidable power like that of a king. They had never been so scared before. The pract.i.tioners had a keen sense of perceived danger. Without absolute confidence, the pract.i.tioners from various continents did not want to risk their lives.

However, some foreign pract.i.tioners still stayed in Dunhuang City.

“Humph, you ignorant fools. Do you really think that you can scare us away by playing such tricks? The people of Hero Country like to play such tricks.”

In the most luxurious hotel in Dunhuang City, a strong middle-aged white man with curly long hair dressed in a long white robe stood by the window of an executive suite with a sneer on his face. He held a golden wand in his hand.

Behind him stood tens of pract.i.tioners from the Wide North Continent. All of them were very powerful masters.

“It’s almost been half an hour. I’m curious to see what will happen.” He looked at the incense stick that was about to burn out.

He deliberately ordered his men to light the incense stick after that voice rang out in the sky.

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The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 774 - Killing All the Members of the Hero Martial Arts Alliance Without summary

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