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Both old men already had very fiery tempers. But in comparison with Old Master Yang, whose fiery temper would be ignited without rhyme or reason, Old Master Chu could at least take into account the overall circ.u.mstance.

Now that they had put up a real fight and begun to attack each other violently, everyone beneath them was dazzled and they trembled with fear.

Banging sounds arose, and the duo fought from the East to the West, then back to the East again, and from the South to the North… And everything beneath them would turn into a huge mess, as if struck by a thunderstorm!

Two bangs sounded at the same time. It turned out that Chu Xiongcheng was. .h.i.t by Yang Bao on his left shoulder, while Yang Bao suffered a kick from Chu Xiongcheng on his right leg. Both of them lost their balance, and they fell from the air like two meteorites, slamming violently on the ground. The ground tremored, but following which, the both of them bounced up again and began fighting like jackals. After dozens of punches, the duo was back into mid-air again.

Then there was a dazzling battle between them. Countless numbers of Old Masters Chu and Yang appeared then suddenly disappeared, at the same time. One would pull the other's hair, and the other would pull him back on his beard. Fighting like town rogues, they rolled to the ground while tangling themselves onto each other.

They didn't push each other apart after they reached the ground. They continued to roll on the ground, while they punched, kicked, whacked and cursed each other. In the end, they brought up the various grievances they had in these dozens of years. As such, they became more and more furious. They had simply become sworn enemies.

"You didn't have b.a.l.l.s in the past, and now you still don't! You wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h my wife then, and now, my grandson has been bullied by you. You and I are at daggers drawn!" Yang Bao burst.

"You're a snapping beetle, so I gave way to you back then only to let you kneel more. Your wife is strict, and you're a coward who fears your wife. Every day, you need to help your wife wash her feet. Now, you even have the courage to barge in here. I'll f**king whack you till you explode 1 … I'll let you explode! Let you explode! F**king explode…"

Bang bang bang bang…

In just the blink of an eye, the two serious-looking men had already become badly-battered.

The brows of everyone beneath witnessing the fight palpitated and their faces twitched.

Old Mistress Yang looked heavy and was unable to suppress her anger. Suddenly she howled, "Yang Bao! Haven't you eaten? Whack this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d to death!"

Old Master Yang turned back. Old Master Chu grasped hold of this opportunity and punched heavily on Yang Bao's eyes, which instantly turned swollen; Yang Bao didn't spare him either, with a roar, he punched Old Master Chu's nose, which started to nose-bleed.

At one moment, Yang Bao was on the top punching his fists down, while at the other moment, Chu Xiongcheng had switched his position to the top, riding on Yang Bao and fiercely slamming him down!

Instantly, dozens of pits appeared on the originally flat ground. Walls nearby slowly opened countless numbers of cracks… It looked like the Chu clan had to renovate their house.

Suddenly, Chu Xiongcheng, who was beneath Yang Bao, gave a kick on Yang Bao's belly. Yang Bao was tossed out, and his limbs flung in mid-air. Chu Xiongcheng bounced up and caught him, and they fell fiercely into a garden's pond. Instantly, water splashed up and they began fighting in the water!

Following which, they flew out with drenched bodies and began rolling on the ground. They didn't use any weapons and only fought with their arms and feet. One's punch would be returned with another's kick; their fight had proceeded in a desultory fas.h.i.+on.

While Old Master Chu was solid, Old Master Yang had an even more steady build. Seeing that Old Master Chu was going to lose the fight, Chu Feilong was about to go forward to help his father strike Yao Bao. Yang Ruoxiong burst into laughter, "Chu Feilong, I'll fight with you!"

Chu Feilong was startled. When he was just about to say, "I don't want to fight with you", Yang Ruoxiong had already dashed towards him like a bull and struck his large palm forth violently. As Chu Feilong tried to shelf against it, a large force pressed down on him like a heavy mountain. Having caught it off-guard, he instantly slipped back seventy or eighty feet as if he was on a skateboard.

With a howl, Yang Ruoxiong flew up with his unimaginably st.u.r.dy body, and hurled forward violently. Chu Feilong, unwilling to be outdone, focused on confronting his opponent. As such, another battle had begun.

Instantly, the entire backyard of the Chu clan had turned into a battlefield.

The Chu clan's guards and Blood-Clothed Troop rushed up to each other at the same time.

Chu Feiling and Yang Ruolan yelled anxiously, "All of you, stop! We won't pardon anyone who dares to raise his hand!"

Instantly, hundreds of machos came to a stop and stood still blankly as they watched the four people fighting.

Chu Feiling and Yang Ruolan glanced a look at each other, and both saw the anxiety and contradiction in each other's eyes: What should we do?

Old Mistress Yang held a bowl of tea, while the girl in red stood by her side. Although her eyes were full of anxiety, she dared not speak.

"Are you done yet?" Old Mistress Yang roared, seeing that the fight had been putting up for too long.

Normally, the two geezers would stop when they heard such a roar.

But now, both of them were still in a fit of anger. They didn't listen to the command and continued to fight. Mud b.a.l.l.s flew into the air. Instantly, the originally clear sky turned dark, as if it was overwhelmed with dark clouds.

Old Mistress Yang deeply felt that she had lost her face, and was just about to take action to punish both of them…

At this moment, there was a yell outside the door, and there came an astonished voice, "What's going on? Who's so daring to be wild here!"

A figure, with a look of horror, came in slowly.

Yang Ruolan shouted in surprise, "Yang Yang?!" And she rushed towards him.

Both sides were now fighting in full swing, and the culprit who had caused the fight… actually came back unscathed…

It was Chu Yang.

When he had not even traveled halfway from the Law Enforcement Hall, he saw a huge commotion in the direction of the Chu clan and the sky was overwhelmed with dusts. At once, he was shocked and urged the postilion to speed up. This private carriage, which was used by the commander of law-enforcement officers, was indeed extraordinary. It was not only comfortable but also fast. Soon, it arrived at the Chu clan.

Opening up the big gate, he only saw a mess within. The original grandeur of the house had completely vanished.

Chu Yang was taken aback. Upon scrutiny, he realized that his grandfather Chu Xiongcheng and a leopard-like old man were fighting furiously, and that went the same to Chu Feilong and a bull-like macho.

At the same time, everyone else in the Chu clan, including his own father and mother… actually stood by to watch the battle?

Although Chu Yang was smart and quick-witted, he was thoroughly perplexed at this moment.

Isn't such a situation too bizarre?

He couldn't help but let out a scream.

Then, Yang Ruolan came up and hugged Chu Yang, and asked affectionately, "Yang Yang, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, actually it was the elders from the Law Enforcement Hall who wanted me to attend their injuries. What else can it be?" Chu Yang could naturally not speak the truth.

"I see," Yang Ruolan felt relieved.

"Not only this, after I've finished attending them, Elder Sha even sent me back with his own private carriage," Chu Yang pointed his fingers casually and smiled, "These six brothers are law-enforcement officers. They guarded me back."

Yang Ruolan was even more delighted: She had such a promising son. He was held highly even in front of the law-enforcement officers. At once, she felt full of honor.

She went forward to exchange greetings with the law-enforcement officers, and invited the few of them to come in to have some tea; How could they not know that these were words of courtesy? Besides, drink tea… in the current house of the Chu clan? It's better to drink mud…

The six people glanced at one another and said, "Young Master Chu, do you need our help?" The six people were instructed by Sha Xinliang to obey to whatever requests made by Chu Yang. Now that they saw there were people making trouble in the Chu clan, they wanted to a.s.sert themselves.

Chu Yang looked at his mother to seek her opinion.

Yang Ruolan was taken aback and shook her hands, saying, "Yang Yang, that's your maternal grandfather… He blames your grandpa for not protecting you well and allowing you to be arrested by the law-enforcement officers… So they started to fight…"

Chu Yang smiled bitterly, "Oh, I see."

The six law-enforcement officers smiled and said, "Since this is a household matter, we shall not intervene. Young Master Chu, we shall leave now."

Chu Yang smiled and said politely, "Brothers, take care."

Two of the law-enforcement officers' faces twitched before saying 'goodbye'. They thought: We're about the same age as your grandpa, yet you called us brothers… Without saying anything more, they bowed, turned back and left.

Yang Ruolan was amazed and said, "Yang Yang, you're so talented. I've never seen the law-enforcement officers being so polite for a long time. They treated you so courteously… and even called you Young Master Chu… Your father has never been treated this way…"

Chu Yang revealed a triumphant expression, "That's nonsense, you should look at who your son is. Besides… by Father's age, it's inappropriate for him to be called Young Master Chu…"

Yang Ruolan patted him gently and said affectionately, "You're flattering yourself!" And she immediately took his hands and said, "Come and look at your grandmother."

She pulled Chu Yang in front of Old Mistress Yang, and introduced happily, "Mother, this is your grandson. He's good-looking, isn't he?" She said it rather boastfully.

Old Mistress Yang let the battle pa.s.s out of her mind, and smiled like a flower. She inspected Chu Yang carefully and said, "This guy really looks good. Your nose, eyes, brows, mouth, ears, face and skin… look like Lan Lan's child at first glance. You look the same as your mother when she was young. Come to me. Let grandma have a closer look at you."

Chu Feiling stood aside and quietly flipped his eyelids as he thought: You dare to say that he looks like your daughter, and has nothing that resembles me at all? … This guy clearly looks like me…

Chu Yang smiled sweetly. He went up and said naively, "Grandma…" At once, he vomited at his own attempt at acting cute.

Old Mistress Yang was elated and laughed, "Such a polite child…" And she turned around and yelled, "Come, bring out the gift that I've prepared for my grandson."

n.o.body responded to her shout.

That pair of father and son was still fighting valiantly.

Old Mistress Yang was raged and shouted, "Are you blind? Can't you see that he's back?"

Chu Feilong and Yang Ruoxiong stopped fighting first. Chu Yang paid special attention to them: That bull-like macho's face had a lot of bruises on his face, while Chu Feilong had no bruise on his face at all.

The duo seemed to be evenly matched, but Chu Yang instantly realized: Chu Feilong had definitely hidden his own potential. He snorted in his heart: By this creature's wit, it would be a wonder if he didn't hide his potential…

'Bao' within the name 'Yang Bao' means 'explode' in Chinese

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