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When Tang Xia opened her eyes, she only saw the transparent beads of the bed curtain. When the breeze blew past, the beads collided and made a crisp and melodious sound, ringing over the surroundings before disappearing.

"When did I come back?"

She looked at Lyuyou with her beautiful eyes. Lyuyou wore a smile and responded to her casually.

"Weren't you always sleeping in the room, Your Grace?"

"Where is Chu Tiankuo?" She remembered him immediately.

"Guard Chu has been ordered to the Shangshufang by the emperor. It said that there is the latest news about the executioner." Lyuyou stopped for a second. "Guard Chu is so powerful. He could even find the clues of such a mysterious issue in one day."

Tang Xia frowned and instinctively felt that there was something wrong.

"Go to the Imperial Study."

Helian Jue was in the Imperial Study. He raised his eyebrows and anxiety flashed briefly in his eyes.

"Your Majesty, Lady Yue Ji asks to see you." Shun Decai folded his sleeves, and carefully whispered by Helian Jue's ear.

Recently, Lengmei quarreled with Helian Jue again. The aura around Helian Jue had reached freezing points and he did not even smile when he had a meal.

Shun Decai had to serve him carefully.

"Let her in." He said without thinking.

Tang Xia made a bow, and her eyes were s.h.i.+ning like the brightest star in the sky.

When she faced Helian Jue, her s.h.i.+ning eyes showed no expression.

"Greetings, Your Majesty." Tang Xia lowered her body and instantly wore a flirty and flattering smile.

"Raise your head and let me see your face." It seemed that Helian Jue was aware of her deep smile, he rarely felt curious about her.

Tang Xia wore a long green yarn dress today with a green emerald hairpin in her delicate princess bun. The remaining hair hung over her back and her lips were as tender as fresh cherry blossoms.

She looked fresh and pleasant.

Tang Xia raised her eyes and wore a vague smile.

In an instant, everything was color-faded.

"You're getting more and more beautiful, Yue Ji." Helian Jue tried to say more, before finally spitting out this sentence with a little strangeness.

"Thank you for your love." Tang Xia lowered her head and smiled with the corners of her mouth.

"I heard that Guard Chu had found out the clues of the executioner issue in the harem, so I came to learn about it."

Helian Jue waved his hand. "I have asked him to leave."

"Since it is so, I don't want to bother you, Your Majesty. I will retire." Tang Xia said and made a bow, leaving.

"Did you come just for the executioner issue, my love?" Helian Jue asked at a deep voice and a piece of hope showed in his eyes.

It seemed that he really hoped to hear something about him from Tang Xia's tender lips.

Tang Xia's eyes turned cold and she was thinking about how to retreat in her mind.

If she changed her behavior and said she was going to visit Helian Jue with the excuse of the executioner issue. Then she could complain about something to him. She must get Helian Jue's concern.

He was a man who always expected his woman to only miss him.

Tang Xia wore an ironic smile and looked at Helian Jue's handsome face.

"I promised to find out the executioner with my life. Your Majesty, please understand my thoughts."

She did not look at Helian Jue when she said these words. Even though she looked at another place, she could tell the expression in Helian Jue's eyes.

No hurt, only anger, or surprise.

Helian Jue's eyes deepened and his gaze fell on Tang Xia's body, not moving for a long time.

"Are you complaining about me?"

His voice was low and hoa.r.s.e, which was totally different from Chu Tiankuo's.

To compare, Helian Jue was kind of evil, while Chu Tiankuo was full of chill.

There was probably disappointment and hatred for the world festering in him for a long time for him to acc.u.mulate that kind of chill.

Tang Xia felt unpleasant.

They were both the system's NPC. Why did Tang Xia dislike Helian Jue?

"I dare not blame you, Your Majesty." She lowered her body and tried to behave obediently, which caused Helian Jue to frown.

"Why are you so distant from me?" A trace of surprise pa.s.sed Helian Jue's handsome face, but more of it was disappointment.

He even felt that the previous Yue Ji would have raised her s.h.i.+ning eyes and looked at him with tears. Her voice would be melodious and flirty, which sounded like an Oriole in the mountains.

She would tell him she had waited for him for a long time, but she did not know whether he still loved her.

A piece of impatience showed in her eyes. Tang Xia raised her chin and wore a bright smile. "You don't have to worry about it."

Before Helian Jue continued his topic, she made a bow immediately.

"My time is limited, so I have to go ahead and find clues."

Helian Jue gazed at her sleek figure. An inexplicable breath stuck in his heart, which was hanging over his body.

It made him really uncomfortable.

"Two days later, there will be an eight-country meeting. I need you to go with me."

Tang Xia was stunned and took a sigh. She made a bow and left gently.

Helian Jue's eyes were gloomy.

"Your Majesty, the eight-country meeting is for the leaders of eight countries. Lady Lengmei has mastered a flying skill and has a special capacity for reading people and things. Are you really going to give up her, but choose Lady Yue Ji?"

There was no expression in his eyes. "Do as I said."

Shun Decai made a bow and stepped out of the Imperial Study. He rushed towards Tang Xia.

"Your Grace, Please wait."

Lyuyou stopped at first. "Eunuch Shun, do you have something to tell from the emperor?"

He nodded, turning to Tang Xia with a humble att.i.tude. "Your Grace, I told you early on that you could achieve great things. Now, it seems to be true."

Tang Xia frowned. "What do you mean?"

Shun Decai made a bow and even his eyebrows were smiling.

"Maybe you are unaware, Your Grace, but except for the queen, n.o.body could attend the eight-country meeting."

"Every four years, the leaders from eight countries would come to a country to discuss the people's affairs. It's originally a very secret issue, but the emperor told you in a casual way and even chose you to go instead of Lady Lengmei!"

His eyes were full of expectation and seemed to have determined that Tang Xia could gain the highest importance in Helian Jue's mind.

Tang Xia was not that happy.

"Since the issue of the executioner has not been settled, I don't know when I will live to."

In addition, for Helian Jue who was inconsistent in his words, she did not know what kind of reason he would find to replace her for another woman.

Tang Xia added the last sentence in her mind and turned to Shun Decai.

"It's just his impromptu decision. You have stayed by him for so many years, how can you consider it as a truth?"

After all, Shun Decai had experienced quite a lot, so he knew Tang Xia's thoughts clearly.

"You don't know, Your Grace."

He naturally believed that Tang Xia's tone today was just because Helian Jue ignored her from time to time.

Since he had lived in the harem for so many years, he naturally knew of the jealousy between women.

However, this time was different.

"The emperor has always been concerned about you, your Grace."

Talking about Helian Jue's concern to Tang Xia, it was less than one-third of that of Lengmei in this harem.

However, in Shun Decai's eyes, it was another kind of concern.

"What do you mean?"

Tang Xia's beautiful face was under a ray of soft suns.h.i.+ne and breeze. The suns.h.i.+ne shadowed her bright forehead into a beautiful arc. Her lips were tender, while the green yarn floated over her front. Her eyes were s.h.i.+ning like the brightest star in the night sky.

"You might not know, Your Grace," Shun Decai said in a deep voice, and said surprisingly. "In this large harem, every imperial concubine must think Lady Lengmei is the most favored."

"I don't want to talk too much about the reason for this."

He said slowly, "But I know the emperor's mind most since I have served him for decades. You are in his mind, Your Grace. It could be said that he loves you."

"The emperor would feel a headache at night, but only Lady Lengmei knows about it." He seemed to be remembering memories from far back, and his eyes were unclear. "When the emperor feels a headache, he can't have a good sleep, while the problems at daytime will disturb him all night. Do you remember the sachet that you sent to him?"

Tang Xia followed his gaze and slightly nodded.

"On the day you sent him the sachet, the emperor's headache was relieved."

"I venture to say, Your Grace. I arranged the lavender flowers in the Imperial Study with your method and even the lavender gra.s.s was picked up by me carefully, which were definitely the best." He stopped for a second and locked on Tang Xia's body.

"The emperor likes the sachet you sent to him. I thought I was just a normal person, my gift to the emperor could not match the one you sent to him."

"What changed my mind was about Lengmei." He talked slowly, attracting Lyuyou's attention.

Lyuyou raised her eyebrows. "Lady Lengmei?"

Shun Decai lowered his body. "Yes, Lady Lengmei seemed to be cold, but she is really kind. At least, she is kind to the emperor."

Tang Xia raised her chin and agreed with his words.

"Lady Lengmei made a sachet in the way you did. And she has mentioned several times that she would wear it for the emperor. The emperor wore it for a few times, but when he felt restless, he even called your name when he had a nightmare in the Shangshufang."

"The emperor likes you so so much, Your Grace. Only I know this because I stay by his side all the time."

Shun Decai's words were like small stones, hitting Tang Xia's heart and stirring up ripples.

"He said that Helian Jue likes me."

Her eyebrows did not move, "Absurd."

It must be absurd. She was in the broadcast room. If Helian Jue really fell in love with her, she would not have to find ways to conquer him.

This must be a misunderstanding, but Tang Xia was too lazy to explain.

"I still have things to do. I hope you do not waste my time." Tang Xia's eyes were cold and she wore a vague smile.

Shun Decai was speechless and sighed after a long time.

"I have bothered you, Your Grace."

Tang Xia turned around and planned to leave, but was stopped by Shun Decai's voice.

"Your Grace."

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