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Chapter 1523: Miracle

The medical staff present were all stunned.

Firstly, they were astonished by the speed at which this young man was suturing wounds. Secondly, they were amazed by his medical proficiency. These medical personnel included orthopedic surgeons, general surgeons, and even neurosurgeons, covering almost all aspects of medical care. They didn't know what conditions or injuries they might encounter at a car accident scene, so they were all specialized in their respective fields. After all, everyone's medical knowledge had its limits. Orthopedic surgeons wouldn't know how to suture wounds, and general surgeons wouldn't know how to handle concussions. But what left everyone dumbfounded was that this young man single-handedly treated different injuries.

He could treat concussions, handle cardiovascular diseases, provide emergency treatment for fractures and minor injuries, and even perform suturing surgery in general surgery.

What profession was this young man exactly? How could he handle all types of injuries?

Don't forget, there was a chief orthopedic surgeon present, a renowned figure in the medical system of Fenzhou City with over twenty years of experience. However, even this orthopedic surgeon was at a loss when faced with general surgery suturing. Therefore, he couldn't believe someone could have such comprehensive medical skills, especially a young man in his twenties. Wait a minute, why did this young man look so familiar?

The last injured person was finally treated, and Dong Xuebing breathed a sigh of relief. After comforting the patient, he immediately turned to the medical staff and asked, "Who is in charge here?"

"I am," a doctor in a white coat stepped forward.

Dong Xuebing said, "Several of the patients have suffered more severe injuries and need to be taken to the hospital for further surgery. This girl, that boy, and this middle-aged man. Due to limited equipment, I only performed simple suturing on them just now, and I didn't administer anesthesia. The disinfection wasn't thorough either. They need to be observed in the hospital. If everything is fine, they can be discharged, but they'll need further surgery if there are any issues."

The doctor replied, "The blood vessels have also been treated."

"They've all been sutured, but I didn't have time to suture the small blood vessels. I tied them off," Dong Xuebing said. "There won't be any life-threatening situations for now, but the prognosis isn't optimistic either."

The doctor acknowledged this and then turned to instruct, "Get ready to transport the patients to the hospital."

Dong Xuebing pointed to the side and continued, "These few have fractures and are quite serious. One of them has a sternal fracture that has almost reached the lung lobe, so it needs urgent treatment. I gave them simple treatment just now, but without proper equipment, they still need surgery."

Seeing the young man's medical skills, the doctor already had a lot of trust in him and didn't need to confirm. There wasn't time for that anyway. He immediately instructed several nurses to help lift the patients into the vehicles. Then he turned to Dong Xuebing and asked, "Anyone else?"

Dong Xuebing pointed to the elderly man. "I couldn't perform an electrocardiogram, but based on preliminary judgment, it's an acute myocardial infarction. I relieved it by pressing the Da Zhui and Neiguan acupoints. However, if it is a myocardial infarction, he'll need a stent or bypa.s.s surgery as soon as possible. I can't confirm it here, so there's a chance it could happen anytime. He needs to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. As for the old man's external injuries, nothing serious; I've already treated them."

“Understood,” the doctor called over some staff.

Usually, no doctor wouldn't be present at every car accident scene. Still, if there were, they would undoubtedly contribute significantly to saving lives and time. This time, the doctor leading the rescue team understood this well and naturally valued Dong Xuebing's efforts. There was no hesitation; they all followed his instructions and carefully transferred the injured onto their ambulances, considering the severity of each injury.

Dong Xuebing had a good memory. He explained the condition and injuries of each patient to the doctor one by one, as well as the emergency treatment methods he had used, to facilitate the hospital's understanding and better rescue efforts. For example, some sutures would need to be removed after they got back.

One ambulance drove away.

Two ambulances drove away.

The remaining injured were still being transferred.

The medical staff busied themselves, feeling somewhat speechless. They had rushed over in a hurry, only to find they didn't even have a chance to showcase their skills. All they were left with was lifting and setting down stretchers. Never before had they had such an easy time on a mission.

Suddenly, the sound of cars approached.

In the distance, cars drove up one after another.

There was no need to ask; it was the city leaders. However, they were a bit late. Whether it was the on-site rescue work or traffic control, Xie Huilan and Dong Xuebing had done an excellent job, completing all the arrangements perfectly. There was nothing for the city leaders to do.

The cars stopped, and the Secretary of the City Party Committee, Wan Fanglei, Mayor Zhong Zhengwei, and others got out of the cars.

Many leaders from the Transportation Bureau and other relevant departments followed closely, anxiously crowding around. Everyone knew that this traffic accident was not easy to handle.

" Mayor Wan, you're here too," Xie Hui Lan nodded. "The car was a bit faster; we just arrived." They had arrived early, but she couldn't say that; it would undermine the face of the Party Secretary.

Zhong Zhengwei immediately asked, "How many casualties?"

Xie Huilan replied, "It's not clear yet. Medical personnel are still counting."

Seeing the injured being carried onto stretchers one by one, Wan Fanglei's expression also turned grave.

At this moment, the doctor in charge hurried over upon seeing the City Party Secretary and the Mayor. "Secretary Wan, Mayor Zhong, Mayor Xie."

Wan Fanglei was annoyed. "Rescue first, don't mind us."

Feeling helpless, the doctor thought he wanted to focus on rescue, but there was nothing they could do now. So, he quickly reported, "The injured have been treated urgently. We've counted; there are currently no casualties. There are twenty injured, thirteen severely and seven lightly."

Wan Fanglei was taken aback. "No casualties?"

Zhong Zhengwei also breathed a sigh of relief. "That's fortunate."

But the doctor knew very well that this was not luck at all. "There was a competent young man at the scene. I'm not sure if he's a medical student. When the accident happened, he was there, and coincidentally, we also had a logistics staff member from our hospital. Equipment and materials were in the car, so the young man used limited tools and medications to treat the injured. Thanks to him, there were no casualties. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unthinkable. Ah, the several patients who needed sutures wouldn't have been able to hold on until the ambulance arrived."

A major traffic accident involving ten cars, yet no one died in the end.

This news uplifted all the leaders.

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