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Chapter 97

This enormous mountain cave was completely enclosed by stone walls and had been heated up in advance by fire ability users, so there was little moisture . And there were about a hundred small caverns to the side, each of them quite large . Presently, n.o.body paid particular attention to their living conditions . As long as they could make their beds on the floor, ten or twenty people living in a twenty to thirty square meter cavern was completely fine . Even more people could sleep inside if they dug a little deeper and opened a few smaller holes, so, in the end, everyone in the team could actually live inside .

These caves weren’t bad to live in, but there were some disadvantages, mostly that the light was rather scant . Fortunately, they had gathered many batteries during the journey, and since almost everyone had a small night light or flashlight, it didn’t really affect them much .

When they had just started transforming the cavern, Shao Zhenglan had created a cave with a small entrance with dimensions inside about two meters tall and four square meters wide specifically for Nie Yi . Tonight, Nie Yi carried Qi Jingchen in to stay .

This was Qi Jingchen’s first time living in a cave, and he began looking around with interest after entering, going to touch the wall . Nie Yi’s gaze, however, was glued to him .

“Jingchen, we’ll have to hurry on our journey tomorrow . When that time comes, we may not necessarily find a comfortable place to sleep in…” Nie Yi looked at Qi Jingchen anxiously, deliberately wanting to ask for some benefits for himself .

After being intimate with Qi Jingchen, he had been busy with setting up the secure base, then busy with training his ability . On top of that, he was worried about Qi Jingchen’s health, concerned that Qi Jingchen would pa.s.s out again . The two of them unexpectedly no longer did intimate things after their first time .

Previously, Nie Yi had always believed he would be completely satisfied as long as he was able to do it once with Qi Jingchen, and wouldn’t care about such things any more . But in reality… he was a little unable to bear with it now .

“So what?” Qi Jingchen looked over . He thought that after they’d gone the final step and poked through that paper window, Nie Yi would have more courage . The result was that Nie Yi still did not take the initiative to take it further these days, and still only knew how to hug and kiss .

Under the dim illumination of the small night light, Qi Jingchen’s smile appeared exceptionally captivating . Nie Yi held Qi Jingchen and kissed him . Qi Jingchen hugged Nie Yi’s neck and deepened the kiss .

His physical strength wasn’t good last time, and he had become powerless before he could even properly enjoy it . Qi Jingchen always felt that it was a great pity, so this time he responded even more enthusiastically .

Having experienced the apocalypse, he would basically just do what he wanted to, and wouldn’t continue being shy or rejecting Nie Yi’s advances— Since there’s time, might as well do it a few more times!

But, though Qi Jingchen had been looking forward to their second time very much, once they earnestly began, he couldn’t help his face from darkening . “Stop!”

“What’s wrong?” Nie Yi stopped his movements at the crucial moment .

“p.r.i.c.kly!” Qi Jingchen ground his teeth .

Previously, Nie Yi was burnt until nothing was left, his body hair thoroughly gone . But now, the hair was growing out!

The less-than-a-centimetre-long short stubble kept p.r.i.c.king at Qi Jingchen’s body where they were intimately touching, making Qi Jingchen feel extremely uncomfortable .

That place was the most delicate part of the body; how could he bear being p.r.i.c.ked?

“…” Nie Yi’s arrow was on the bow and had to be released, so he could only say, “I definitely won’t p.r.i.c.k you . ” At most, he just wouldn’t penetrate!

Qi Jingchen agreed, and Nie Yi really no longer p.r.i.c.ked him . But because of this, he felt some dissatisfaction…

So unlucky! Who knew how long it would take before Nie Yi’s body hair would grow longer… Qi Jingchen finally had no choice but to privately grind his teeth .

“I’ll help you apply medicine . ” After it was over, Nie Yi’s face was filled with happiness .

Even though this time was as sudden as before, as long as he could ‘eat’ Nie Yi’, he would be perfectly content .

“No need . It’ll be fine by tomorrow . ” Qi Jingchen refused without hesitation . “If you use medications with unknown components, maybe it’ll end up making me uncomfortable . ”

Nie Yi also knew this and no longer insisted, but he did wash Qi Jingchen clean— after recovering his ability, everything was so convenient!

Just as expected, after sleeping and waking up, Qi Jingchen’s body did not have a single problem . The place that was p.r.i.c.ked and stretched last night was also good as new, but Nie Yi was still unwilling to let him walk, so he was carried outside the cavern in Nie Yi’s arms .

This time, Nie Yi brought overall six people with him, excluding Qi Jingchen .

Xiaomao had a s.p.a.ce ability, and though she had left some things at the secure base, there was still plenty left . It could be said that she stored all of Nie Yi’s belongings, so she naturally had to come along . Thus, the one responsible for taking care of Xiaomao, Qi An, also came .

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Speaking of Jiang Huai, he was considered one of the ‘veterans’ who started following Nie Yi from the very beginning of the apocalypse . Logically, he should be quite successful within the Chenguang Team, but he never had a sense of existence, and his ability was the wind ability that had been rather useless at the start . Because of this, people couldn’t help but forget about him .

However, Jiang Huai always worked hard . Even if his ability wasn’t useful at the beginning, he would not give up a single chance to use it . He constantly practised; after Mu Yi joined the team, he would also often compare notes with Mu Yi, and learn many abilities .

His talent for his wind ability was actually so-so . But now, he was undoubtedly excellent among the wind ability users .

Nie Yi knew that wind ability users would get stronger and stronger; moreover, they were especially suitable for group attacks, so he brought him along .

“Ge, I really can’t come?” Qi Yaoyao looked at Qi Jingchen hopefully . Even though her ge wasn’t as close to her as before the apocalypse, the two had been, in any case, always together, which made her feel very safe . Now, her brother suddenly wanted to leave…

“Yaoyao, you have no ability . It’s very dangerous outside,” Qi Jingchen said .

Qi Yaoyao also knew this, and gritted her teeth and said nothing, merely looking at Qi Jingchen, reluctant to part .

The people she was most familiar with were Qi Jingchen and Shao Zhenglan . Now, they were about to leave…

Nie Yi couldn’t wait to leave Qi Yaoyao behind, so as not to have Qi Jingchen remember their past sibling affection . “When your ability reaches level three, I’ll bring you along . ”

Hearing this, Qi Yaoyao gave Nie Yi an aggrieved look . She didn’t even have an ability; how could she reach level three? Wasn’t this clearly a joke?

Nie Yi was in a good mood upon seeing Qi Yaoyao’s unhappy appearance, then continued briefing Fei Xuelei about various matters to take note of .

“We don’t need to save up with our current stock . Just eat whatever is edible, then plant as many plants as possible . After they grow, have the earth ability users seal it up to be preserved…”

Places where there were many zombies would soon have deteriorating environments . The inside of the mountain that did not have many people living there and was surrounded by green plants would be able to sustain them longer— In their last life, the untouched forests were the last to be polluted by dark energy .

Nie Yi had also considered this before setting up his secure base here .

“Right, also, n.o.body can become lax on cultivating their abilities . If you think that cultivating here doesn’t have good results, you can dig a tunnel and cultivate outside, but you must be careful . You cannot let anyone else discover this place . ”

Fei Xuelei used to manage a secure base, and there were many things he already knew without Nie Yi’s explanation . On top of that, his wife and daughter were also here, so he would be even more cautious .

Seeing his appearance, Nie Yi was at ease, then brought his people away .

Not only had their inherent physical strength improved, with the aid of their spiritual strength, even if Nie Yi was carrying someone, he still travelled through the forest as though it was level ground . Qi An was carrying Xiaomao and simply couldn’t keep up to the extent he was forced to continuously teleport .

“Qi An, want me to carry you?” Zhang Zihai looked at Qi An’s wheezing appearance as he carried Xiaomao .

“No!” Qi An refused without hesitation .

“Qi An, let him carry you,” Qi Jingchen said . At first, he intended to train Qi An’s ability which was why he allowed Qi An to walk by himself . But now… Qi An might be near his limits .

“Big brother, I’m so powerful . I don’t need anyone to carry me!” Qi An said .

“Do you think I’m not powerful?” Qi Jingchen asked, “Didn’t you want to imitate me?”

Qi An suddenly realised that this sentence was very correct— Qi Jingchen was also being carried ah! In the end, Zhang Zihai carried him while Ping Shengchao carried Xiaomao .

Suddenly separated from Xiaomao, Qi An was a little unused to it . Xiaomao also constantly stared fixedly at Qi An . The two of them were acting like star-crossed lovers that had been forced apart…

“Qi An, are you raising Xiaomao as a wife?” Zhang Zihai asked with a smile .

“Of course not!” Qi An said without hesitation . He definitely did not want such a snotty-faced baby as his wife . He wanted to find one as beautiful as his family’s boss!

“I want to be Qi gege’s maid . ” Xiaomao, however, earnestly expressed this .

“Haha!” Zhang Zihai burst out in laughter .

At the beginning, the path they walked was relatively clear . But after travelling some distance, the woods grew thick, and if Nie Yi still wanted to continue while carrying Qi Jingchen, he would have to cut down those branches stretching out everywhere with his ability to open a wider path .

“I’ll walk myself . ” Qi Jingchen frowned .

“I’ll carry you . ” Qi Jingchen still wasn’t willing to let Qi Jingchen walk a mountain path .

“Put me down,” Qi Jingchen insisted .

In the end, Nie Yi still put Qi Jingchen down . Then, they watched as Qi Jingchen advanced more swifty than Nie Yi .

When Nie Yi walked in the forest, he would still have to occasionally cut down the surrounding trees, but Qi Jingchen did not .

He was walking like he was taking a leisurely stroll in the courtyard, occasionally lowering his head, leaning his body and always perfectly avoiding the branches before him .

“f.u.c.k me! Lingbo’s evasion step?” Zhang Zihai’s face was filled with shock .

“Hurry and keep up,” Ping Shengchao said .

“It’s not that I don’t want to hurry, I can’t walk any more . ” Zhang Zihai sighed . Qi An wasn’t light ah, and they were still walking through a mountain— Of course, the main reason he said this was because he saw sweat on Ping Shengchao’s face, and knew that Ping Shengchao probably could not keep up much longer

“I’ll carry Xiaomao, Jiang Huai can carry Qi An,” Shao Zhenglan said .

Zhang Zihai pa.s.sed Qi An to Jiang Huai before asking Ping Shengchao, “Tired?” While he spoke, he ma.s.saged Ping Shengchao’s waist— If he knew they would have to walk so much, he definitely wouldn’t have exhausted Ping Shengchao last night .

“I’m fine . ” Ping Shengchao glared at Zhang Zihai, his eyes practically emitting fire .

“Say, do you think Nie shao got Qi shao?” Zhang Zihai hurriedly diverted Ping Shengchao’s attention and looked at Qi Jingchen walking far away . “Looking at Qi shao walking like he’s flying… He seems a little worried?”

“You’re too bored!” Ping Shengchao said, but couldn’t help but sympathize with Nie Yi .

Zhang Zihai walked some distance, then took Qi AN from Jiang Huai . By the time it was afternoon, they finally exited the forest . By now, the group was already drained, and only Qi AN and Xiaomao were both still quite spirited .

Then, Xiaomao took out Nie Yi’s RV from her s.p.a.ce .

The sudden appearance of an RV didn’t seem like much to Nie Yi and Ping Shengchao, but the others looked at Xiaomao with admiration . Ping Shengchao thought of the fact that it was Qi Jingchen? who wanted to bring Xiaomao, and couldn’t help but shoot a look at him— He had a growing feeling that Qi Jingchen wasn’t simple .

After taking out the RV, they first had a meal .

They were rather lucky; back when they exited the mountain, they just happened to run into a wild boar . Nie Yi killed the wild boar upon meeting it, and now they had wild boar meat to eat .

Wild boar meat actually wasn’t as tender as that of domesticated pigs, but the flavour was still very delicious . Most importantly, this wild boar had been living in the forest and did not have the slightest scent of a zombie, so Qi Jingchen ate very happily .

After eating, Ping Shengchao and Zhang Zihai sat in the driver and pa.s.senger seat while the rest went into the RV .

The head of this RV’s carriage had a large bed, and the middle had a sofa, toilet, and so on; there was even a small bed at the end .

Nie Yi carried Qi Jingchen to the bed in the front, lowered the curtains, and thus separated them from the other two sections . He actually did not want to let other people into this RV, but driving two cars with so few people was a little unreasonable, and he could only endure .

Sitting on the bed, Nie Yi held an atlas and a tablet computer that had previously cached the map of the entire country, then began planning the path they would travel later .

Aside from Yu Xuguang, another reborn person also appeared in this world . This greatly reduced the mutated plants they originally planned to find, but even so, they still found many . After all, as the big boss in the later stages of the apocalypse, they also had a lot of information .

Then, there was his uncle .

Nie Yi’s uncle was called Li Shu . He was a soldier, and was said to have awakened to a wind ability during the apocalypse, and had even been in charge of a small-scale secure base in the southwest area . Unfortunately, he died at the beginning of the third year of the apocalypse in a power struggle at the base .

Nie Yi could not remember much about this uncle, but he still intended to take a look .

With reduced numbers, Nie Yi no longer dared to go through the city like before, but they advanced much faster .

Two days later, they found an earth elemental plant . Another three days pa.s.sed, and they found a wind elemental plant .

These two plants were stored in Xiaomao’s s.p.a.ce . And currently, they’d reached the vicinity of a city .

This place was already quite close to the secure base Nie Yi’s uncle was at . Because it was in the south, although the weather was deep into winter, it wasn’t that cold, and green plants were everywhere . There were also very few trees who lost leaves and bared their branches .

“It’s almost Chinese New Year . ” Nie Yi looked at the scenery outside, a little rueful .

The festive mood for New Year in B City was very strong, and his grandparents were rather traditional . When he was young, Chinese New Year was what he looked forward to the most . But now… Those years spent in the apocalypse, each Chinese New Year he and Qi Jingchen would just eat food that they usually weren’t willing to eat…

When Zhang Zihai and Ping Shengchao heard Nie Yi’s words, they were a little stunned . It’s almost Chinese New Year ah… .

“There are sounds outside,” Jiang Huai suddenly said . Under Nie Yi’s direction, his understanding of wind abilities increased . Now, he could hear many sounds transmitted through the wind .

Not long after Jiang Huai spoke, they heard some noises; it was probably people battling nearby .

There were no sounds of humans talking, but the sounds of abilities colliding kept ringing, and would occasionally be mixed with a scream or two . It was evident that the battle was intense .

“Go take a look,” Nie Yi said . When they saw people on the road, they would make brief contact to understand the situation .

The RV quickly drove over, and everyone saw the situation of the two sides battling .

One side had a few ability users, who looked to be in rather sorry states, while the other side was of course zombies; among these zombies, there was also a different species .

It was a pig, a very large and fat pig . It was probably over five hundred kilograms . Its body was suffused with black light, and its teeth looked unusually sharp as it opened its mouth wide to chew on a person… It was a zombie pig!

Nie Yi had already climbed to the top of the RV . Seeing this, he almost immediately let out an attack, his fire ability blazing towards the pig .

Suddenly being burnt, the zombie pig angrily charged towards Nie Yi . At the same time, its body unexpectedly hadn’t been injured!

It was then that Nie Yi realised he’d underestimated this zombie pig . He leapt to the side and landed on the ground, wanting to lure the pig away and prevent it from running into the RV . But he did not expect that, at this time, the zombie pig would suddenly stop, then run in another direction!

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