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Chapter 98

Edited by Ruru

Liu Lixin was the commander of the Jinxing mercenary team, and was an extremely rare metal ability user .

Recently, a zombie pig had appeared near the Yuncheng secure base he lived in, and would often attack those leaving the secure base . It would gobble up those it caught, and even their Fenghuo Team members had been eaten up . So, he accepted the mission and came out to kill the zombie pig .

Their Jinxing mercenary team was one of the strongest mercenary teams in Yuncheng secure base . His ability user subordinates had all reached level two, and he even had three level three ability users!

He thought that killing a zombie pig should be a piece of cake with so many people, unless they couldn’t find the pig . However, the situation was different from what they had expected!

Instead of them finding the zombie pig, the zombie pig had taken the initiative to find them . After finding them, this zombie pig even directly rushed over and bit a third-level ability user to death, then began gnawing on him in front of them .

The information transferred by B City secure base to Yuncheng secure base included many matters related to ability user cultivation, and spoke of zombie animals . Therefore, Liu Lixin had long known that animals could turn into zombies . Their secure base had even strengthened their patrols, then everyone thoroughly annihilated the mice and bugs .

At thatAt that time, Liu Lixin was very worried for a time, worried about those mice that could be found everywhere and could easily enter the secure base would turn into zombies . He was also worried that stronger animals like lions or tigers would turn into zombies .

Because he used to worry about this, when he learnt that the first known zombie animal near Yuncheng was a pig, he felt a little amused .

Pig ah!

What skill would that sort of stupid, fatty, delicious pigs have after being turned into zombies? Perhaps it couldn’t even run .

At that time, Liu Lixin had even thought that those eaten by the pig were truly too careless and useless, until he met the pig .

It turned out that pigs that were confined and bred for slaughter by humans could also be this powerful, and their teeth could be so sharp!

Also, pigs had evolved from wild boars . Those wild boars were creatures that shouldn’t be provoked in the forest… Of course, this pig being so powerful was also probably because it was at a high level .

When their abilities struck this pig, it actually had no reaction . Not only that, after it finished eating a level three ability user, it caught another and began eating…

Liu Lixin was itching to chop this pig apart . However, his whole team was surrounded by the zombies who had arrived with the pig; these zombies were even the black water spitting level three zombies!

Even though ability users had a certain resistance towards the black water of level three zombies’, if they were sprayed by it too often, they would also turn into zombies…

Faced with this chaotic situation, Liu Lixin was both angry and anxious, yet he had no other choice but to fight against those zombies surrounding them .

Liu Lixin was still fine . Having experienced a lot of danger, he was still calm, but there were two who came out with him who had looked at the zombies before them, then looked at the zombie pig eating a person, and couldn’t stop themselves from crying .

Fortunately, even though they cried, they did not retreat and continued killing zombies .

Granted, in such a situation, they probably wouldn’t be able to retreat… Liu Lixin suddenly thought of something written in the data sent by B City secure base— self-detonation .

If they weren’t able to handle the situation any longer, he could only self-detonate, to let at least one or two of his team members escape no matter what, and have them inform the secure base that this zombie pig was extremely powerful and that they had to ‘trap and kill’ it . .

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Liu Lixin had already gathered up his will to die, but unexpectedly, at this time, he saw an RV .

Only a powerful ability user would dare wander around outside now, but this zombie pig was even more powerful! It could even gobble up level three ability users if it wanted to!

Liu Lixin wanted to call those people to escape, yet someone among them had already launched an attack on the zombie pig, even luring the zombie pig over!

For a moment, he felt some pity for these people, but also could not help feeling glad . He subconsciously was about to order a retreat, but unexpectedly, the zombie pig ran away!

The zombie pig actually ran! None of the zombies had intelligence, and would never have the intention to run away, yet that zombie pig ran!

Liu Lixin thought he had seen wrongly, but reality proved that he didn’t . The zombie pig really did run .

Liu Lixin was so excited he was about to leap up, but unexpectedly, the person who had attacked the zombie did not allow the zombie pig to run away . Instead, he rushed over to the zombie pig!

“Be careful!” Liu Lixin yelled . The zombie pig could be said to be rough-skinned and meaty; it was not easy to fight!

Liu Lixin yelled, and the people behind him were also extremely anxious, fearing that something would happen to Nie Yi . However, Nie Yi’s display was astonis.h.i.+ng .

No one was more experienced than Nie Yi when it came to fighting zombie animals .

He always liked fighting, and spent the absolute majority of his time in his last life wandering outside . If it wasn’t like this, he wouldn’t have not peacefully stayed in B City secure base a few months ago, creating a Chenguang Team to run about everywhere .

Zombie animals, especially the larger ones, were much stronger compared to zombies . For example, this pig . It was over five hundred kilograms and wasn’t afraid of exhaustion or pain . After becoming a zombie, its teeth and other parts had been strengthened . Didn’t it have a crus.h.i.+ng status compared to other zombies of its level? That’s to say nothing of the fact that this zombie animal had probably already reached level four .

Level four zombies had actually appeared already…

Nie Yi’s mood was a little gloomy, but he very quickly sorted it out and began dealing with the zombie animal before him .

Level four zombies would have their inherent qualities improved at every aspect, their skin thickening and their speed quickening . However, they weren’t without flaws, and that was: their eyes .

Eyes didn’t have much use to zombies, yet it was still a zombie’s weakness!

The zombie animal ran a distance then stopped, turning around to charge towards Nie Yi . A few ice walls appeared before Nie Yi to obstruct it; at the same time, a long ice arrow abruptly appeared in his hand, and he thrust it towards the zombie animal’s eye .

The charging force of an over five hundred kilogram zombie pig could be said to be frightening, and the ice wall was shattered very quickly . The ice arrow in Nie Yi’s hands also easily pierced its eye because of this .

“Isn’t he a fire ability user? Why is he suddenly able to use ice?” Someone beside Liu Lixin cried in surprise . At the same time, they saw the ice arrow in Nie Yi’s hands explode .

What the heck! The ice arrow could also explode!

What was even more astonis.h.i.+ng was that with this explosion, the zombie pig had actually toppled over!

The zombie pig they had fought for a long time but could barely leave a few marks was actually killed just like this… Liu Lixin was dazed for a moment and was nearly caught by a zombie . Fortunately, the zombie was swiftly dealt with by a fire ability user who got out of the RV’s driver seat .

Nie Yi used his spiritual strength to send his ability into its brain though its eyes . After exploding the zombie nucleus in its mind, he tossed a handful of fire at it .

The zombie pig without its zombie nucleus very quickly turned into ashes from the burning fire, and the zombie animal that considered itself undefeatable thus vanished just like this .

“Thank you for saving us!” Liu Lixin looked at Nie Yi gratefully .

“Killing zombies is what we are supposed to do,” Nie Yi said .

“But we couldn’t kill it at all, and some of us even died . ” Liu Lixin laughed bitterly before saying, “No matter how you say it, I still have to thank you . Are you headed for Yuncheng secure base? If you are, let me treat you to a meal at a restaurant!”

In the apocalypse, even if it was Daxin secure base, there weren’t many places that could be called a ‘restaurant’ . Eating at a restaurant definitely was an extremely luxurious affair . When a youth behind Liu Lixin heard this, he even couldn’t help swallowing back some saliva .

“Indeed, we’re going to Yuncheng secure base to find someone,” Nie Yi said .

“Who are you looking for? What do they look like? I know some people in charge of managing Yuncheng secure base’s household register, I can bring you to look for them,” Liu Lixin said .

“I’m looking for Li Shu . ” Nie Yi looked at Liu Lixin and began paying attention to his expression . According to the time, his uncle shouldn’t have died yet . But many things had changed now, and naturally, he could not be certain… He would know whether something happened to Li Shu just by looking at Liu Lixin’s response .

“Li Shu?” Liu Lixin looked at Nie Yi in surprise . “What does he look like?”

“I forgot . ” Nie Yi really could not quite recall his uncle’s appearance anymore …

“You look a bit like Chief Li, and you’re also a fire and water dual ability user… are you Chief Li’s sister’s son?” Liu Lixin looked at Nie Yi a few more times, then asked in pleasant surprise .

They were very far away from B City secure base, and the information transfer was slow when heading here . But in the end, the two bases still kept in contact, and B City secure base had let them know about several outside matters, including things about Nie Yi .

According to what the B City secure base people said, Nie Yi had awakened to a fire and water dual ability . But because he had an argument and was very unhappy with his father, he ended up leaving B City secure base .

When he heard it, he didn’t think much of it . After all, B City secure base was too far away from here . Unless the other came via helicopter, they definitely wouldn’t meet .

As a result, the other unexpectedly did not take a helicopter, but still came here!

Liu Lixin looked at Nie Yi’s car, then looked at Zhang Zihai, Jiang Huai, and Shao Zhenglan fighting nearby, then gave Nie Yi an admiring look .

The surrounding zombies were swiftly cleared out, and Nie Yi and his team got in their car, following Liu Lixin’s car to Yuncheng secure base .

The direction of Yuncheng secure base was unexpectedly different from Nie Yi’s understanding… But Nie Yi soon learnt that the reason was still related to Yu Xuguang .

Yu Xuguang had known many matters from the latter part of the apocalypse, like the fact that environments near cities were the first to worsen . Because of this, he specially told other secure bases aside from B City secure base that, if possible, they should find a way to move to a more desolate place, best if it was in the mountains .

Yuncheng was a place with many mountains . Previously, Yuncheng secure base was set up near the city so it would be more convenient to rescue survivors and find supplies, but they had moved to the mountains two months ago, even growing many plants there .

“We have several roads in and out of the mountain and change very often because we want to avoid zombies following the roads we travel to find our secure base,” Liu Lixin said .

They parked their cars outside in a place similar to a transfer station, then brought Nie Yi and the rest into the mountainous Yuncheng secure base .

“Wait . It’s already noon, so let’s eat first,” Nie Yi said . But unexpectedly, once he said this, Liu Lixin looked at him with some envy . “You guys eat during noon?”

The geographical location for Yuncheng was very good and many things could grow during winter, but farming was not that easy . The soil in the mountain had just been cleared for cultivation and couldn’t be considered fertile, and they could only plant things that were easier to grow, since the fields outside were too far to be cultivated and had too many zombies . .

Furthermore, they had too many survivors, so food was naturally very extremely scarce .

To respond to the scarce food supply, in the end, people of Yuncheng secure base could only eat two meals a day, one in the morning and one at night .

“We brought a lot of food . Let’s eat together,” Nie Yi said .

Nie Yi and his team had prepared a lot of rice b.a.l.l.s previously . These rice b.a.l.l.s were all made with glutinous rice, and salted vegetables, cured meat, and fried peanuts were even stuffed inside .

This wasn’t considered much to Nie Yi and his group, but when Liu Lixin and his men took their first bite and bit into the inside trap, they couldn’t help feeling moved . Liu Lixin even felt a little sorry .

Even eating at the restaurant at Yuncheng secure base wouldn’t have such good food… It had to be known that the food they lacked the most was meat .

Although they could hunt in the mountains, they could only get a small amount of meat; it wasn’t even enough to get stuck between their teeth .

However, maybe because they felt that Liu Lixin and his team’s shock wasn’t enough, Nie Yi actually began cooking!

Watching as Nie Yi lit a fire with his ability then cooking three dishes and a soup, Liu Lixin’s eyes were practically blurred . Right at this time, out came two children from the RV .

After a while, a young person also came down .

Nie Yi actually dared bring a child along while travelling! Liu Lixin used to think that he was probably considered gifted, but at this moment, he realised that he really wasn’t much .

While eating, Nie Yi asked Liu Lixin about the ongoings in Yuncheng secure base, as well as that zombie pig . Liu Lixin spoke about the former in detail, and also spoke of the results surmised by the secure base about the latter— This pig was probably a domesticated pig from one of Yuncheng’s pig farms .

“No wonder it was so fat,” Shao Zhenglan sighed ruefully . Just that zombie pig’s head could probably crush an ability user to death .

“Yes ah . ” Liu Lixin nodded before sighing . He then thought of something . “Actually, it’s a little weird . This pig was all mighty and absolutely wouldn’t run . I didn’t think it’d actually run after meeting you guys . ”

When Nie Yi heard this, he immediately smiled . “Probably because I’m too amazing . ”

“Yes ah! You really are amazing!” Liu Lixin nodded earnestly .

Right at this time, a voice suddenly rang out . “Nie Yi?”

Nie Yi turned around and saw a man who looked very elegant, and appeared at most in his thirties, appearing before him .

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