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Chapter 1038 (Foul Breath)

Unfortunately, this time, Ye Hua didn't intend to let them appear because he wanted to have some fun himself!

After thinking about it, Ye Hua immediately spread his arms. This action left everyone puzzled. What did it mean? Hugging nature?

That was non-existent. Ye Hua spread his arms; it was a summoning of primordial fierce beasts.

After a while, the entire ground began to shake, as if something was rapidly moving underground! Everyone could feel it; something ma.s.sive was swiftly wriggling beneath the ground, causing the earth to ripple like ocean waves.

What was this?

That was the question on everyone's mind, including Jing Tiandi and Jing Wushen.

What on earth was this man doing?

Ye Yuanqing and Huang Li were also perplexed.

However, everyone sensed the movement beneath the ground coming towards Ye Hua...

Subconsciously, the two million soldiers felt that it was an enemy sending primordial divine beasts, and they prepared themselves.

Every person had a serious expression on their face.

But, contrary to expectations, the thing beneath their feet seemed to move away, as if just pa.s.sing by!

Everyone was bewildered. What was happening? Please don't mess around, brother!

At the moment of everyone's confusion, the mountain behind them began to tremble slightly. It was evident that the thing underground had burrowed into the mountain!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three loud noises shook the heavens, and a ferocious aura swept through the entire battlefield.


A tearing roar echoed between heaven and earth. Even Huang Yun in the rear heard it.

"What's going on?" Huang Yun immediately stood up and shouted.

"I'll go check the situation, Your Majesty!" a soldier behind him respectfully said.

s.h.i.+ Yun looked at the primordial fierce beasts in front of him, his eyes filled with astonishment. Did Prince Ye summon these three primordial fierce beasts?

This shouldn't be possible! He must have used some method to invite them to a.s.sist in the battle!

After all, this battle involved life and death, and Prince Ye had to bring out his trump cards.

Hidden in the sidelines, Crow was shocked. 'Was Prince Ye this formidable now? He could actually summon primordial fierce beasts to a.s.sist in the battle.'


It seemed his choice was correct. If you couldn't provoke someone, it was better not to provoke them; otherwise, you would end up dead.

In the rear of the two million soldiers, three Zombie Carp Beasts glared at everyone. Their ma.s.sive heads were terrifying, full of sharp teeth that seemed capable of tearing apart everything in the world. A nauseating stench spread across the battlefield.

It was the foul breath emitted by the Zombie Carp Beasts, and everyone felt that if this continued, there was no need to fight. The entire battlefield would be overwhelmed by this foul breath.

This odour was like that of a super smelly sock worn for a month without was.h.i.+ng. The feeling was as if life had peaked.

Jing Tiandi and Jing Wushen stare dumbfoundedly at the three Zombie Carp Beasts. These were primordial fierce beasts, ferocious and terrifying.

If used for defence, it would be simple to block them, considering the agility of these subterranean Zombie Carp Beasts. With their wide jaws, even primordial divine beasts would need to be cautious.

Ye Hua could actually summon three Zombie Carp Beasts. This was not ordinary at all. He certainly had another ident.i.ty, but what exactly was it?

The five million soldiers were also dumbfounded. They had even brought Zombie Carps. What did this mean for the out-of-city battle? There must be a conspiracy in this! So, Commander, don't be fooled! We should withdraw and reconsider.

Ye Hua now frowned tightly. It seemed like he could smell it too; why was this foul breath so severe? It was disgusting...

If he let them linger, all these people would be knocked out by this foul breath. Then, there would be no point in fighting.

There were only these three Zombie Carp Beasts for now. There were no other stronger beasts. They could only let them come and make a round.

The intimidation effect was achieved, but the foul breath was truly unbearable. Ye Hua himself was almost unable to stand it.

The three Zombie Carp Beasts, seemingly displeased, received the command. With a hint of reluctance, they howled again, expressing their frustration.

Their enormous heads retracted into the mountain, and then they withdrew.

Ye Hua was a little annoyed; it didn't meet his expectations at all. If possible, he wanted to do it again.

But it won't be significant anymore. Although he saw the horrified expressions on the enemy soldiers, it didn't meet the mark.

As the three Zombie Carp Beasts left, the air became clearer. The seven million soldiers breathed heavily, having almost been poisoned just now.

It seemed that if a war broke out in the future, the best mediator would be the Zombie Carp. It could make both sides faint with its foul breath.

In the rear...

"Report to the General! Three Zombie Carp Beasts have appeared!" The soldier reported with a horrified expression, and his voice trembled, indicating that he had also been scared by the recent scene.

Huang Yun's face darkened. He asked in a low voice, "Where did the Zombie Carp Beasts come from? Did you investigate thoroughly?"

"Subordinate... subordinate doesn't know..."

"Waste! You don't even know where they came from!" Huang Yun coldly scolded. A bad premonition arose; he never expected Zombie Carp Beasts to appear! How was this possible!

It seemed very likely that Ye Hua had summoned them. Yes! The siblings from the Ye family had seemed confident from the beginning. It looked like they had planned to do this all along!

Using Zombie Carp Beasts to scare the enemy; the opponents would surely be on edge and afraid to make big moves.

This was a bad thing because if they didn't start the battle today, where would they find achievements? Where would they go?

Therefore, they must fight today!

Huang Yun's emotions were a bit unstable now. If they managed to repel the five million enemy troops, then all the credit would go to Ye Hua. Any violation of orders could be justified with a victory.

"Go! Continue to keep an eye on them, and report any situation promptly!" Huang Yun said in a deep voice, sounding anxious.

Because this was completely different from the plan.

Huang Yun was very worried that things were getting out of control. His father had arranged everything for him. Now, it was just the final wrap-up. If this wasn't handled properly, his position in his father's eyes would definitely decline.

Today must be a success; failure was not an option!

Huang Yun was very anxious right now.

Huang Li, on the other hand, was quite pleased. Just the appearance of the Zombie Carp Beasts moments ago was enough to intimidate the opponent.

Even a retreat was possible. After all, in the face of such terrifying primordial fierce beasts, everything else was trivial.

But all of this was planned. It provided an excuse for Jing Tiandi and others to retreat. After all, Jing Tiandi couldn't return home with a defeated record if he wanted to inherit the throne.

The best excuse was that the opponent unleashed powerful fierce beasts. For the safety of the soldiers, this unnecessary battle had to be stopped.

So, this was all just part of the plot, following a procedure.

However, in the eyes of ordinary people, it appeared to be genuine. The truth was always hidden from their view.

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