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Chapter 1039 (Restless)

Ye Hua looked towards Jing Tiandi, and he understood. They were now entering phase two.

"Speak boldly!"

Ye Hua, with hands behind his back, shouted, "You rats, why don't you report your names!"

To achieve the desired show effect, Jing Tiandi also adjusted his mood, marching out of the five million troops, imposing in armour, exuding a domineering aura.

On the other hand, Ye Hua appeared more refined, resembling a strategist and a general engaged in a strategic battle.

"Daring rogue, do you know who I am?" Jing Tiandi pointed at Ye Hua and shouted.

Ye Hua thought to himself that this guy is quite good at acting, not bad...

Ye Yuanqing was now a bit confused, having no idea what his elder brother and the person opposite were up to.

Didn't they agree on something? Why does it now seem like they're having a falling out?

Bystanders, including Huang Li, felt the same. Wasn't everything fine just now? Why this sudden change?

Crow was shocked at this moment!

Because she knew that this Prince Ye had a history with the opposing commander, and now they were pretending not to know each other and exchanging insults.

There must be a problem; if Prince Ye can threaten him, why can't he threaten the opposing commander?

'So ruthless! This Prince Ye is indeed ruthless; it's really not something to mess with!'

"Who are you? This Prince has no interest in knowing. This Prince only knows that you will submit under my power! Tremble under my power!" Ye Hua declared with a high-pitched tone.

Jing Tiandi laughed after hearing this. "What are you, daring to make this commander submit? Later, I will take your life! Let you repent in h.e.l.l!"

After saying this, Jing Tiandi felt it might be too much.

"This Prince created h.e.l.l! If you want to go, I invite you to take a trip!" Ye Hua coldly said, casting a deadly stare.

This made Jing Tiandi's heart sink. 'Wasn't this supposed to be a play? Am I not cooperating with you?'

'Otherwise, how could these people believe it?'

Jing Wushen also had lingering fears. Father just said too harshly.

"Alright, let's see today, whether you die or I peris.h.!.+" Ye Hua calmly said, "This Prince will bestow death upon you!"

After they spoke, they both turned and joined the ranks.

The front row of soldiers raised their s.h.i.+elds, slightly bowed their bodies, and looked towards the enemy!

Ye Yuanqing shouted, "Kill!"

"Kill!!!" In an instant, the entire battlefield was filled with a soaring killing intent, a strange aura condensing in the air.

Two million people took the initiative to attack, surprising the enemy. Your courage is extraordinary.

s.h.i.+ Yun sensed it; the killing intent was there, what was lacking now was the bloodshed.

Huang Yun also learned at this moment that Ye Yuanqing had taken the initiative to attack with his troops. Finally, he felt relieved. As long as the battle started, everything would be fine. As for the rest, it could be sorted later.

Ye Hua did not partic.i.p.ate in the fight. He had already walked to the top of the city wall to observe.

Jing Tiandi was the same; there was no need for him to join the battle. It was all just a play.

As long as they lure out the Supreme Soul, that would be enough.

Ye Yuanqing made a few moves but didn't continue to kill. There was no need because it wasn't a real battlefield. They didn't even know it was all fake.

Your blood and soul is just to lure out the Supreme Soul.

But Huang Li was now enthusiastic about killing. As long as one fell, it would be his achievement.

The morale of the two million troops was fierce, while the morale of the five million on the other side was slightly lacking, seemingly being pressed in the battle.

In fact, in terms of the ratio of numbers, it wasn't significant; one fought against two and a half.

Moreover, in the clash of two armies, morale was indeed crucial, directly affecting the outcome.

Jing Tiandi seemed to deliberately want to let loose, so he didn't say anything to boost morale.

Ye Hua, standing on the city wall, observed this for the first time. It was quite fierce...

They simply didn't regard the opponent as human, wielding their weapons as if taking lives was nothing.

Blood on the ground grew, staining the green gra.s.s red. A strong smell of blood permeated the entire battlefield.

In the sky above the battlefield, one could clearly sense a deliberate force absorbing.

In just the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, tens of thousands of people on both sides had already died.

The bodies of over ten thousand people lay on this plain, unable to return home, unable to see their wives and children, becoming victims in the struggle for the throne.

In the rear, Huang Yun was now anxious, pacing back and forth.


"What's the situation now?" Huang Yun anxiously questioned.

"Commander! The situation in the front seems to..."

"Seems to what! Don't hesitate!" Huang Yun angrily shouted.

"Honourable Commander, our morale is soaring, and we have pushed the enemy back, forcing them into retreat."

"What!!!" Huang Yun, in a fit of anger, slammed the table beside him, instantly shattering it.

'These people actually succeeded in repelling the enemy'!

'No, this is absolutely unacceptable! Huang Li cannot take all these merits!'

This time, the Emperor gave him a chance to turn the tide, but he never expected this! This is too unbelievable!

"Honourable Commander, what should we do now..."

Huang Yun stood up, "Order the entire army! Follow me and charge out of the city!"

That's right! Huang Yun decided to take the initiative; he couldn't let all the credit be taken by others.


The more than three million soldiers at the last defence line all advanced towards the front line, rus.h.i.+ng for military merits. They couldn't let those few individuals take advantage.

However, at this moment, the number of deaths on the front line kept rising. From just tens of thousands, it had now increased to over a hundred thousand, and these numbers were still steadily growing, sending a chill down everyone's spine.

The ground was not just stained red; it had formed a stream of fresh blood. The scene was shocking!

Ye Hua considered himself relatively merciful. Such a state had never occurred before. No corpses would be left at the scene.

'These humans, when they turn vicious, are truly terrifying. In the future, this deity must be more careful. Today, this deity has been given a lesson.'

Just as Ye Hua sighed, there was a series of sounds behind him.

Ye Hua did not turn because he knew who had come.

This Huang Yun could still endure it, unexpectedly waiting until now to show up. Finally, he could no longer sit still.

Now, those who can still remain calm must be smart individuals. After all, this is the last defence line. If it's just the enemy's scheme now, you'd be a fool to fall for it.

But now... he fell for it. If you don't come out now, the subsequent scenes will have a less prominent protagonist.

From below, Huang Yun saw Ye Hua's figure. This guy was actually standing on the city wall, watching!

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