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Chapter 371

"Xiao Yi! What was your purpose?" Donghuang Baizhi suddenly asked Xiao Yi.

This was something that Qing Ya wanted to ask. This Xiao Yi's wife was forced to death by Ye Hua's subordinates, and now he's helping others to kill Tang Wushuang's wife; what is this...?

Xiao Yi's behavior disappointed Qing Ya. It seems a little unworthy to quarrel with her husband over his affairs.

If Ye Hua knew what Qing Ya was thinking, he would definitely scold her.

Now you realize that you were wrong! What did I do in the first place!?

The deity is your husband; even if the deity is an enemy of the world, you should stand behind the deity and silently support me!

Xiao Yi took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "Tang Wushuang wanted to kill me, so I wanted to clear future obstacles!"

"Another person who doesn't take this Queen seriously." Donghuang Baizhi said coldly.

Xiao Yi hurriedly explained: "Your Majesty, I don't dare. It was such a rare opportunity; I had to bet once!"

"Then what did you feel when you saw an innocent woman die!" Donghuang Baizhi asked lightly. That was also something Qing Ya wanted to know.

Ye Hua in the crowd knew. 'This Xiao Yi is not a good bird, Qing Ya; you are really stupid.'

Xiao Yi's face changed slightly, Quan Anrong's death reminded him of his wife, but for the Xiao family's sake, he had to do it!

"I felt nothing." Xiao Yi said calmly.

Qing Ya standing behind Donghuang Baizhi showed a disappointed expression. 'What is the difference between Xiao Yi and Ye Hua's subordinates' approach? Killing other people's women.'

'Suddenly, I feel that Ye Hua was sometimes right.'

'Maybe it's my fault.'

Donghuang Baizhi nodded and let Yu Quan announce the punishment.

Yu Quan said to the four of them: "You all will have to face the punishment, and you can only accept it! Otherwise, you need to bear the consequences!"

"Yes!" The four of them kowtowed tightly, listening to the impending punishment!

Yu Quan said indifferently: "The Tang and Bai family violated the order of Voidless Realm and fought privately. In the future, they will not be allowed to run for aristocratic families!"

There was an uproar at the scene. The consequences of the fight were so severe!

Of course, Donghuang Baizhi must issue a harsh punishment. This matter is related to the face of the Voidless Realm. What they did was a slap on the face of the Voidless Realm. How can it be light-hearted?

Bai Cixin and Tang Wushuang thought there was only one punishment, so they breathed a sigh of relief and said in unison, "Thank you, Your Majesty, for not giving a death sentence!"

Yu Quan shouted, "I haven't finished yet! This is just the first punishment!"

Everyone, "..."

Bai Cixin and Tang Wushuang hurriedly bowed their heads.

"After the evaluation by Voidless Realm, the three patriarchs are not suitable to control the G.o.dly items. To avoid harming the civilians, the three G.o.dly items will be taken back!" Yu Quan's next words shocked everyone. Taking back the G.o.dly items!

This is too domineering. Too unreasonable!

After all, the G.o.dly items were obtained by others with all their life on the line.

Everyone watched the movements of the three patriarchs.

Xiao Yi couldn't believe it; just because he was involved in the election of the aristocratic family, he had to give his Xuan Yuan sword!

'This is a plain robbery! This is clearly an excuse! I'm not convinced!'

Bai Cixin slowly stretched out her palm, and the Nine Demon Xingta appeared in her hand. A black mist immediately shrouded it.

Yu Quan opened his palm, and the Nine Demon Xingta fell into Yu Quan's hands.

Although it was only a blink of an eye, it made everyone dull and realize the power of the Voidless Realm.

Bai Cixin's choice was wise.

"Tang Wushuang!" Yu Quan shouted.

Tang Wushuang explained: "During the fight yesterday, my G.o.dly item got lost."


n.o.body present believed him. He must be hiding it!

'Such an important thing, and you don't hug it to sleep? Lost it? Who are you trying to deceive!'(Everyone's thought)

"Tang Wushuang! If you deceive Your Majesty again, everyone in your Tang family will die!" Yu Quan exuded a murderous aura. This Tang Wushuang was too outrageous. He can only save himself by handing over the G.o.dly item.

Tang Wushuang was shocked and said in horror: "Your Majesty, I dare not lie! My beloved wife was injured yesterday, and I was not sober. I have no clue about the whereabouts of the G.o.dly item. Please believe me, Your Majesty!"

Bai Cixin snorted softly: "Your Majesty, don't believe what Tang Wushuang said; he just wants to keep it!"

"Bai Cixin! Stop talking nonsense!"

"You know it yourself!" Bai Cixin sneered.

Yu Quan looked at Donghuang Baizhi.

Donghuang Baizhi said lightly: "Tang Wushuang, if you let this Queen know that you lied, I will not forgive you!"

A mirror appeared in Donghuang Baizhi's hand.

People are puzzled.

Donghuang Baizhi said coldly: "This is a G.o.dly item; the Mirror of Truth, which can show the picture in your mind! Tang Wushuang, this Queen asks you for the last time! If this Queen gets to know that you lied, the punishment will be genocide! "

"I dare not deceive Your Majesty!" Tang Wushuang's insistence convinced everyone. Only a fool would deny it at this time.


As Donghuang Baizhi raised her hand, the Mirror of Truth appeared in front of Tang Wushuang. Tang Wushuang looked at his reflection in the mirror, slowly closed his eyes, and searched for last night's memory.

As expected, a scene appeared in the mirror. Tang Wushuang, who was inside, saw that his beloved wife was injured and ran over in a hurry. The G.o.dly item in his hand fell to the ground and disappeared inexplicably!

The scene disappeared.

Donghuang Baizhi put away the Mirror of Truth. This Tang Wushuang did not tell a lie, but where did this G.o.dly item go?

Too weird.

"Xiao Yi!" Yu Quan shouted towards the dull Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi was struggling in his heart.

If the Xuan Yuan Sword was handed over, the strength of the Xiao family would greatly diminish; scooping at the level of a small family; unable to go up at all!

The next voice from Voidless Realm cut off all his thoughts!

Yu Quan shouted again in a deep voice: "Xiao Yi!"

Xiao Yi slowly raised his head: "My Lady Queen, Xuan Yuan Sword is m—"

Before Xiao Yi finished speaking, Yu Quan interrupted: "Hand over Xuan Yuan Sword!

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became dull, Xiao Yi's face turned white and red, and there was a struggle on his face.

The G.o.dly items of the Tang and Bai family have been taken away, and now the G.o.dly item of the accomplice must be taken too. This was what Donghuang Baizhi meant. In the end, it was their fault!

Ye Hua in the crowd felt that there was nothing wrong with such a penalty, in fact, this still feels light!

What's the use of keeping subordinates who don't obey orders? Sooner or later such a person will be the first to backstab you because you let him ignore your orders!

Especially now, Xiao Yi, although he is struggling in his heart, but think about it, what is he struggling with?

He is struggling to obey the Voidless Realm!

It can be concluded from this point that Xiao Yi has the heart of rebellion. If he were obedient, he would be like Bai Cixin, who, without any consideration, handed over the Nine Demon Xingta in her hand!

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