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Chapter 372

Seeing that Tang Wushuang was the same, he was smart and immediately surrendered.

It's just that Xiao Yi took the Xuan Yuan Sword too seriously. The situation was very urgent, yet Xiao Yi still didn't hand over the Xuan Yuan Sword. This sword was the reason for him turning against Tang Wushuang.

Xuan Yuan Sword is Xiao Yi's, and asking Xiao Yi to hand it over was akin to asking him to hand over his soul.

If a person sells his soul, can he even be called a complete person?

Everyone looked at Xiao Yi. Is he planning to fight the Voidless Realm with his pitiful strength?

That's really overestimating it.

Only Xiao Yi whispered: "I killed for my family's safety and prosperity! Is this wrong!"

Everyone was astonished, he was questioning the Queen of the Voidless Realm. No one would believe it if he didn't get skinned for his actions.

Yuan De shouted angrily: "Impudent! How dare you question Your Majesty's order!"

"Am I wrong? I risked my life to get the Xuan Yuan Sword, yet you command me to hand it over! I don't accept it! "Xiao Yi immediately took out his Xuan Yuan sword. This action made everyone take a step back and observe the irrational and vigilant Xiao Yi.

Taking out your weapon in front of Your Majesty…

Ye Hua was glad that he fired Xiao Yi. It would be shameful to have such a subordinate.

Donghuang Baizhi is much stronger than Xiao Yi; forget about Qing Ya.

Suddenly, a blue rope appeared, and tied down Xiao Yi!

"What!?" Xiao Yi screeched, losing the grip of Xuan Yuan Sword in his hand, making it fall to the ground.

At this time, all the spectators looked at the Xuan Yuan Sword on the ground, how good it would be to hold it in their hands.

But they were just thinking about it, if they take it, they won't be able to see tomorrow's sun.

Yu Quan stretched out his palm and retracted the Xuan Yuan Sword.

Donghuang Baizhi said lightly: "Xiao Yi is disrespectful, even going as far as to challenge my authority! He shall be crippled!

Removing the family t.i.tle is already cruel enough, but now he would be crippled? What is the difference between this and killing him?

For a strong person, losing power is akin to killing him. Similar to a billionaire going bankrupt overnight. Any person with poor tolerance will collapse!

This was even truer for Xiao Yi as he still has to resurrect his beloved wife.

Hearing the judgment of Donghuang Baizhi, Xiao Yi struggled and shouted:"I don't accept it! You have no right to cripple me!"

Donghuang Baizhi snorted coldly: "This is the north! The Emperor's will is the will of heaven! The Emperor is not someone whom you can question!"

Ye Hua looked at Donghuang Baizhi's cold and arrogant demeanor and suddenly wanted to tease her. Sadly Qing Ya does have such arrogance.

It's Donghuang Baizhi's way of telling others that the will of Voidless Realm is something they can question. Qing Ya, behind her, did not try to stop her.

"No!" Xiao Yi exclaimed.

Xiao Yi regretted telling all those things to Qing Ya and was even more regretful because he rejected hugging such huge thighs. If those people were still behind him, such a thing wouldn't have happened.

Donghuang Baizhi Void slapped Xiao Yi's chest!

"Puff!" Xiao Yi's eyes widened, and he spat a mouthful of blood. The spiritual energy in his body dissipated. He wouldn't be able to gather them ever again. He's at most stronger than ordinary people!

"You are just bullying me!" Xiao Yi was furious and continued to anger Donghuang Baizhi.

"Whip him! 100 times!" Donghuang Baizhi said lightly. Now whether he lives or dies depends on his endurance.

Xiao Yi can survive 100 whips, but he will lose half his life.

In fact, being ordinary isn't half bad. With the monetary power of the Xiao family's enterprises, they can eat for dozens of lifetimes. But this was not the life Xiao Yi wanted. His goal is to become Immortal Emperor.

But now, it is just a pipe dream.

Several guards carried Xiao Yi aside, pressed him on a bench, and an iron rod condensed in his hand!

It wasn't a stick.

Snap! The iron rod fell on Xiao Yi's b.u.t.t, and his pants were torn instantly.

Xiao Yi tasted the power of this rod and suddenly felt dizzy, unable to keep up with his breathing. Yet this was only the first time!

Snap! Another rob fell, and Xiao Yi spat out a mouthful of blood.

It's just two times, yet Xiao Yi has already started to roll his eyes!

Everyone swallowed their saliva and was shocked by the ruthlessness of Voidless Realm.

Ye Hua gave Donghuang Baizhi extra points. Until now, if she just pa.s.sed, now her score would be 80 points.

This was butchering chicken to warn the monkey and it did a really good job. It's not in vain that this deity loves you.

Seeing Qing Ya on the side, Ye Hua breathed a sigh of relief, Donghuang Baizhi was sitting on the throne, so she had to be ruthless. This was not something that Qing Ya would be able to do. She doesn't have such decisiveness. It was the biggest difference between them.

If Qing Ya were to sit in the position of the Emperor of Voidless Realm, her actions would have been different.

But who knows, maybe with Qing Ya's different style, Xiao Yi could have changed.

The whipping continued, but no one dared to beg for mercy.

Xiao Yi no longer felt anything. He was lying on the bench like a dead man, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth, and a puddle of blood formed on the ground.

After 100 whips, Xiao Yi's b.u.t.tocks were ripped open.

"Your Majesty, the execution is over!" the guard said respectfully.

Donghuang Baizhi said: "Notify his family members to come and take him away."


Shu Nan and Yu Qi were both waiting in the side hall. This side hall was full of the family members of the patriarchs, and of course, there were some unqualified patriarchs.

For example, Qing Ya's father, Qing Huaxuan was also there.

He was invited by Ye Xiao!

When the guard opened the door of the family hall, all the members were stunned.

"Is Xiao Yi's family here? Someone come and take him away!" the guard shouted coldly.

Shu Nan and Yu Qi felt that something bad was about to happen.

The two quickly followed, and when they saw their husband, both Shu Nan and Yu Qi were stunned!

After Xiao Yi went back last night, he also discussed his actions with Shu Nan, but what Shu Nan didn't expect was that the consequences would be this ruthless.

If Xiao Yi hadn't resisted just now, he would have just lost the G.o.dly item, and the right to be an aristocratic family. His strength would've been there, but alas, just one wrong move and he lost the entire chessboard; on the verge of dying.

Shu Nan hurriedly checked her husband's pulse, thankfully there was still a little bit of energy left! He could still be rescued! She put a pill in his mouth and left carrying him on her back.

Xiao Yi was very fortunate to have a wife like Shu Nan, who stood by him till the end.

The family members in the side hall saw that Xiao Yi was beaten till he was half dead, and immediately s.h.i.+vered. They hoped that their husband would not be like this the next time they saw them.

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