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Chapter 373

The banquet hall was dead silent as no one dared to breathe.

Xiao Yi was considered to be one of the strongest yet, in an instant, he lost his Xuan Yuan sword and even got crippled!

This allowed everyone to see the wrath of the Voidless Realm. The iron-blooded side of Donghuang Baizhi!

Just a while ago, she was given the t.i.tle of the savior! When she even offered her life to save the people in the South. This incident made everyone think she was a kind person and would never kill people indiscriminately.

However, everyone misunderstood. Donghuang Baizhi is not a good or bad woman. She only bears the prestige of the Voidless Realm in her mind.

This was different from Qing Ya's kindness.

Ye Hua knew Qing Ya's kindness. She had such a tendency before, but he didn't take it to heart. She could be sympathetic to the cats and dogs, but Qing Ya said things in favor of Xiao Yi, which made Ye Hua angry.

At this time, Tang Wushuang, Bai Cixin, and w.a.n.g Dabao were trembling.

They were surprised by Xiao Yi's punishment.

Yu Quan continued to p.r.o.nounce the sentence.

"Excluding the t.i.tles of the Tang family and the Bai family, if any of you kill someone with your ident.i.ty in the future, you will be severely punished!"

Remembering Xiao Yi's appearance just now, the three did not dare to resist.

"Thank you for your magnanimity, Your Majesty, we will obey your orders!" The three of them hurriedly thanked her.

This surprised everyone, as they were all punished like this, yet they had to thank them.

Ye Hua felt that he needed to add 5 points to Donghuang Baizhi.

'Robbing people and making them thank you for that. Not bad! It would be nice if Qing Ya could be half as good as Donghuang Baizhi. Then this deity wouldn't need to worry so much.'

Donghuang Baizhi raised her hand and motioned the three to step aside.

Bai Cixin and w.a.n.g Dabao retreated to the back of the crowd, and w.a.n.g Dabao held on to his sweet wife's slender hand and comforted him.

Bai Cixin's face showed fatigue, after all— planning and struggling for so many years and it amounts to nothing. Just a single sentence and all to dust.

It has to be said that w.a.n.g Dabao had some good luck. At least he wasn't in Xiao Yi's position.

"Wife, since we don't have a place to stand in the north, let's go to the south." w.a.n.g Dabao whispered, gently hugging his beloved wife's waist.

Bai Cixin looked back at her husband and seemed puzzled.

w.a.n.g Dabao put on a proud expression, as this was the first time his wife looked at him like this, and said "Wife, as your husband, I naturally picked on a few tricks."

"Dabao, thank you." Bai Cixin gently leaned against her husband's arms. At this time, she can only rely on her husband.

w.a.n.g Dabao kissed his wife's forehead: "Silly, we are husband and wife."

Hearing her husband's affectionate words, Bai Cixin hugged him even tighter.

w.a.n.g Dabao predicted that when he go back tonight, he would unlock a few more difficult moves.

At this time, Tang Wushuang was also considering going to the south for development. After all, there is no place in the north for any growth,

There was another person amongst the audience that was secretly delighted, that was Chen Xuanzong. Seeing Xiao Yi beaten half to death, he felt relieved. He even wished for him to be beaten to death.

But this did not eliminate his hatred. As Xiao Yi ma.s.sacred his entire family, he had to annihilate his entire family too! Now Xiao Yi's Xuan Yuan sword is gone, and he is crippled, he is just a struggling fish on the chopping board!

Donghuang Baizhi breathed a sigh of relief, one of the affairs was resolved, and now it's time for the other one!

Just when Donghuang Baizhi was about to say something, Ye Xiao suddenly knelt and said in a deep voice: "Your Majesty, my child, Ye Tai has been missing for a long time. He must have been murdered by Chu Family's Chu Bo.

Chu He didn't expect Ye Xiao to act all wronged and shouted: "Ye Xiao! My son has made it very clear that he didn't kill him!"

"Who knows if your son has spoken the truth? He might have killed my son, as well as The Holy Doctor to get that woman!"

Donghuang Baizhi was puzzled, why did something like this happen again: "Speak clearly!"

Chu He cupped his hands and said: "Your Majesty, let my child speak, he will explain it more clearly."


Qing Ya knew what was going on. She did not kill them that day, yet now they are missing again.

'Could it be the vinegar king again? This possibility is very high. That cheapskate must have been hiding behind her and killed the lad.'

Although Qing Ya has no evidence, her intuition tells her that Ye Hua is behind all this.

In the family area outside, the guards appeared again!

"Chu family's Chu Bo!"

The family members were shocked. They didn't expect someone from the aristocratic family would be called in as well. Something big must have happened!

Chu Bo put away the folding fan, took a deep breath and followed the guards into the banquet hall, knelt in front of the Queen, and explained the whole story.

"Now I have to find those two women to act as the testimony!" Ye Xiao said lightly.

Chu He snorted coldly, "Where are you going to find them?"

"Although I didn't find those two women, I did find their father." Ye Xiao's words were simply digging his own grave.

The guards went to the family hall again while the crowd felt a bad omen.

"Qing Huaxuan!"

Many people present did not know Qing Huaxuan. After all, they were not in the circle. But Qing Huaxuan was very excited now, as he finally made a big score!

He was still excited, even if he did not know what the future holds for him,

"I am!"

"Your Majesty summoned!"

Everyone was envious. Your Majesty summoned him. How lucky he was!

With a feeling of anxiety and excitement, Qing Huaxuan followed behind the guards. He was a big boss, but now he seemed like a young man who had never seen the world.

When entering the banquet hall, Qing Huaxuan swallowed, this scene was too big!

Those patriarchs who can not be seen even if one awaits his entire life are now all standing beside him and looking at him.

'These are the patriarchs of the most aristocratic families, my G.o.d! Good luck to myself. And the woman on the podium, my G.o.d, so beautiful, so imposing!'

When Qing Ya heard that Ye Xiao was going to call her father, her face suddenly changed, and when she saw her father walking in, she didn't know what to say.

Qing Ya does not want her father to step into this circle, because the water is too deep. It's better to be a businessman and not worry about anything else.

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