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Chapter 1025

Yi Tianyun’s battle lasted for a long time, but the battle in the other area wasn’t concluded just yet. While the other contestants weren’t playing around with their enemies, some of them couldn’t take the win quickly. Some of them, such as Tian Qing Earth Monarch and Yun Lei Earth Monarch, quickly resolved their battle, leaving no room for the opponent to make a comeback. 

Xiao Murong’s battle with Earth Monarch Sen Xue reached a stalemate. The two’s battle was heated, and they didn’t leave any opening whatsoever. On the other hand, Yi Tianyun noticed that Xiao Murong’s situation was relatively stable. Even though she had a Divine Wood Body, she could move freely in a freezing temperature. 

“As long as you stabilize your cultivation, you will win the match in due time!” Yi Tianyun said to Xiao Murong. Then, Yi Tianyun turned his attention toward Earth Monarch Ling Yunfeng and her opponent, Earth Monarch Yun Lei. 

Earth Monarch Yun Lei has overwhlemed Earth Monarch Ling Yunfeng with her violent Heavenly Thunder. Nevertheless, Earth Monarch Ling Yunfeng didn’t seem to be surrendering any time soon. Yi Tianyun frowned as if Ling Yunfeng might be disabled because of Yun Lei’s power if she insisted on being stubborn like this.

Ling Yunfeng had no chance at all as her movement was completely restricted due to the Heavenly Thunder that Yun Lei kept sending her way. 

“Did you think I let you get chummy with a human race so that one day you can oppose me?” Earth Monarch Yun Lei said as he kept sending shockwaves toward Ling Yunfeng with his fist. Earth Monarch Yun Lei’s power was so potent that he didn’t require any weapon to fight.

“Little Brother Yi is a good person regardless of his race. None of you racists knows what it means to be a friend!” Ling Yunfeng shouted desperately despite being cornered the entire time. He chose to stay on Yi Tianyun’s side rather than the other side. Ling Yunfeng knew that it was better to side with a good guy than to sell himself to evil. 

“Friends? If your Ling Family heard what you said, would they be okay with you befriending a human race beggar?” Earth Monarch Yun Lei shouted as he kept sending shockwaves toward Ling Yunfeng. Earth Monarch Yun Lei didn’t send a shockwave strong enough to win the battle, but he sent shockwaves that definitely would injure Ling Yunfeng.

Earth Monarch Yun Lei did this on purpose, as he only wanted to toy with Ling Yunfeng! For him, winning against Ling Yunfeng was easy, and that was why he wouldn’t finish the battle too soon. 

“This has nothing to do with his race! He is a powerful cultivator, and that is enough reason to befriend him! Even you are pale in comparison to Little Brother Yi’s power!” Ling Yunfeng said confidently.

“What did you just say? I dare you to say it once more!” Earth Monarch Yun Lei annoyedly shouted as thunder flashed in his eyes. 

“You are not a real Martial Artist if you can’t even open your heart to possibility!” Ling Yunfeng said solemnly.

“You even have your wife taken from you, and that is the result of opening your heart!” Earth Monarch Yun Lei sneered disgustedly.

“It is my problem, not yours! I am saddened that Rong’er Junior Sister wasn’t taken care of properly because of me!” Ling Yunfeng said with a steady gaze.

“You can say that because you couldn’t beat that human trash yourself! If you are willing to befriend a garbage, then I guess you are trash too! Now, get out of my face!” Earth Monarch Yun Lei said coldly.

He then roared, and a Thunder G.o.d Phantom Shadow appeared before punching Ling Yunfeng with a ma.s.sive Thunder G.o.d Hammer. Earth Monarch Yun Lei gave his best in this attack, making sure that Ling Yunfeng wouldn’t be able to get up again after this attack.

Ling Yunfeng waved his long sword in front of him, quickly drawing a slew of swords that intertwined with each other and formed a thick light wall. However, his power paled in comparison to Yun Lei, the Earth Monarch.

Ling Yunfeng received the attack and flew off the arena while thunder enveloped his entire body.

“Yunfeng!” The middle-aged man on the other side of the seat abruptly stood up. But before he could move to help Ling Yunfeng, the elders beside him dragged him back.

“We can’t go there, it’s a violation of the rules!” the patriarch exclaimed.

Of course, he was the father of Ling Yunfeng and Ling Fei. It broke his heart to see his son being toyed like that, but before Ling Yunfeng fell to the ground, a figure leaped out and caught him. The inertia from the attack wasn’t good for Ling Yunfeng’s weak body, but nevertheless, the figure dissipated the energy as he caught Ling Yunfeng’s body. 

But, even if Ling Yunfeng was saved from the fall, his body was charred black and seriously injured! It would surely prove to be fatal if he wasn’t treated immediately.

“I appreciate your help very much, Little Brother Yi.” Ling Yunfeng’s last struggle surprised everyone, but Yi Tianyun’s appearance was a little bit more shocking.

Yi Tianyun was naturally drawn to Ling Yunfeng’s battle as he could clearly hear the conversation between Ling Yunfeng and Lei Yun. He was well aware of Ling Yunfeng’s admiration towards him, and thus, he also considered Ling Yunfeng a friend.

There was no complicated explanation. Ling Yunfeng simply thought Yi Tianyun was worthy of being a friend. As a result, he would not change his tune even if he was confronted by Yun Lei Earth Monarch’s Power.

Yi Tianyun changed his equipment to Longevity Set silently, and he immediately started to heal Ling Yunfeng. Yi Tianyun healed Ling Yunfeng quickly, but Ling Yunfeng didn’t recover as fast as Yi Tianyun wanted. 

Earth Monarch Yun Lei just looked at Yi Tianyun coldly after delivering a devastating blow to Ling Yunfeng. He didn’t care whether Ling Yunfeng would survive his attack or not.

“How is Senior Brother Ling’s condition?” Xiao Murong said as she finally finished her match and marched towards Yi Tianyun. 

“I am doing my best to heal him.” Yi Tianyun stated simply.

“Okay, I am cheering you on, brother Yi!” Xiao Murong said as she was aware of Yi Tianyun’s talent.

Although she had no romantic relations.h.i.+p with Ling Yunfeng, he used to look after her. Although Xiao Murong had no intention of marrying him or even becoming his Dao Companion, they were friends regardless.

Xiao Murong sincerely wanted to help Ling Yunfeng now as Ling Yunfeng had been injured.

“Why would you morons help someone that I attacked?” Earth Monarch Yun Lei said as he stepped out of the arena and walked towards Yi Tianyun coldly. “Why would you bother as you would be my next opponent anyway! I will surely put you out of your misery, tras.h.!.+ Let me warn you, I am not as feeble as Earth Monarch Yao Tong!” Lei Yun said coldly.

“I will gladly be your opponent even if my next opponent isn’t you.” Yi Tianyun released some of his murderous intent out in the open.

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