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Chapter 1026

“Did you just declare that you can do anything in G.o.d Fighting Arena?” Yun Lei Earth Monarch said sarcastically. He wasn’t sure that he would be able to achieve a glorious win against Yi Tianyun, but nevertheless, deciding one’s opponent wasn’t a thing that a partic.i.p.ant could do.

Yi Tianyun turned to face the five Elders, ignoring Yun Lei. “Senior, I believe my next opponent is Yun Lei Earth Monarch, I want that to happen.” Yi Tianyun said despite being seen by everyone.

Yi Tianyun knew that what he said was presumptuous. If Yun Lei’s next opponent wasn’t him, then there was nothing Yi Tianyun could do. No partic.i.p.ant had ever made a request for their opponent before, but since Yi Tianyun knew that the five Elders were interested in seeing him fight, there might be a chance that the five Elders would approve of his request.

Gou Huang, One of the five Elders, naturally a.s.sessed the circ.u.mstance and understood Yi Tianyun’s reason. They took a glance at Yi Tianyun and Yun Lei, respectively, making some sort of value a.s.sessment on their head.

“I don’t mind. Even though I have arranged for Earth Monarch Yun Lei’s next opponent to be Earth Monarch Tian Qing, since you asked nicely, we will have to approve it.” The initial arrangement was promptly altered by Elder Gou Huang.

The crowd was taken aback as those words were said. They weren’t expecting anything to change. However, if you thought about it properly, that was the power of one’s strength. If someone as strong as Yi Tianyun weren’t here, then the Elders wouldn’t change anything.

“Although G.o.d Fighting Field is not necessarily mine, I may be able to influence the elders!” Yi Tianyun said mockingly to Yun Lei Earth Monarch.

“Hahaha, I truly appreciate that. I had little faith in Earth Monarch Tian Qing. Now I can go all out against you! Just you wait! You will regret your decision to choose me as your opponent!” Yun Lei Earth Monarch laughed out loud.

“Don’t worry, even if the sky was raining pig, you wouldn’t be able to defeat me!” Yi Tianyun said cynically.

“Let us see what happens later!” Yun Lei said annoyedly

“He might as well be the pig that falls from the sky later!” Xiao Murong mockingly said as she pointed her finger at Yun Lei Earth Monarch.

“It appears that you’re asking for it too, Murong! After I defeat this guy, I will make sure you regret it!” Yun Lei Earth Monarch said as he looked at Xiao Murong threateningly. 

“You won’t have that chance.” Yi Tianyun shake his head.

“Let’s just wait for the fight!” Yun Lei Earth Monarch said as he grew tired of the conversation and turned around. After Yun Lei Earth Monarch left, Yi Tianyun immediately resumed healing Ling Yunfeng. The other deacons that were there to heal the partic.i.p.ant also came to a.s.sist Yi Tianyun.

“Be careful, Brother Tianyun. You have to destroy Yun Lei Earth Monarch later!” Murong Xiao became enraged.

“Without a doubt…” Yi Tianyun stared at Yun Lei Earth Monarch, who was meditating in the distance. Yi Tianyun would make sure to show what real fear was to Yun Lei Earth Monarch later. 

The Fighting Compet.i.tion was quickly cut in two as half of the partic.i.p.ants were eliminated. There were still 30 partic.i.p.ants, and the winner would become the top 15 of the entire compet.i.tion. 

Nevertheless, none of the partic.i.p.ants aimed for the top 15. They clearly wanted to reach the top 10! 

The third fight started shortly after a few days of respite. Yi Tianyun chose Yun Lei Earth Monarch as his opponent, and Elder Gou Huang consented. Yi Tianyun then checked Xiao Murong’s opponent and realized that her opponent was a tricky one and she might fail.

Still, Yi Tianyun let fate decide what happened, as he couldn’t help her during the fight. Meanwhile, when Yi Tianyun glanced at Yun Lei Earth Monarch. His gaze was serene as he didn’t feel anything at all. 

“Brat, I challenge you to a duel without weapons later! Do you comply with my challenge?” Yun Lei Earth Monarch suddenly said as he approached Yi Tianyun. From the looks on his face, it was clear that Yun Lei Earth Monarch wanted to toy around with Yi Tianyun and didn’t want their fight to end so quickly.

“No problem for me!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Great!” Yun Lei Earth Monarch said surprisedly. He was actually a little bit worried that Yi Tianyun would reject his challenge as Yun Lie had the most confidence in his extraordinary physical power.

The spectators shook their heads as they thought that Yi Tianyun was too naïve. It was unreasonable to accept a challenge from the opponent. They thought that Yi Tianyun was too young to grasp the principle of the world.

“Now that it’s officially begun, I’m going to attack…” Yun Lei didn’t antic.i.p.ate meeting a fool, but nevertheless, the duel was about to begin.

Yun Lei rushed towards Yi Tianyun, but as his fist was about to hit Yi Tianyun, Yi Tianyun vanished! 

Yi Tianyun reappeared behind Yun Lei and punched Yun Lei right on his back, causing Yun Lei to experience agonizing pain that he had never experienced before! Yun Lei himself was thrown forward uncontrollably. 

Nevertheless, Yun Lei gritted his teeth and tried to control his body in the air, trying to get his footing back. But as he slowly regained his control, Yi Tianyun flashed again and punched Yun Lei to the ground! The punch definitely had quite some power as it created a huge hole in the ground where Yun Lei fell.

Yun Lei felt dizzy as he couldn’t think straight. Everything was moving too quickly and he didn’t have any time to breathe.

“I summon Thee!” Yun Lei shouted before a gust of wind filled the arena. A powerful thunderbolt struck Yun Lei’s body, and Yun Lei became one with the thunder, giving him lightning fast speed.

Yun Lei was struggling to stand back up, but he managed to do so. He immediately looked around and was finally able to see Yi Tianyun’s figure not too far from him.

“Your speed is commendable, but now that I’ve used my power, you won’t be able to match my speed!” Yun Lei condescendingly said as he thought that his Heavenly Thunder Body wouldn’t lose to anyone in terms of speed.

What power could be quicker than his lightning speed?

“You are spouting too much bulls.h.i.+t! Give me a break!” Yi Tianyun scoffed and flashed behind Yun Lei once more. This time, Yi Tianyun kicked Yun Lei on the back, blasting Yun Lei to the sky! Although his attack wasn’t lethal, it surely was painful.

Yi Tianyun himself didn’t want to end the match too soon as he also wished to play with Yun Lei for a bit longer. 

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