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  • Favored Crazy Consort: Ghost Emperor Too Proud

  • Author(s): 赵四小妞
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Favored Crazy Consort: Ghost Emperor Too Proud summary:

Zhuo Qingyan, a special ops soldier from modern times, code-named Lone Falcon, was blown up and fell off of a cliff during the execution of her mission. When she opened her eyes again, she became the concubine-born fourth miss of the Han empire’s minister, an idiot **After an imperial edict, she was conferred to marry the emperor’s youngest uncle, the Ghost Face w.a.n.gye. ** After transmigrating, she became the Emperor’s little aunt.
A waste w.a.n.gye with a silly w.a.n.gfei, a fitting pair.
After offering himself to become emperor, wifey patted his chest and said, “ if you open the border, I will help you expand the soil; if you recruit, I will help you train; You don’t have a horse? I will help you steal a horse;”
“Wifey, this Benw.a.n.g does not have a heir….”
“I’ll help you… that can wait a minute. Ha. You’re in the prime of your life. You have a strong body and good kidneys. You will have more than enough qualified successors.”
However, she was unaware of her own secret. The hidden treasure hunt map on her back was fought over by influential forces in all directions. She had also turned into ‘prey’!
w.a.n.g ye, w.a.n.gfei has killed senior provincial Hou’s eldest grandson in the street. If she killed him, she killed him! If you have the ability, come to the royal palace and try to arrest! w.a.n.gye, w.a.n.gfei brought people to dig up the mansion of a governor who oversees a whole region…… There’s a bunch of people who wants to be the governor, replace him! w.a.n.gye , w.a.n.gfei brought a group of people to beat him up and strung him up naked in the trees in exhibition. 
–A splendid job! Look at how the Ghost Faced w.a.n.gye spoils his w.a.n.gfei.The world under the heavens can fight, but only his Beloved Wife was his treasure.
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