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Chapter 239: Chapter 239 preparation before upgrading

Zhou Yu didn’t mind what flag they would use. Xuanyuan sword flag sounded majestic, so if they wanted to use it, they could use it. As for the loyalty of these spirits, as long as he could keep Lilith, basically, there wouldn’t be any problems. And since he had helped Lilith to reunite with her father, and removed the dragon’s wing army’s curse, as long as he didn’t do anything stupid, they would always be grateful for him.

After agreeing to the conditions, the whole dragon’s wing army started to sign the soul contract with Lilith.

Starting from the general, everyone began to s.h.i.+ne, and then one by one, floated up in the sky and formed an image of a dragon. It was quite spectacular. This dragon was a Heroic Beast, and it was the sign of a high-rank army, only a handful of cities had such an army in the ACG world.

After recruiting the spirit army, what came next was much easier. The king of thieves easily found the currently useless code of law from the broken temple and brought back some strange local products. After finis.h.i.+ng a new quest, it was reasonable that he would get some interesting items.

The seed of Treasure Guarding Cat: can be used to grow the spirit beast Treasure Guarding Cat. It likes money and treasures, and it will wander in the territory whenever it’s free and may find some hidden treasures and lost coins. The cat’s food must be the fish from the real world but had the ACG world’s attributes. Otherwise, gradually, it would lose its spirituality. In addition, spirit beasts cannot breed.

It seemed that this was the unique product of the chaotic land, and it was probably the same as the Knight’s mount in Luhua village, which had both the ACG attributes and the real-world attributes. It was just that unlike the Knight’s mount, it couldn’t breed, and it was picky about its food.

This was a bit of a ha.s.sle, as there didn’t seem to be any real-world fish with the ACG world attributes in Zhou Yu’s territory yet. There were chickens, ducks and geese, and those that did not inherit the bloodline of Knight’s mount would be transferred to the ordinary pastures.

With the amus.e.m.e.nt park gradually becoming popular, the number of tourists that came to camp and have a picnic inside the park gradually increased. The meat of these delicious poultries also quickly became popular and became an amus.e.m.e.nt park’s signature dish. It made all the nearby farm restaurants very envious.

Fortunately, these strange meat were scarce and were only sold at campsites in the small amus.e.m.e.nt park. Even if the people from outside wanted to buy it in ma.s.sive quant.i.ties, they couldn’t buy it, so it didn’t affect their business much.

But there was one thing that confused Zhou Yu. It was that so far, he hasn’t seen any aquatic Knight’s mounts.

There were sky knight’s mounts, earth knight’s mounts, so surely there would also be aquatic Knight’s mounts as well, but so far, he hasn’t gotten any. It meant that he wouldn’t be able to breed the fish that had ACG world attributes. Before Zhou Yu did not think that much, because he was a little scared of fish bones, and he usually did not eat fish. But now he needed it for the cat.

The cat was not a very special spirit beast. But since it was a new spirit beast, and if he raised it, there may be more spirit beasts in the future. So he had to hurry up getting the aquatic Knight’s mounts. As for the treasure guarding cat seed, he decided to leave it in the storehouse and wait until he had the fish to feed it.

After collecting the loot, Zhou Yu went home with Xiaobao and the secretary.

After the trip, although Xiaobao hasn’t completely recovered from heartbreak, at least, he was slowly thinking towards a more positive direction. And he also made the final decision, “senior brother, let me go back to the’s filming crew, there are some follow-up promotional activities I need to do.”

This request surprised Zhou Yu a little, “er… Do you want to continue to be a movie star? I can ask uncle Fu to find you a good management company. But from now on you need to be careful, don’t fall into a love trap again.”

“It’s not that, I’ll be back when the’s promotion is over. I know ‘’ is the senior brother’s work, so I can’t let a little thing affect Its promotion.”

This young man has become much more mature now. No wonder people would say that setbacks would make people grow up quicker. It was indeed very true. It was just that Zhou Yu was worried that once Xiaobao saw the female lead again after he went back, he might not be able to keep the current state of mind.

After resting a day at home, Xiaobao told Zhou Yu that he was ready. He looked much better compared to what he looked like when he had just come back to the park. Seeing this, uncle Fu was very happy and he quickly arranged for a car to take him to the provincial city. Probably the crew had urged him several times during this period. After all, the follow-up promotion would begin soon.

“Boy Yu, did you see it? Xiaobao has become so mature now. You also need to start a relations.h.i.+p soon. What do you think about Xue Xueyan, the girl who went out with you this time? She is also one of the prettiest girls in the administration department. Many boys in the park are interested in her.”

This Uncle Fu, why does he always like to talk about this kind of thing in front of him? Helplessly, Zhou Yu could only reply, “Uncle Fu, why is your whole administration department full of beautiful and single girls? Are you not afraid that auntie will get jealous?”

“You bratty kid, you want me to whoop your a.s.s?”

But when Zhou Fu just raised his hand, Zhou Yu had already fled.


With the code of law, Luhua village could finally be upgraded to Luhua city. This was a big thing. The village chief old dragon king was so happy that he could not sleep for days. Moreover, whenever he met someone on the street he would talk to them about how bad the village’s situation used to be, and finally, the village was able to become prosperous.

Probably everyone was really troubled by the old dragon king’s constant talk, whenever people saw him, they would immediately run away, and those who could not run away would have a long face as if they were about to cry.

However, before that, Zhou Yu still needed to settle down paG.o.da first. This thing was his trump card at the moment.

After Zhou Yu took away all the mojibake people, the guards that watched the forbidden land immediately reported this incident back. Then the Star Light city and the Fallen City quickly arrived at Luhua village one by one to confirm if the mojibake people had really been cured.

Even the people from those two major factions couldn’t deal with the curse, but it was solved by someone from the real world. It really surprised everyone.

Seeing the paG.o.da, as well as those spirits that were summoned by Lilith, the people from both cities couldn’t help but be amazed by this paG.o.da. To them, this was by far the most perfect artifact to deal with mojibake.

It was just that, they didn’t know where this real-world man got this perfect artifact.

Whether it was Star Light city or the fallen city, they were both interested in the information of this artifact. So when the people in Luhua village were celebrating that their village was finally about to become a city, both cities sent people over to congratulate Zhou Yu. At the same time, they also wanted to ask Lord Zhou Yu if he had any plans in the future and what forces he wanted to join.

And the most important question probably was, who made the artifact.

For the ACG world, Mojibake was too dangerous. Especially for the Fallen city. Because the city had all sorts of problems, so once they had this problem, it would spread much faster than other cities. So to them knowing that there was a way to remove the cure was a great relief.

However, our Lord, Zhou Yu, was currently immersed in the excitement of becoming a lord of a city.

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