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Feng Xinglang did not go and confirm everything. There was no need to confirm.

Because no matter who it was, it would at least be able to help him postpone the second hearing.

He only hoped that this person would be more intelligent and not leave any clues for the Ai family. As a family of lawyers, the Ai Family was most adept at collecting evidence, even creating evidence that was beneficial to the case.

What Feng Xinglang was most worried about was that this person would fall into Icestone Valley's traps.

However, using his own son as a trap … The possibility wasn't high!

When Xueluo found out that I was kidnapped, she became even more anxious.

"Xinglang, did you kidnap Eloire?"

She was worried that her husband would take the risk of breaking the law because of her. Then, not only would she, Lin Xueluo, be imprisoned, she would also implicate her husband.

"How is that possible? Your husband wouldn't be stupid enough to do that kind of thing! "

"But I'm missing..."

"Come here."

Feng Xinglang reached out his long arm and pulled his wife who was panicking over, allowing her to sit on his strong leg.

"Xueluo, you must firmly believe that your justifiable defense is always reasonable and lawful! It made sense wherever she went! Trust in the justice and rigour of the law. "

Her husband comforted her righteously again and again, which actually made Xueluo feel a lot more at ease.

"But the Ai family's team of lawyers … It's too beneficial! "

"No matter how beneficial, it cannot harm the law!"

Feng Xinglang held his wife's small hand, and lightly pecked the back of her hand, "We need to believe in the fairness of the law!"

With just a few sentences, Feng Xinglang changed the topic to a high level of legal justice.

After lying in his embrace for a while, Xueluo raised his head again, "Then is my disappearance really unrelated to you?"

"Who knows if it's the Ai family's own karate! His son is missing, so the biggest suspect is definitely me! It's not that easy to set a trap for your husband! "

As Feng Xinglang made up the possibilities that the Ai Family would pull off, he tried to think of who was the one who took away that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

If it was Yan Bang, with his delighted intelligence that didn't care about the consequences, with the group of strange lawyers from the Ai Family, it shouldn't have taken more than 24 hours to find any clues.

If it was the Hetun … If he had planned everything thoroughly, he would not have been able to find any clues within two to three days.

But what use would the Hetun have after kidnapping me?

Forcing Ai to withdraw his case?

This approach was very risky. With such a large commotion, it was likely that the Icestone Valley had come up with several countermeasures.

You killed me? No proof?

That was the stupidest!

I will only hasten the punishment by half for my death.

"Xinglang, do you think that it was Nuonuo's grandfather who did this?"

Xueluo speculating this was purely a normal reasoning.

"It shouldn't be... If the Hetun wanted to make a move, he would have done so long before the lawsuit was made. "

"Who could it be?"

"In two days... It should be time for the bottom of the lake to be revealed! "

Feng Xinglang replied indifferently, but his gaze turned serious.

Yan Bang and Hetun, he wishes even more that it was Hetun who would make a move on me.

Two days later, Vice Hall Master Jane personally came to Feng Family to pay a visit.

Under the support of Feng Xinglang and the others, he went from the original head of the Captain Jian to the vice head of the Public Security Office.

Seeing the cold and solemn face of Feng Xinglang, Director Jian frowned.

After a series of official questions, the Director Jian pulled Feng Xinglang into his study to have a private chat.

"President Feng, you can just be honest with me. Is the little b.a.s.t.a.r.d surnamed Ai in your hands?"

"Director Jian, please pay attention to your words! Be careful not to let me sue you for slander! "

"My President Feng, do you still not trust my I?"

"Hard to say!"

Feng Xinglang slanted his eyes at Vice Hall Master Jane, "Now, I am the Vice Hall Master of the Public Security Office!"

"President Feng, no matter how big my official is, isn't it all because of you and President Yan? Don't mock me! "

"Eloise is not in my hands!"

"He's really not here?"

Feng Xinglang stared at Director Jian, too lazy to repeat.

"Then I am relieved..."

Director Jian sighed, "The following matters are much easier for me to handle."

"Have you found the whereabouts of that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

"Not yet! The Ai family insisted that you were the one who had ordered the kidnapping of Eloire. "

"They're even f * * king lawyers! Should I sue them for slander? "

"This crime of slander is not painful at all, so stop wasting that G.o.d's money."

"If you don't let me waste that G.o.d's energy, then you must be tired of it!" My wife is only self-defense, so why is it so hard to judge her? "Tell me, did you take the Ai family's benefits?"

The irritable Feng Xinglang started to get annoyed. He did it on purpose!

"This is a huge injustice! "I really don't have any …"

"You said you don't have it, then you don't have it? Jane, I warn you: If my wife gets an unfair sentence, I'll let you have it! Forget about the main hall master, I will make it so that you won't even be able to stay in Shen City to beg for food! "

"President Feng, I am investigating my stain …"

"Then is the investigation done yet?"

"Although this' Ai 'does not work properly, he does not have any bad past records. But it's that w.a.n.g me, that's the one with the worst reputation. "

"Then break through from me! I will definitely find a stain on my face. "

"Alright, alright, alright. Master Feng, I'll go investigate it now."

While Feng Xinglang was guessing whether it was Hetun, Hetun was actually guessing whether it was his son Feng Xinglang who kidnapped me.

In other words, the person who made this move was clearly faster than Feng Xinglang and the Hetun by a level.

Who would it be?

… ….


There was no light in the darkness.

His eyes were pitch black, and he couldn't even see his fingers in front of him.

When Ai wakes up, he is in this dark s.p.a.ce without a trace of light.

His right eye was still wrapped in layers of cloth. He tried his best to widen his left eye, but he could not see anything in front of him. Including the hand he raised in front of him.

"Is there anyone … Where is this place? Let me out. "Let me out."

Ai Hui's voice echoed within the 20 square meters of s.p.a.ce. It should be a sealed s.p.a.ce.

In the darkness, Em stretched out his hands and began to grope: his knees b.u.mped into the table and chair, and he continued to grope in pain and fear.

From a distance of a few meters, it was as if he had walked for a century.

In this endless darkness, not only did it reduce one's sight to zero, it also caused one's soul to feel fear.

I finally found a wall. It should be made of stone, with a hint of mildew in the damp.

"Aiyi felt along the wall for a while, only to find that it was made of stone instead of stone." Let me out. "Quick, let me out..."

He angrily smashed the wall, "What on earth are you trying to do? "Quick, let me out..."

Ai Hui's angry roar reverberated in the empty s.p.a.ce; the surroundings were deathly silent. There was not a single sound to be heard.

"Feng Xinglang, I know you did it … Do you want to kill me to keep my mouth shut? "

The son of Lawyer Goldmouth, naturally, wasn't that stupid. He was originally at home recuperating, but after waking up, he found himself in such a strange place.

This was not a dream. It definitely was not a dream.

I pinched myself viciously as it hurt. At the same time, he tragically discovered that all of this was cruel.

No matter how much I shouted or how much I scolded, there was no response.

It was as if he had been thrown into a pitch-black h.e.l.l.

He felt his way along the wall again, and the stone walls almost made him despair.

"Let me out!"

He shouted hysterically, "Feng Xinglang, I know it's you! If you kill me, you will die with me! Your wife will still be sentenced. A heavy punishment! "

After yelling for over an hour, Ai Min's mouth was parched and his tongue was dry. He was completely exhausted.

He sat down on the damp stone floor along the stone wall.

All of a sudden, a living creature climbed over his feet.

"Ahh …" In the darkness, I let out a soul-shaking scream, "What's that … "What is it?"

The endless darkness made me more and more afraid. There were also unknown creatures, which exacerbated the collapse of his psychological defenses.

"Feng Xinglang... Feng Xinglang... I agree to your out-of-court mediation. "I agree!"

I am smart and sensible. He began to compromise.

"Feng Xinglang, I will withdraw my complaint... I withdraw my complaint... As long as you let me out, I'll immediately withdraw my lawsuit! "

However, no matter how much Ai Hui shouted, the surroundings remained dead silent. It was like h.e.l.l.

Could it be that Feng Xinglang did not capture him to force him to withdraw his lawsuit?

Rather … Was he trying to silence him by killing him?

Darkness, like a bottomless maw: it eats everything, devours everything, eats everything that infuriates it.

The terrified Ai Hui began to indulge in even deeper thoughts of fear...

Panic, hunger, and exhaustion began to take turns eating away at Ai Hui's body, mind and will.

He felt his way through the darkness until he reached the table and chair that had b.u.mped into his knee two hours earlier. He immediately sat on it and coiled his feet to avoid the attacks of the unknown creatures on the ground.

Even more frightening than the darkness was the terrible unknown.

I felt the mineral water on the table. I first opened the bottle cap and smelled it before carefully taking a sip.

He didn't smell anything strange. He was so thirsty that he started to smoke. Therefore, he started to gulp down the wine …

Suddenly, he felt something slide down his throat, and it was a living thing.

He stopped drinking the water in fear and poured the water from the bottle onto his palm. As the water flowed through his fingers, he held onto a lively creature …

"Crack …" Aiyi began to vomit in a heart-wrenching manner.

This kind of shock and fear continued for three whole days.

The endless darkness had almost caused Ai Hui to collapse.

Needless to say, Cong Gang's patience was so good that it made people want to die …

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