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Published at 11th of July 2019 05:32:00 PM Chapter 7

“—how could this be…!!”

Amelia slammed her palm against the desk—a dull sound could be heard as pain reverberated through her right hand . However, Amelia was too upset—frustrated—to even feel it .

She was in her own room . The curtain, which was closed, added to the already heavy atmosphere .

The size was about twenty tatami mats and was furnished with a queen-sized bed, a table and chair set, dressers, sofas, and some bookshelves . All were high quality decors—and belonged to her parents . Her own personal belongings were quite few . Aside from the huge amount of books, she only had a few dresses and some jewelry .

She was the only person in the room .

Ten days had pa.s.sed since the tea party with William . She eagerly awaited the notice of annulment—yet it never came .

On the contrary, William’s father, Marquis of Winchester, received a formal letter from her own father; saying h.e.l.lo to his son .

Something’s not right…—three days ago, Amelia finally tasked the butler to spy on William . After receiving the detailed report regarding William’s attendant, Lewis, her fist immediately clenched .

“This man, who does he think he is—!?” Amelia bit her lips .

William’s attendant, Lewis . Not only did he examine Amelia’s social reputation, he also investigated her reputation amongst the servants—

—and yet, even with the most trustworthy informant of my family, she couldn’t find anything about Lewis—origin and age; unknown .

The only thing she could gather about him was; he had served the Winchester for fifteen years, as an attendant to William . The other was just a rumor—that Lewis was an orphan . He had neither parents nor house .

It was said that William personally handpicked such a man to be his attendant . The rumor also didn’t shed any light towards the mysteries of Lewis’ past—this is troublesome…

Amelia stifled her frustration by messing with her long hair .

Normally, it would be reasonable to think that Lewis had investigated Amelia and her surroundings under William’s order .

But, judging from William’s reaction after she had bullied Hannah, it seemed that William was clueless about it .

…If so, was it the Marquis Winchester’s order? Or, could it be… Lewis did it out of his own accord?

Either way, Lewis knew that Amelia wasn’t inhumane—at least not towards all . He caught wind about it—that Amelia’s arrogant and ruthless att.i.tude at the tea party was fake . Afterwards, he informed William about it .

Maybe Lewis was also aware that Amelia was more than just faking her att.i.tude . No—maybe, just maybe… he had also known she had past memories .  It’s not entirely impossible, isn’t it? Other attendants would discourage their Masters from marrying a woman with such a disastrous reputation—whether it was false or not—or, perhaps, am I overthinking?

Amelia took a deep breath to calm herself .

By any means, I’m in peril .

If the engagement were to be solidified, getting an annulment would be close to impossible—

—and if that was to happen, one of them will absolutely die .

Somehow, that’s the only thing I want to prevent from happening .

I have finally attained a peaceful life, I don’t want to let it go just like that .

There was a possibility that if she was to be reborn, she would end up closer with him than she was now . Hence, she thought it was necessary to live as long as possible each lifetime .

Amelia pondered .

She still didn’t know much about Lewis . She wasn’t familiar with his thought pattern . With her current information, making a decision was too risky . But, if it was William, perhaps, she still had a chance .

She just had to turn to the offense—if you can’t push, pull .  Wasn’t that an old saying? Although the order was reversed…

That tea party was her biggest cause of defeat .

Then, let’s turn him down directly next time .

She would just ignore Lewis for now and get a chance to be alone with William . She would be upfront about her refusal . She had no other choice but this .

“—William Cecil, just you wait… I’ll never let you die!”

Amelia engraved the vow inside her heart . Her voice was low and heavy, yet dauntless—it was more beautiful than anyone else’s .

She approached the window and reached towards the curtain—one move, and sunlight instantly poured into the room . The heavy air scattered in an instant . At the same time, bathed in the ray of light, Amelia’s golden hair shone white .

Due to the piercing brightness, she narrowed her eyes and looked up towards the skies .

—after a thousand years, the sun keeps s.h.i.+ning, unchanging .

—even after a thousand years, this feeling, too, stayed the same .

“Lewis, I wonder if you are truly an ally of William…”

Amelia’s eyes, as she gazed at the hollow skies, swayed faintly in an ephemeral gloom . The bottom of her heart was overflowing with a heartfelt wish for her loved one .

However, no one was truly aware of their actual feelings .

Amelia, too, had no way of knowing .

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