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A Thousand Years Of Separation~Today, I Shall Be The Villainess~(WN) summary:

The famous but also humble Earl’s daughter, Amelia Southwell is engaged to the Marquis’ eldest son, William Cecil. —the truth is, Amelia is possessed by the spirit of a girl deceased since one thousand years ago. Thus, Amelia carries with her a millennium worth of recollections. Even if she reincarnate, the memories will still be intact. And Amelia knows—whoever she loves will befallen with ill fortunes. That her lover will die if she doesn’t keep her distance. She has to keep William away. Can Amelia escapes this fate riddled with Karma? Does the future where these two people could be happy exist? This is a story about a girl who stays earnest and hardworking despite being toyed by fate.

A Thousand Years Of Separation~Today, I Shall Be The Villainess~(WN) Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 61 Jan-06-20
Chapter 60 Dec-30-19
Chapter 59 Dec-30-19
Chapter 58 Dec-30-19
Chapter 57 Dec-27-19
Chapter 56 Dec-22-19
Chapter 55 Dec-19-19
Chapter 54 Dec-16-19
Chapter 53 Dec-12-19
Chapter 52 Dec-08-19
Chapter 51 Dec-08-19
Chapter 50 Dec-08-19
Chapter 49 Nov-22-19
Chapter 48 Nov-20-19
Chapter 47 Nov-17-19
Chapter 46 Nov-13-19
Chapter 45 Nov-13-19
Chapter 44 Nov-08-19
Chapter 43 Nov-08-19
Chapter 42 Oct-14-19
Chapter 41 Oct-14-19
Chapter 40 Oct-14-19
Chapter 39 Oct-12-19
Chapter 38 Oct-10-19
Chapter 37 Oct-09-19
Chapter 36 Oct-09-19
Chapter 35 Oct-09-19
Chapter 34 Oct-01-19
Chapter 33 Sep-21-19
Chapter 32 Sep-21-19
Chapter 31 Sep-16-19
Chapter 30 Sep-16-19
Chapter 29 Sep-16-19
Chapter 28 Sep-09-19
Chapter 27 Sep-03-19
Chapter 26 Sep-02-19
Chapter 25 Aug-25-19
Chapter 24 Aug-25-19
Chapter 23 Aug-21-19
Chapter 22 Aug-21-19
Chapter 21 Aug-21-19
Chapter 20 Aug-09-19
Chapter 13 Aug-08-19
Chapter 19 Aug-08-19
Chapter 18 Aug-06-19
Chapter 17 Aug-05-19
Chapter 16 Aug-05-19
Chapter 15 Aug-05-19
Chapter 14 Aug-05-19
Chapter 131 Jul-24-19
Chapter 12 Jul-24-19
Chapter 11 Jul-24-19
Chapter 10 Jul-24-19
Chapter 9 Jul-24-19
Chapter 8 Jul-24-19
Chapter 7 Jul-11-19
Chapter 721 Jul-11-19
Chapter 6 Jul-11-19
Chapter 5 Jun-25-19
Chapter 4 Jun-19-19
Chapter 3 Jun-19-19
Chapter 2 May-18-19
Chapter 1 May-18-19
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