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The great G.o.d had become an empty city.

It was so quiet that it terrified people.

Long Fei caught Xuan Hu and looked at him. "Enter the array?"

"What do you mean?"

Lei Gang pointed to the yellow flag erected in the center of the city, and his eyes darkened, "Eight Stunts Array of the Divine peak Zhen, we are currently in a formation!"

"The yellow flag is the initial formation!"

"We are currently in the Eight Stunts Array."

"And …"

Xuan Yu asked, "And what?"

Lei Gang said: "This Eight Stunts Array can only be set up by the eight highest level elders of the Divine peak Zhen, he is also a high level formation in this world."

"Eight Extinctions, each one is a great killing array!"

"Only the dead can come out, no living person can leave."

Xuan Yu secretly clicked her tongue, looked at Long Fei, and said: "Big Brother Long Fei, what do we do?"

Xuan Hu was not convinced, with a move of his, he rushed into the sky.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

With one step, he flew into the sky, and said with a deep voice, "I don't believe in Eight Stunts Array."

He leapt a hundred meters into the air.


With an explosive sound, something that looked like an electric net engulfed the entire sky, and directly bombarded Xuan Hu.

Lei Gang shook his head: "It's useless, unless we break the formation, there's nowhere to run in the sky or on the ground."

Long Fei grinned, "That powerful?"

Lei Gang said: "This is the strongest formation in the Divine peak Zhen, looks like they already knew that we were coming to the Divine Sect."

"Otherwise, it would be impossible to set up the Eight Stunts Array. This kind of formation requires a lot of time to prepare, and cannot be set up for a long period of time."

Long Fei said: "Only by breaking the formation can we leave?"

Lei Gang said: "We can only break the formation, but we can't break it. Until now, when the Eight Stunts Array was created, no one can break it, and even the current most powerful powerhouse, Ye Wutian, cannot break the formation. "

"So awesome?" Long Fei smiled slightly, and said: "I can't stand seeing something that's more awesome than me. Since it's so awesome, then I'll break it!"

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei stepped forward.


His body was devoured by the light waves and disappeared.

The profound jade was shocked and was about to charge forward, but was caught by Lei Gang with one hand, and said: "Don't go in, the place where everyone is going in is different. The more people who go in, the more dangerous it is."

"We are currently in a formation, but if we do not move now, there will not be any danger."

Xuan Hu's eyes were filled with worry, and he asked: What about him?

Lei Gang frowned, and did not say a word.

Eight Stunts Array, Great Killing Array.

The more people entered, the more vicious it became.

The moment Long Fei entered the array, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly changed. It wasn't the streets of the Divine Capital just now, but an ancient battlefield.

At two hillsides.

There were thousands of Warrior on both sides of the hill.

Long Fei stood within the valley.

The moment he appeared, the battle drums began to ring. "Bang, bang, bang …"

The general in the lead drew his sword and shouted, "Kill!"


Warrior on both sides of the hill madly rushed down.

Long Fei was startled, "Illusion?"

"Protect your heart!"

With a flick of his finger, it cracked.

The best way to break out of this illusion was pain!


The moment Long Fei opened his eyes, he was still in the mountain valley, and there were no changes whatsoever.

"Can't solve it?"


Long Fei was secretly shocked, then looked at the surrounding Warrior s who were rus.h.i.+ng down from the left and right, and said: "Just kill each other."

"That's not right!"

"Why do I see that their eyes are locked on me?" Long Fei's eyes turned cold, he scolded in anger: "d.a.m.n, are you all here for me?"



"Hualala …"

"Hualala …"

He originally thought that this was just a battlefield and that Long Fei had entered by accident, but he didn't expect that the tens of thousands of Warrior on both sides were waiting for him to appear.

A black ma.s.s was rus.h.i.+ng towards him.

Long Fei was too lazy to escape, facing such a low level Warrior, escaping would be too shameful.


"I'll take however many there are." Long Fei did not move at all. He released the power of the body of taoti and allowed the Warrior s to attack him.




It was a crazy attack, with a black ma.s.s of people surrounding Long Fei in the middle.'s body was completely surrounded by them, unable to move at all.


These Warrior on the battlefield had no effect on his attacks at all.

It was completely useless.

Long Fei muttered, "Not fun."

"All of you, get down!"

The power of Long Fei, who was at the peak of the Profound King Realm, suddenly surged, "Die!"


A stream of energy shot out and directly covered all the Warrior s.

Just as Long Fei thought that he could easily crush these people to death, his eyes tightened, "f.u.c.k!"

He couldn't help but curse.

Because …

The rank of these Warrior s changed from the lowest level in the beginning to the profound king level after Long Fei released his power. The same level as him.

All of them were Peak Realm s of the Profound King.

Tens of thousands of powerhouse of the Profound King Peak Realm!

This was defying the heavens' will.

Let alone the Divine Sect, even the entire world would not be able to defend against so many powerhouse at the peak of the Profound King Realm.



In an instant, the powers of these people underwent an earth-shattering transformation. They continuously struck and exploded with power, as if they were continuously bombarding.


"This formation …"

"The Eight Stunts Array, does it really want this daddy's life?" Long Fei frowned. Initially, he did not need to dodge, but right now he could only dodge nonstop.

Too deadly.

"The cultivation of these people have changed due to the change in the power that I released."

"How can I break it?"

Long Fei locked his eyebrows.

Nezha said, "Daddy, hope is born. The power of this formation was provided by the person who entered it."

Long Fei said: "How do I break it?"

Nezha said, "Destruction of the heart."


"Annihilation? How? Kill yourself? " Long Fei was a little confused.

Nezha said, "Yes!"

"Right what?" Long Fei said: "Kill yourself?"

"Is that even right?"

Nezha said, "Daddy, you faked your death."

Long Fei said: "How do I fake my death?"

Nezha said, "Lie on the ground and feign death without moving, despair, emptiness, and then feel like the world abandoned you."

"It's that simple?" Long Fei laid on the ground, both his eyes looking at the sky, and muttered, "I was really abandoned by Earth."

Thinking about what happened on Earth, wanting to become a Universal Realm, he really fell into despair.

At this moment.


A loud explosion resounded.

The yellow flag in the center of the city suddenly began to burn, finally turning into ashes.


"No one can break the Eight Stunts Array, no one knows the secrets of the Eight Ultimate."

"How preposterous!"

"Blue Flag, up!"

… ….

Long Fei lied on the street.

Seeing that, Xuan Yu immediately ran over, and said: "Big Brother Long Fei."


Long Fei got up from the ground.

Lei Gang said excitedly: "The initial formation has been broken, now it's the second formation!" Long Fei looked at the blue flag in the distance and said, "It's too troublesome, I broke it in one go!"

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