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Chapter 2445: Don’t Provoke Me

This place was a dark world.

There was a different moon hanging in the sky, white and holy.

Under this moon, a figure was walking forward slowly, as if browsing this dark landscape.

Around him, there were vague figures. It was just that no one dared to approach.

Ever since Ye Yuan stepped into the abyss, the divine race’s danger warning already rose to the highest level!

The events here were currently being reported up layer by layer, reporting to the main center of the divine race.

Before long, the few great progenitors would know this news.

Before this, the divine race carried out the highest level of surveillance on Ye Yuan.

Regarding these people, Ye Yuan was naturally well aware of them. However, he directly chose to ignore it.

If not for the nine great Dao Ancestors causing unexpected trouble, he would have long entered the Abyss World to investigate things thoroughly.

Ever since seeing Li-er, Ye Yuan was filled with curiosity toward the divine race.

In order to untie the bell, the person who tied it was required. Wanting to bring back the original Li-er, he naturally had to understand this race first.

Before this, apart from killing, there was only killing between him and the divine race. There was no time to understand at all.

Of course, he also did not have that strength.

Now, he stepped into Creation Realm, his spatial law already reached the acme of perfection. With the strength to protect himself, he could naturally come and investigate thoroughly.

“This guy is also too arrogant, right? Is he treating the Abyss World as his own backyard?”

“F*cking h.e.l.l! I heard that even Lord Daymeld nearly died at his hands! If not for that I can’t beat him, I’ll definitely go forth and tear him up right now!”

“Too arrogant! Why haven’t those lords come yet? I’m already … almost about to freaking explode!”

… …

The divine race was proud.

However, each step that Ye Yuan took currently, was trampling on their pride.

None of them dared to attack!

This person was their nightmare!

This person killed half of their people!

This person sent the ten billion year dream that the divine race had been suppressing, back to its original point!

If it was in the Heavenspan World, then forget it.

Now, he actually ran to the Abyss World to posture!

Each one of the divine race members around was livid.

Ye Yuan was just feeling everything here on his own, the Abyss World was very different from other small worlds.

The abyss devil race was originally also one of the Heavenspan World’s members.

They were the divine race’s most loyal lackeys.

Later on, the divine race retreated in defeat and arrived at the abyss devil race’s base camp, the Abyss World.

This place was filled with powerful devilish energy, it was the forbidden land of all races.

When humans came here, it was no different from courting death.

He was currently walking when a powerful aura came from head-on in front.

A figure stepped out of the void, his hands behind his back as he looked at Ye Yuan coldly.

The arrival said coldly, “Brat, I didn’t expect that … you actually grew to such a level! A pity I wasn’t able to kill you back then! However, you delivered yourself to the doorstep today, this progenitor won’t be courteous!”

Ye Yuan lifted his head, it was actually an acquaintance!


Back then, in Cloudheart Realm, Ye Yuan almost died at his hands.

Seeing Originguard appear, the divine race members were extremely aroused!

Originguard was a late-stage Nine-marks mighty expert. Although he could not be compared to Daymeld, dealing with Ye Yuan was sufficient!

Each and every one of them was gloating over his misfortune, waiting to see Ye Yuan being killed.

But Ye Yuan just said coolly, “So, it’s you. Don’t waste your energy, you go back and tell Tian Qing, I’ll stroll around in the Abyss World for a few days. Then I’ll go and find him.”

Originguard’s pupils constricted and he said in a cold voice, “Brat, you are stupid? Just the likes of you, you also want to meet Lord Tian Qing?”

Waves of jeering laughs came from all around.

Ye Yuan’s words were too laughable.

It was true that he was strong.

But he relied on Eight Void Mountain’s rule grand array to go on a ma.s.sacre.

In the Abyss World, there was no rule grand array to protect him.

Did this guy really take the Abyss World to be his own home?

Still say stroll for a few days …

Ye Yuan did not speak, he just hooked his finger at Originguard, signaling him to come over. The provocation intent was extremely thick.

“Courting death!”

Originguard gave a cold snort. His Heavenly Dao True Martial suddenly released, and he rushed over toward Ye Yuan.

The horrifying power was the same as back then!


The place where Ye Yuan was standing directly turned into nothingness.

It was just that Originguard’s expression changed wildly.

This move, he actually missed!

A hundred miles away, Ye Yuan said coolly, “You can’t kill me, but I can kill all of them! Don’t try to provoke me. The consequences are beyond your tolerance. I’m just here to find Tian Qing to have a chat. Don’t. Provoke. Me!”

Ye Yuan emphasized the last few words heavily.

Killing intent was extremely thick!

Originguard was extremely shocked in his heart. He had clearly sealed off this region of s.p.a.ce just now, how did Ye Yuan evade it easily?

Just how many years had they not met? This guy was already strong until such an inconceivable degree?

“What on earth is going on? Lord Originguard actually can’t do anything to him?”

“This guy is too arrogant! He’s using all of our lives to threaten Lord Originguard!”

“Ahhh, ahhh, ahhhhh! He’s going to find Lord Tian Qing to have a chat! Chat your mom! Can this guy be any more arrogant?”

… …

A feeling of humiliation spread out in everyone’s hearts.

Originguard was really held down by Ye Yuan. So he did not dare to make a move anymore.

‘Don’t provoke me,’ these three words, the warning intent was already very thick.

Clearly, Ye Yuan’s mood right now was not good.

Although he did not understand how Ye Yuan evaded his attack, he did not doubt in the slightest that Ye Yuan would really go on a killing spree!

The reason why he did not currently was just because he did not want to fall out too hard with the divine race.

Finding Lord Tian Qing to chat … this guy was not joking!

This guy …

Just as Originguard was stunned, Ye Yuan did not even look at him and left straight away.

Originguard’s face immediately became black as the bottom of a pot.

He, an exalted divine race progenitor, was actually ignored by a junior!

But what could he do?

Everyone was stunned. No one could have thought that Lord Originguard came personally and was actually threatened by this human.

Lord Originguard did not even dare to let out a fart!

… …

The news of Ye Yuan barging into the Abyss World shook the entire divine race very quickly.

All of the divine race was filled with righteous indignation!

How much divine race blood stained the hands of this devil?

Now, he actually ran to the Abyss World to act wildly!

But, the news of Originguard returning without accomplis.h.i.+ng anything, similarly spread like wildfire.

Everyone was shocked.

Originguard was one of the Profound Lineage’s progenitors, his strength being fearsome.

Even he, actually could not do anything to this devil, this was too terrifying!

What was even more d.a.m.nable was that the divine race’s upper echelons did not seem to have much reaction with regards to Ye Yuan’s appearance.

It was like this matter did not happen.

This made all of the divine race feel even more humiliated!

At the Profound Lineage ancestral land, Originguard had a look of indignation as he said to the elderly in front of him furiously, “Lord Originsmile, this matter can’t be tolerated! Lord Originsmile please make a move personally, and kill this boy! Otherwise, where will our divine race’s face go?”

This old man was the divine race Profound Lineage’s forefather, Originsmile!

This was a terrifying existence on the same level as Tian Qing!

A faint smile hung on Originsmile’s face, appearing very calm.

He motioned for Originguard to sit down, and he said indifferently, “If he wants to meet Tian Qing, just let him go and meet. Withdraw all of the men. Leave him alone.”

Originguard’s entire body shook, being stupefied on the spot.

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