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Chapter 320 The Second Year in the Dragon Palace

The spring breeze in February looks like scissors; millions of thousands drop the green silk sash.

The bank of Dongting River has been blown green by the spring breeze. There is a steady stream of visitors to Mount Jun. It is said that Mount Jun is spiritual. Someone once saw the Liu Yi Well giving out a strong light in the night. It’s legendary that the glorious light covered the whole mountain.

The two colorful clay sculptures in Xiangfei Temple are respected by many pilgrims. The changes of light and shadow make their downward eyes look glistening, just like living persons.

There are a lot of high-end residential plots near Dongting Lake. All kinds of chemical plants with substandard sewage treatment are closed. The government finally determines to clean up the waters of Dongting Lake. Although many local officials with fluke minds think the local economy is the priority and that the government should not be so harsh——However, what they do not know is, compared with the little tax and economic revenue, the pharmaceutical companies of Lin’s family have achieved enormous exports sales each year. These industrial companies which damage the environment are meeting current needs with resources of future generations. For the first time, the government has put this strategy of long-standing sustainable development into practice.

The support of Lin’s pharmaceutical companies is one of the reasons. Another is the support of the military. More importantly, the leader of Lin’s family has made outstanding contributions to s.p.a.ce science and technology… This is more advanced than the manned lunar landing. The s.p.a.cecraft, even if it is only now in the research phase, can bring a variety of high-tech accessories, which are enough to show the power of State of Huaxia in the international society.

What? You want to buy the technology of petroleum refining? Want to know an important rare element in coal? Want to partic.i.p.ate in the outer s.p.a.ce shuttle program that Huaxia is developing? Come on, sign this then.

The five notices on China’s official stationing of troops in Nansha Islands… The amba.s.sadors of the major powers sign the agreement reluctantly. As for Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia that originally occupied the Nansha Islands, do you disagree? Well, go to Huaxia yourself.

Ameria says I’m deaf.

Britane says I’m busy.

Rashk says I don’t know.

Nihon… It doesn’t matter if you don’t say yes. I didn’t mean to let you in.

These are the changes the cultivation brings to the world and to Lin’s family. A lot of chemical plants by Dongting Lake have been closed. Zeng Tian has promoted Lins’ Pharmaceutical Factory and Zeng’s Real Estate Firm to cooperate in capital, established a subsidiary of Lins’ company, and bought some of the best lots by Dongting Lake.——like the saying goes, keep the goodies within the family. Dongting Lake may have the best environment among the four inland lakes of Huaxia. There is little risk that the house here cannot be sold. Zeng Tian’s father is very satisfied that the real estate business has been revitalized under the management of his son.

For more ordinary people, such as the residents nearby Dongting Lake, the wind from the lake will no longer smell fishy, and the sand-dredging s.h.i.+ps that were rumbling day and night will no longer sound noisy. Although it is not yet obvious, the water is becoming clear. It is not the high concrete lake bank that can stop the flood tide. In fact, planting trees is the real solution that can kill two birds with one stone.

The average citizen can’t afford the upscale lakeside villas being built, but it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the beautiful scenery in lakeside parks. Every day after dinner, walking along the lake bank is becoming an increasingly popular activity for people.

The setting sun is infinitely beautiful. If the situation gets better, there will be more fish in the lake and golden rice in the paddy fields. It seem to be long for people from the days when they didn’t have to worry about metal poisoning of lake food… When will these days come back? The waters of Dongting are as long as 800 miles. Yunmeng Lake is an abundant place since ancient times.

Lin Luoran can see the changes of Dongting Lake bank from the Sea-view Pavilion. Such circ.u.mstance makes her feel close to her family.

Those who work for sewage treatment are Lins’ staff.

They are taking samples from the lake water with a serious facial expression. They were distracted by excessive levels of metal pollution in the water, and a year later they are smiling for the improved water quality. They are Lins’ inspectors.

In the crowd of people who buy fish fry and release them in Dongting Lake. The person with a chiseled face is Luodong? He is no longer childish. Lin Luoran also finds Mr. Lin, Mrs. Lin, Yuan Ye, Zeng Tian, and Goldie who is flying in the sky.

They are just looking at the direction of Mount Jun. She said they can come to visit her, but they are not willing to disturb her?

Lin Luoran does not practice this day but has been watching the relatives.

When the crowd disperses, she is in a daze for a long time in the Sea-view Pavilion.

The short separation is for getting together in the future. Before entering Penglai, she must have the strength of the state of Bearing Essence! Lin Luoran clenched her fist tightly. In the next days, she is devoted to harder self-cultivation.

Time quickly. As the summer vacation of high school comes again, the second year is coming to an end.

Lin Luodong looks at the balance on the card and wants to cry. The business plan of him and Huang Weijian, which was aborted, has to restart again. The two boys both have suffered setbacks. They have to get rid of their shortcomings of “good plans but little skills” and decide to start from earning small money like Wei Xue.

Since the compet.i.tiveness of selling flowers is growing, Wei Xue has to find another work-study job.

What can she do in just two months?

Ma Ming does not go to travel this summer vacation. He is almost a man, so his father is far-sighted this time to kick him out to do a work-study job, in case Ma Ming becomes an insolent dude.

Popularity is the key to business opportunities. The four people hang out for a few days in Tianfu Square. Now that the market for flowers is extremely limited, , they can still sell snacks!

A full cup of natural agar-agar jelly, topped with boiled brown sugar and ice cubes, only charges three yuan. Compared with the juice in the cold drinks shop, isn’t it cheaper? Eating a cup of that will make you feel cool and comfortable, and it is not like the ice cream that may hurt the stomach. Isn’t the traditional Huaxia snack better than the so-called fresh juice which in fact is made from concentrated fruit juice?

And they can take tofu jelly as one of their products, too. Whether you like the sweet flavor or spicy one, the authentic tofu jelly with high-quality ingredients is really a delicacy. The spicy flavor will make people sweat on hot days, thus may also drive the sales of the cold agar-agar jelly.

Lin Luodong prepares the ingredients; Huang Weijian is responsible for transportation; Ma Ming makes an initial investment, and Wei Xue manages the sales. At first, they need to hide from city inspectors to sell snacks in the square. By the end of the first month, a small shop near the square is being sublet, but because of the expensive rent, no one wants it. Ma Ming barters with the owner for long hours and asks for a short-term rental. If someone else determines to rent the shop, they can immediately move out.

Their snack business is moved into the shop. The price of each product is increased by one yuan, but with a cleaner and safer environment, more customers come to buy their snacks.

By the end of the summer vacation, the four small bosses cast accounts at night in the shop. Looking at the figures in the total account, they are even reluctant to close the business.

They sell an average of five or six hundred cups a day. The price of a cup has gone up from three yuan to four yuan. In the last month, the rent for this small shop is a little expensive, which costs them fifteen thousand Huaxia yuan. But the raw materials are cheap. A kilo of soybeans can make a lot of tofu jelly. Similarly, because water is needed in the making process, a bag of powder can produce a big bucket of agar-agar jelly. The so-called upfront cost is paper cups, straws, trolleys and so on.

At first, they do not have the shop. Every pot of tofu jelly and agar-agar jelly is sent by Huang Weijian. His “Confucianism” is only used in transportation. The two months of practice is even more than he ever did.

Take out the cost, each of them has earned more than ten thousand yuan. Wei Xue says this is lucrative. Lin Luodong thinks that he can have a fine life this semester. Ma Ming is also praised by his father. All of them have gained so much and feel happy.

“Ah, we can continue the business on the next summer vacation?” Wei Xue still says on the first day of school.

Ma Ming whines, “Believe me, in the next year, the two snacks will be spread everywhere in Tianfu Square.”

In September, Li Xi’er and Wen Guanjing happen to visit Lin’s family at the same time. Lin Luoran has not come back. Li Xi’er stamps her feet and goes back.

She is about to lay Foundation, but she is a little afraid. So she is to seek comfort here. Of course, there is no comfort. Yuan Ye quietly hands her two Foundation-laying Boluses. Li Xi’er wants to say she has one, but thinking of her master who works hard recently, she accepts the boluses.

Wen Guanjing is also to lay the foundation. He vaguely feels he may break through at any time, so he rushes back from South Africa.

He feels safer in domestic than in foreign land. Besides, he needs the protection of the family. One of the three Foundation-laying Boluses Li Xi’er takes out from the secret land is got by Chen Yun. Master of the Wens is so anxious since Wen Guanjing is about to lay the foundation. He even wants to force Ye Xiaobei to sell his Foundation-laying Bolus to him.

Wen Guanjing originally wanted to ask Lin Luoran for some advice. But here he gets a Foundation-laying Bolus unexpectedly.

Master of the Wens is very happy. Wen Guanjing then realizes he is set up by the master. No wonder once he came back, the master reminded him of visiting Lin’s family. It is because he knows the friends.h.i.+p between Wen Guanjing and Lin Luoran and Lin Luoran will help Guanjing if he is in need… In order to express his thanks, Wen Guanjing picks some refine weapons to Lin’s family. But the Master of the Wens feels angry about that.

In October, the autumn comes. It’s the perfect time for enjoying

Yuan Ye is successful in training Qi to the middle state. Huang Weijian didn’t accept the bolus of Lin’s family, but also enter the middle state.

Zeng Tian is so envious and Lin Luodong also wants to try. His birthday is set in the winter when Lin Luoran and Baojia picked him. Two months later, he can also start to cultivate.

In November, Li Xi’er has the good news first. She has managed to lay her foundation. Seeing Sister Li become Master Li, the primary cultivators are heart-broken.

In late November, Wen Guanjing is successful, too. The Master of the Wens holds the three days of open-air banquet and invites all schools from the world of cultivation. Even the Buddhist cultivator is invited to Zu Mountain.

Only two or three days later, a glow of auspicious lucky charm comes up in Mount Jun.

Lin Luoran accomplishes two stages of cultivation and enters the final stage of Laying Foundation. It’s a hard-earned success.

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