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Chapter 1663 - Don't Want to Shoot Kissing Scenes With Him

Gu Zhilin and Fang Hua were both sent to the hospital and were sent to the resuscitation rooms.

However, Gu Zhilin ultimately died of serious injuries and couldn't be saved. Fang Hua was charged with intentional homicide, and after she was discharged from the hospital, was detained by the police and was waiting for a verdict from the law.​​

After Fang Zhenglong learned of this matter, he hired the best lawyer in the city to represent Fang Hua. He also requested for Fang Hua to be a.s.sessed for mental illnesses as he wanted to set a 'Not Guilty' plea for Fang Hua.

At one point in time, this incident had blown out of proportion. The grand wedding between Fang Hua and Gu Zhilin seemed to have happened not long ago. But in the blink of an eye, one person had gone to another world, while the other was imprisoned, awaiting the law's verdict.

So, who was the victim, who was the fated one, and who was whose's sin?

However, all of this did not matter anymore. The only ones who truly cared, and the ones who were truly suffering, were their family members.

No matter how big the matter was, there would eventually be a day when it would all calm down. This long-drawn-out lawsuit finally ended in Fang Hua being acquitted by the court on the grounds that she had suffered from severe bipolar disorder and schizophrenia when she committed the crime. However, she was also doomed to spend the rest of her life in a mental hospital because of this.


Guan Meiyi was not the kind of person to be content with staying at home. When Bubbles was five months old, she had already resumed work and went out to accept roles on television and commercials. It wasn't because she wanted to earn money, she just didn't want to give up on her career. She didn't want to become one of those rich ladies who had to rely on her husband to support her.

Guan Meiyi always felt that no matter what stage a woman was at, being able to think in-depth and having financial independence were essential. It was only in this way that her fate could be in her own hands and not in the hands of others.

Because Guan Meiyi had insisted on going out to work, it also caused Zhao Huimin's dissatisfaction. She thought that Guan should stay at home and focus on taking care of the child. It wasn't like the family lacked the money that she was earning, so why did she still have to show her face outside?

However, Zhao Huimin's disapproval didn't stop Guan Meiyi, so Zhao went to Gu Zhiqian to complain, but she didn't expect Gu to support Guan's decision. Neither husband nor wife listened to her, which really p.i.s.sed her off.

Zhao Huimin originally wanted to keep Guan Meiyi at home until she recovered, so that she could have another child with Gu Zhiqian as soon as possible. Yet, Guani returned to work so soon, so Zhao felt that her dream of having a grandson would not be coming true so soon.

On the set, the director was telling Guan Meiyi about the following scenes.

"So, Meiyi, in order to give the audience more impact and a greater sense of reality, I've decided to have a real kiss for the following kissing scenes. You should prepare for it first."

"A real kiss?" Guan Meiyi was stunned. "But we had agreed that it would be a replacement. I don't want to have a real kiss!"

Hearing Guan Meiyi's words, the director furrowed his brows and looked troubled, "It's like this, Meiyi. You just got back to work not long ago. I think you also want to offer a sincere piece of work to the audience and fans. Besides, it's not your first time shooting a movie, and it's not your first time shooting kissing scenes and bed scenes. Why can't you shoot them now?"

The director said it very strictly, as if Guan Meiyi was acting like a big shot.

"Director, that's not what I meant. It's not that I can't shoot kissing scenes, I just don't want to shoot kissing scenes with him." Guan Meiyi bitterly pointed to the man sitting on the other side of the director. He was the male lead of this movie -- Gu Zhiqian.

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Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive Chapter 1663 - Don't Want to Shoot Kissing Scenes With Him summary

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