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Chapter 3760 Interesting


"Have you found the intruder?" asked the woman, who looked to be in her early fifties to the projection in front of her.

She didn't hide her emotions as she asked the question. Worry could be clearly seen across her face.

"Not yet," replied the man with his expressions turning worse.

"Are you sure, there is an intruder?" she asked. To that man nodded. "Very sure. All the signs have pointed that, someone had entered through the rift," replied the man.

"Were you able to discover the source?" she asked, and he shook his head at that. "No, but looking at the data; it is likely from the ruin and not intentional," replied the man. Hearing that, the eyes of the woman flooded in relief.

"We are at a critical juncture. n.o.body must find out what we are doing; the fate of our organization depends on it," said the woman.

"I will find the intruder, Dean. Believe me on that," said the man, and his projection disappeared.


I took out the abode and was about to enter inside when I suddenly stopped.

The seed had sent something. It is from the beast-man artificer, a blueprint. It is a complex one and what is it? It seemed like; the artificer was forging a small piece of it.

"Interesting," I muttered as I entered inside my abode.

The design interested me, and I handed it to my clone to study, but not to give it too much time.

I do not want to step into matters that are not related to me.

I directly went to the bedroom and removed all my clothes. I took a long shower of forty minutes; it was relaxing, and I needed something relaxing.

My heart rate is still faster than normal, even after I got away from the Sky Sovereign. I truly hadn't thought I would survive, but not only I had survived, but I had escaped.

Though it is not an ideal place, I had ended up. As long as I didn't poke my nose in their business; I would be able to get out of here in a week or two and could think about getting out of this continent.

That it is going to be a challenge.

I burned all the water and changed into the new clothes, before walking into the kitchen and cooking myself a good meal. It is not an elaborate one, but it is not a small one either and I ate every dish.

I didn't immediately enter my abode instead, fill the gla.s.s of wine. I walk onto the porch and sit down on the chair.

So, much has happened since I came to this world and there is so much to do. Sometimes, I wish I had stayed back in my world; there I was on top and there was no threat. I couldn't deal with it.

If I had asked, I knew Valentina would have stayed, but there would have always been a question and a regret.

I finished up the wine and closed my eyes.

A moment later, I entered my core; I didn't immediately enter the library. Instead, I gave the bees their challenges. This method provides the result and while it would kill the bees; I think it is a necessary trade-off to breed the best bees.

The quality of the honey is improving with each generation. I could only imagine the honey; I would have a year later.

Speaking of which, many changes are happening in my core. I had planted some new plants, and they were growing nice; all nectar-producing and the ones the bees love.

The time dilation and the best environment of my core are helping them grow fast, but I still wished for the Grimms. There is nothing better than the Grimms, that helped the plants grow fast.

With the bees, I have to test a couple of theories, but I couldn't just go to the place where Grimms are.

I need to be at the right time and the right place to come across them. Some powerhouses reach the Sky Sovereign without fighting a Grimm.

I check the plants before walking toward the library.


I entered inside and saw seven of my clones were working on the inheritance as always. I joined them without wasting any time.

Hours pa.s.sed, and it was time for me to get out.

I went back to my bedroom and closed my eyes. Within a minute, I was asleep.


I woke up four hours later, feeling better in body and mind. I was about to get up to freshen up when I suddenly stopped and closed my eyes.

"What is it?" I asked my clone, looking at the vast blueprint floating in front of me.

"No idea, it is too complex."

However, one thing I am sure about, the piece that man is working on, isn't going to be enough to support. He had used the exact materials as it described and forging as the method stated, but he had made some mistakes," it replied and pointed at them.

I knew what my clone had found out, and it made me more curious about the thing. There are many questions rose in my heart.

First, is what is one this thing. It is an extremely complex thing that, despite all its knowledge, it couldn't find out what it does. Though it was able to make a few guesses, they are, after all, the guesses.

The second is that why are only forging the smallest piece?

The only answer to this question is that. They already have most of these things. Why I thought that and not that they forged other pieces, because other pieces are incredibly hard to forge.

The piece that the beastman is forging is one of the easiest in the whole blue-print. There are only four pieces of such level. If it had been any other piece, even the one slightly stronger, he wouldn't have been able to forge it.

My clone has seen his skills. He couldn't do it.

"Keep an eye on him; inform me immediately as soon as you find something concrete," I said to my clone and got out of the core.

I quickly freshened up and had breakfast before I walked into the practice.

There is excitement in my heart. I am excited at every session, but also fearful. Especially when I practice the dance.

The new formula absorbs a large amount of energy. So, much so that even if things get wrong, even in the slightest; I could explode into a thousand little pieces.

There will be no chance of survival.

It is enough for most people to give up practicing the method, but not for me. Yes, there is danger, but as long as I practice the method perfectly without making any mistakes; I would be safe.

Still, I fear for my life, whenever I practice, but that is a tradeoff for fast comprehensive progress.

A trade-off that, I am more than willing to make.

A minute later, I began to dance, and soon, the energies began to fill me, powerful enough to damage even this abode I had forged.

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