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Chapter 3761 Puppet

I opened my eyes and the first thing I did was to close them again.

I appeared beside my clone and stared at all the data and conversation. I am doing something really complicated and dangerous. If get caught, it might make them search for me harder and also risk the person I am using.

When I slept, I handed the mission to the clone.

Though most of the things have been done and the clones only job was to make sure the person did nothing suspicious.

Last night, the person had to do something, and the clone had done an exemplary job of controlling that person to do what I had wanted.

It had been sixteen days and things could be said to be interesting, at the least.

I mostly stayed in my abode, but I do get out for an hour or two to check the things personally. Most of them have remained the same, they are still searching for me and kept the doors restricted.

However, for the past two days, they have been letting more people out.

I have to say, they are resisting more than I had thought. I thought the restrictions would loosen a lot by now, but it isn't, which is not surprising, seeing what they are planning to do.

I have finally found out what the blueprint is about. I had already decided to forge that thing one day.

Though that day is very far.

Centuries or even millenniums, before I could become capable of forging it.

The Earth Sovereign forging that small piece used the lowest grade of materials that are required. The rare materials aren't easy to find; they are rare and peculiar to a few subst.i.tutes.

Even now the man is working on the piece; he is nearly finished with it.

I only glanced at him before looking at my preparations.

Since I had found out what it is; I have wanted to use it. It is extremely important to me. It will help me get the most needed resources for my breakthrough.

Last time, I was barely able to gather them, but this time, it would have been hard.

The place I had been to last time. Had belonged to realms and were in their control. So, there was no fear for my safety, when I traded those resources with another of different element.

If I had done that in the ruin, I had just come out.

Well, every person would have been searching for me high and low. It is so precious that even Prime wouldn't hesitate to kill.

I stayed for a few minutes before coming out.

Two hours later, I stepped out of the abode and walked to the city. They were searching for me, but they weren't able to find me. Especially now, when I was able to sneak into most of their formations.

It is a powerful organization with powerful formation, but I am quite knowledgeable as well.

A few Sky Sovereigns would be able to compare to me when it comes to runes. Learning of ancient runes has deepened my knowledge of the common runes even further.

It took me some effort and had to spend some resources, but I was able to enter the formation.

Every day, I would go deeper and deeper.

Today is extremely important. I will try to enter even further to gain the greater. It is further, that I would be able to go without getting others alerted.

For even greater access, while being invisible, I would need to spend weeks or even months before I would be able to achieve it. I don't have that much time; I have days at most, before they activate those things.

I haven't seen it yet, but from the proofs I had seen and conversations, I had snooped on, I know they have.

I even have a pretty good idea where they are keeping that thing. All this formation breaking had been to reach as close to that place as possible.

I roamed around for an hour, and looked at things, before reaching a secluded spot. Where a storage ring fell down from my hand and it seeped into the earth while I kept walking without even glancing, if I hadn't even noticed it all.

Soon, I went back to my abode and two hours later, a Sovereign appeared in there, brought out the ring from the ground, and walked away.

I am personally not doing anything. I am using others and the stone-man, which I am using, is going to play the most important part.

I don't like to control people, but I need to for my safety.

While doing that, I am also risking the life of the Sovereign. There is not much life to live for the Sovereign. He has something that will kill him within a few months.

In exchange for using his body, I am going to heal what he has and even give him something extra.

That will help him a lot in his journey toward the Earth Sovereign.

Six hours pa.s.sed, and I walked out of the library. I sat by my clone, and we controlled the person again; there is a very complicated task ahead of him and I hope he succeeds.

I don't have a back-up.

I could have backup, but I don't want to risk, another person's life. I am already bending my beliefs by using a person like that and, if that thing hadn't been extremely important, to me.

So, I would not risk another person despite the importance. I only have one chance and I want to succeed.

I begin with my clone, and we are being extremely careful.

Time pa.s.sed, and we completed one step after another. Stopping when we sensed someone, before beginning again.

It is Sovereign that is working, but even after pa.s.sing Earth Sovereign wasn't able to discover him. The formation is hiding him; they didn't have that function, before I coded it.

It was quite easy, much easier than what I am currently doing.

Time pa.s.sed, and finally, seven and a half hours later, we achieved what we had wanted.

Now, we only need to wait.

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