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Chapter 1504: Baby Spirits

“Qi Yue!”

Jiang Yi thought about it as he asked, “Besides the men that Yi Buhui had brought along, are there any others from the Phantom Race that have come as well?”

“Yes.” Qi Yue thought about it and said softly, “Yi Wu had come as well; he had brought three Phantom Race formidable martial artists!”

“Yi Wu?”

Jiang Yi had some impression of him. Yi Wu seemed to be from a branch lineage of the Phantom Race. However, as he was extremely gifted, he was highly valued by the higher-ups in the Phantom Race. After Qi Qingchen and Little Eagle King’s battle during the Ten Thousand Domain Tournament, Yi Wu had been the next to partic.i.p.ate. If he had really come to the Demon-Buster Army, it was natural that a few formidable martial artists from the Phantom Race would follow along as well.

“Regardless of who it is—!”

Qi Qingchen’s eyes were icy cold as she looked at Poison Spirit and said, “The most important thing now is to verify if anyone is really following us. If there is, there might be trouble; someone might be trying to harm us…”

Jiang Yi nodded in agreement. This Sword Emanations Mystic Realm was so dangerous; if one’s brain was still functioning, he wouldn’t come here to follow them. The only explanation was that someone important wanted to lay a trap and harm them and had asked Yi Buhui or Yi Wu for men, or perhaps one of the two was involved in this plot as well.

“Poison Spirit!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes s.h.i.+fted as he looked to Poison Spirit and ordered, “You are to continue your investigation and try to determine the ident.i.ty and objective of those trying to follow us. If possible, take them down!”


Poison Spirit received his order as he disappeared in thin air. Qi Qingchen thought about it and asked, “Jiang Yi, should I ask Qi Fei and the rest to go and scout ahead?”

With Poison Spirit investigating this matter, there was no one scouting ahead anymore, hence Qi Qingchen’s question. Jiang Yi shook his head and replied, “Rest a.s.sured that with Poison Spirit’s capabilities, he can simultaneously investigate and scout at the same time. We shouldn’t belittle him; he had previously been hunted by the combined might of a few great family clans for ten years and had survived…”


Qi Qingchen nodded as she continued to fly ahead. This time, she flew right in front of the army and stretched her divine senses to the limit. Although she was King-Ranked, she did not choose to pursue those that were following them. She was very clear that when it came to tracking and counter-tracking, she was not Poison Spirit’s match.

Poison Spirit did not let everyone down; the road ahead was paved with markers and symbols as the army followed them and advanced. They traveled for almost half a day and still did not encounter anyone from the Sword Emanations Race.


Qi Qingchen and Jiang Yi breathed easy; they were not that far from the mission location. As long as they finished the mission—even if trouble came, they would be able to find a way to escape. They had traveled so far to get here; if they didn’t complete the mission, it would be too much of a waste.


After four hours, Poison Spirit materialized at Jiang Yi’s side; the former’s face was quite ugly as he shook his head and said, “It is an expert, no doubt. I can confirm that he is a top-tier from the Phantom Race. I cannot get close to him, much less take him down. He most likely has realized that I have been tracking him.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore!”

Qi Qingchen gestured coldly as she said, “Let’s go and complete this mission first. At most, everyone can enter my spatial divine item; and I will bring everyone home. I want to see… who has the ability to restrain me and block me!”


Jiang Yi nodded. If everyone entered her spatial divine item, it would solve their problem. After all, given Qi Qingchen’s strength, even if tens of thousands of soldiers came, as long as no King-Ranked formidable martial artists were present; Qi Qingchen could easily break through.

Furthermore, even if someone wanted to mess with them, they could not do it openly; unless they had the ability to silence all of them. If not—as long as one person escaped, the three Demon-Buster Army commanders-in-chief would be infuriated; the Wintry Sovereign himself would be as well.

Poison Spirit resumed his tracking ahead as the army moved speedily. Everyone’s faces were dead serious; an unknown danger was always the most terrifying one. It could make people anxious and cause mental stress on them.

After traveling for another half a day, the army finally arrived at the mission location: Wind Chime Mountain.

The scenery in the Sword Emanations Mystic Realm was exceptionally beautiful. The heaven and earth spirit energy here was very thick; trees and flowers abounded. However, because of the Sword Emanations Race’s presence, there weren’t any living creatures. The Wind Chime Mountain was such a scenic place. Lush greenery grew in the place while there was a type of huge trees that bore fruit just like wind chimes. The army had not even gotten close and could hear sounds similar to those of wind chimes playing in unison.

“Everyone, be careful!”

Qi Qingchen stopped right outside the Wind Chime Mountain as she instructed, “There is a maze within the Wind Chime Mountain; the Wind Chime Trees are also extremely st.u.r.dy and hard to destroy. Do not walk about on your own; let’s proceed together. Once the mission is accomplished, I will lead everyone and break out of this place. The target of this mission is the Baby Spirits residing here. These Baby Spirits are not that strong; Jiang Yi, focus on rescuing people. Everyone else, use your divine senses to search for the Baby Spirits’ divine cores. As long as their divine cores are destroyed, the Baby Spirits would perish.”

Qi Qingchen had come to the Sword Emanations Mystic Realm before and had entered the Wind Chime Mountain together with her father. This mission had been taken on at her order; Qi Qingchen knew the Baby Spirits’ weaknesses. Everyone remembered her words as they followed Qi Qingchen and headed into the mountain. Before they entered, Jiang Yi stopped and shouted, “Poison Spirit!”


Poison Spirit appeared in midair as Jiang Yi instructed, “Don’t follow us in; stay outside to check the surroundings. With the general around, Young Mistress Ling’er and I would not be in trouble. If something happens outside here, remember to report back to us at once.”


Poison Spirit received his order as he vanished again while Qi Qingchen nodded in approval. Poison Spirit would not be able to be of much use inside. If he was outside, he could keep a lookout; and if anything unexpected happened, everyone could then react accordingly.

The Wind Chime Trees were huge and were dense. From above in the sky, one could not make out what was beneath these Wind Chime Trees. Furthermore, these wind chimes seemed to have a natural illusion array; divine senses could not sense anything beneath the Wind Chime Trees. This was probably also the reason why the Netherworld Realm had decided to infiltrate here.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Qi Qingchen led the way as they flew into Wind Chime Mountain and directly into the lush forest, finally entering the inner part of the Wind Chime Mountain. Everyone else followed suit as Qi Hai, Qi Yue, and Qi Xia surrounded Jiang Yi and Di Ling’er and followed behind.

“Qi Fei, leave markings along the way!”

Qi Qingchen’s voice rang out. After Jiang Yi entered, he realized that light was very minimal here while the forest seemed a little sinister with weeds growing everywhere. There was a stench of something rotting everywhere; it made one nauseous.


Qi Qingchen’s battle armor lit up as she shone it on the surroundings; everyone followed suit as well. This way, they would not get lost. The Wind Chime Trees’ trunks were extremely long; however, nothing grew near the bottom of the trees. Hence at this moment, everyone felt as if they were lost in a maze surrounded by stone peaks; there were giant trees’ trunks everywhere.


Babies’ wailing sounds filled the air and continued to travel towards them from a distance; everyone’s hairs stood up. Di Ling’er was so afraid that she grabbed onto Jiang Yi’s arm. The aura here was very sinister; compounded with this wailing, even Jiang Yi felt a little jittery.


Qi Qingchen probably also wasn’t comfortable being here. However, her face did not change a bit. After all, she was the general and commander of the entire army; she could not show a sign of weakness or fear. If not, the army’s morale would be heavily affected. She waved her red sword as she led everyone and flew forward.


After flying for a while, the baby cries grew louder and louder; they kept on coming from all directions. Di Ling’er was so afraid that half her body was already hugging Jiang Yi’s. The entire army of formidable martial artists all formed into a group as their speed decelerated, their eyes flashed, and they held their breaths; waiting for the Baby Spirits to attack.

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